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Jin Haon, a “retired soul” of an unpopular idol.

Participate in the game of the gods and get the second life of an idol that has not blossomed in his previous life.

“Please select the initial mode!

Hard mode: growth rate x2.0, stamina 100.”

‘Can anyone in Korea endure the double growth rate?

I couldn’t resist it, at least!’

A curiously chosen “hard mode” reincarnation life.

I was given the secret weapon of “S-class charms stats” as a gift, and I thought I was walking on a flowery road, but,

Because of the “abnormal condition penalty” that came with it, it is difficult to even audition once, let alone debut as an idol.


“Are you going to give Jaehyuk Hyung’s place to a guy like this? A nepotism bastard.”

After the twists and turns, I was selected as an SR entertainment trainee,

The debut group “DIAS” member’s mentality was ruined by some kind of incident!?

If he lies down, he’ll get a penalty.

The misunderstanding was that he was nepotism because he took the place of a trusted former leader,

The members who are in a group panic state just before their debut!

‘This guy and that guy are all full of problems.’

Will the 2nd idol Jin Haon be safely recognized as a member of “DIAS” and be able to stand on the stage?

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하드모드 아이돌
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06/21/22 Travis Translations c3
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06/07/22 Travis Translations c1
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Iamdefinitelynotonincognitomode rated it
October 27, 2023
Status: c1
Oh this is good, well the same old trope you know but I like the mc's personality. Especially when he becomes a pushover in front of a sweet trap. It shows how much he has gone through to feel emotional even in front of fake consideration.
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