Happy Ending After Divorce


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The most beautiful Young Lady in society. Lily Hedwick.

She escaped her ill-fated marriage and headed for the Duke’s castle in the deep snow mountains.

“Please allow me to stay in this castle.”

“You can’t do that. What about your honor?”

Blake found her annoying. It was a look Lily was used to.

“Hide me for a year, and then I will leave without complaint.”



How did this happen?

“Now, I remembered everything, Miss.”

Blake put his lips on top of hers.

“You made a promise to me when we were young. You were going to marry me.”


“Now it’s time to keep your promise.”

Lily couldn’t even breathe at the man’s persistent kiss.

“You’ll have to take responsibility for me.”

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이혼 후의 해피엔딩
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3 Reviews

Jan 11, 2022
Status: c14
Has anyone here seen Netflix's adaptation of Castlevania? The dynamic of this novel is very similar to Lisa and Dracula. You have a mousy but surprisingly bold little lady marching up to the scary man's castle, demanding his aid, and he gives it to her because he likes the cut of her jib. Or in this case, he's bound by a promise his father made her to give her help whenever she needs it.

In this case the help she requires is sanctuary while she hides from her abusive husband. Typical... more>> drunken bastard, beating his wife because of his own insecurities. It kinda broke my heart when she said she saw all those bottles of alcohol in the cellar and thought, 'I might actually die this time'.

This novel wastes zero time in hinting the ML and the FL knew each other when they were children, with the ML in several chapters saying that her scent is familiar, or that he feels like he knows her from somewhere long ago. Flashbacks from the butler pretty much confirm it as well. At this point, it's just a matter of time before the ML and FL figure things out themselves. While I personally like it better when the mystery is kept for a little bit longer, I won't badger the story too much for getting right to it since, look at the cover, this should've been obvious even before reading.

Though how funny would it be if it was all just one giant red heron and they're actually total strangers and this is alluding to something entirely different? That would be an interesting take, but I wouldn't complain if the story really is as straight forward as it seemingly presents itself to be.

The premise is both interesting and promising, and I'm a huge sucker for adorable and fragile FL and the giant and beastly ML who's secretly a softie. No stars for now, but I'm looking intensely at this one. <<less
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Dec 11, 2021
Status: c7
It has cute start. The ML has been rumored as barbarians who are canivorous and eat people meat. The barbarian remind me of Ishakan from 'Predatory Marriage". He is pretty blunt to her since regard her as one of the Noble people whose he hated so much

... more>>

He has the feeling of familiarity on her scent, her voice but he can't remember. So did MC. From the summary annd a few hint from ML butler, it seems that they met before when he was six and she was 4 years old.


He did attracted to her since the first met. Even thinking if he was a noble, he want to be her husband for once.

The MC is the flower of the society, even ML suprised to see her in far away place for taking offer by ML father the help request if she need something.

She feel like she no need to bother ML more since she being a guest for a year but it make my heart ache reading her tough attritude to survive at that place. Even ML can't stand her being hurt after got hurt by her husband


her request for staying a year because she is running away from her abusive and insecure husband. Just because his infedility, he has to get his hands on her??! I need ML make his life suffer if they meet later

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Dec 03, 2021
Status: 5
It's actually quite cute. It's not forced romance. The ML never hated her, it's actually obvious that he was attracted to her very early on.
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