Have a Meal Before You Go


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Becoming this world’s strongest person and returning in 30 years.

What is this world? The Earth I returned to is in the Era of Raids!

However, I’m now tired. I’ve retired and I want to live while opening a restaurant.

In the most “ordinary” way.

Associated Names
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Eat Then Leave
밥 먹고가라
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November 19, 2016
Status: v1c3
Cool story so far, I'm loving the post-apocalyptic setting. The hero returns to his world, only to find it overrun with monsters, and humanity has degraded quite a bit. Anyway, the story so far makes me want to read more, so please translate and post some more chapters!
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October 20, 2020
Status: c25
A Korean take on the Japanese OP Cooking MC?

While the story itself seems good and follows well the typical and long established OP Cooking MC plot such as a powerful and attractive woman left behind, meeting a loli, possible looming danger that never really seems to arrive, etc etc the Translator and his website drag the story down horribly. Like with chains. ... more>>

You will find yourself plagued with looping reCaptchas, adblocker blocker that every few chapters will play up even though the site has been whitelisted and you've read chapters and a website that has twice in 25 chapters seemed to go down/lose connection to for a short period of time


If you like OP MC and Cooking stories, then this is a good read... If you can pass the trials three! <<less
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new cultivator
new cultivator rated it
July 2, 2020
Status: c5
Seemed pretty good and original

But became unreadable when TL changed and they even have an editor, just warning u that I doubt the quality will improve.

And I better mention I do read a lot of MLT and have no problem understanding them
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