Have a Meal Before You Go


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Becoming this world’s strongest person and returning in 30 years.

What is this world? The Earth I returned to is in the Era of Raids!

However, I’m now tired. I’ve retired and I want live while having a restaurant.

In the most “ordinary” way.

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Eat Then Leave
밥 먹고가라
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03/01/17 Novels&Chill c4
02/10/17 Novels&Chill c3 part2
12/16/16 Novels&Chill c3 part1
11/19/16 Novels&Chill c2 part2
11/17/16 Novels&Chill c2 part1
11/16/16 Novels&Chill c1 part2
11/14/16 Novels&Chill c1 part1
11/13/16 Novels&Chill prologue part2
11/11/16 Novels&Chill prologue part1
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Pleasefilter rated it
November 14, 2016
Status: c2 part1
Edit: Update: it has become apparent that the TL is doing parts of chapters at a time, while chapters are actually average length. TL then posts updates to the same page, making you scroll to find where the new update starts. This isn't such a huge issue when you remember where you were last time but please, please just make a new post?? /Edit

Doing a quick review/rate despite the early status to at least give people a bit of preface since the genres and description leave a little to be... more>> desired. (And, of course, the endless unqualified 1-stars need to be combated somehow.) I'm gonna spoil a bit of the first chapter for those who want a little preview. If you aren't into that, skip to the third paragraph.

--- Spoiler-san appears! ---

The story so far seems like a fairly well-written and decently translated "retired God/current [Shop] Uncle"-type story. The only action scenes take place "off-screen, " the aftermath of which indicates that our MC (first scene) robbed an entire continents' worth of elite Dragons for their artifacts of power before killing a demon king in another world, and (second scene) encountered a hard-to-kill magical beast on monster/mana-awakened Earth to which he has returned, seemingly 30 years after being transported away, presumably during the awakening event (see "similar stories" below) and killed it on his way to work, fleeing before being detected.


--- Spoiler-san spoke enough farts to hide in the cloud and escape. --- Exposition pace gives you enough to chew on, a sense of familiarity (Seoul Station's Necromancer, Everyone Else is a Returnee, Weapon Shop Uncle are the 3 stories I'd say this best resembles out-the-gate), and a little bit of an idea of what's to come, though the only characters named besides MC seem like sideline "can we even catch up to this unknown monster slayer"-types thus far.

Chapters are fairly short, but the lack of extreme padding is a plus in my eyes despite the tendency for release schedules to remain slow for short-chapter novels anyway.

If you liked the similar stories I mentioned in the third paragraph, I'd throw this on your Reading List (as I'll be doing) and keep an eye on reviews from those of us who don't care if we binge or sip our novels to see how the work comes into its own (or doesn't). Happy reading! <<less
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November 19, 2016
Status: v1c3
Cool story so far, I'm loving the post-apocalyptic setting. The hero returns to his world, only to find it overrun with monsters, and humanity has degraded quite a bit. Anyway, the story so far makes me want to read more, so please translate and post some more chapters!
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