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Komai Kento works at the Minatomirai-Rinkou Station Police Department, Kanagawa Prefecture. On a certain night, he rescued a male Omega who was being attacked. That man disappeared, leaving behind a single flower. A few days later, a career Omega police chief was posted to the Minatomirai-Rinkou Police Station. Not only was the station hit with this unprecedented HR move, but the new police chief happened to be the omega who he saved——!? Alpha Police Sergeant X Omega Career Police Chief creates a sensation, a Police Omegaverse.

Associated Names
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Hamadeka: The Omega Police Chief and the Alpha Me
ハマデカ ~オメガな署長とアルファな俺~
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Hasr11 rated it
March 2, 2020
Status: c16
Translator here!

Dont mind the negative ratings, it's mostly just BL haters out there...

I might seem a bit biased 'cause it is my project after all, but I too am a reader first. Omegaverse has been my guilty pleasure for long, but I'm usually not comfortable translating it because of the blatant r*pe, dubcon and plain old unhealthy character relationships between the main couple.

But this one is different. From the start you can see that Sagisawa (the Uke) definitely is in a more powerful position than the Kento (seme). And Kento... more>> respects that. Infact the dynamics between them are pretty good even compared to some non-omegaverse BL. Heck, I'd say it's better them some of those black-bellied ceo stuff here.

And it's not all 'plot' here. There's some actually story and background plot going on as the main character's relationships develop too

Its a subplot of drug smuggling with some yakuza in the mix


And smut, yes, the smut... Chapter 13's where the goods are. My favourite part about it is that the author did not use your usual "Estrus" card to push the plot ahead. Yeah the Uke gets a heat

But the seme does not dare do anything to the Uke. He wants them both to be in their senses. And that shows the beauty of their relationship


Their relationship progresses quite well. It's good to see the Alpha chasing and begging the omega for once.

my only complaint is that it's too short... it needs to be at least 50 chapters long!

TL;DR: it's a fun smut with a likeable main couple and some nice suspense too <<less
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