Half-elves Fall in Love


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The spring fountain town of miracle that heals anything, Polka. In the hometown of memories, with my dear parents, there was a figure of a half-elf girl who swore to become my female s*ave.

Repeating such a memorable talk every time he drinks alcohol, 25 years old Andy Smeyson is a former blacksmith’s apprentice and an innocent crossbow soldier. Andy is surrounded by nice companions and competent and sexy bosses, which is different from what he had thought when he was a child, but this was a cozy life. When the half-elf girl suddenly appeared in front of him, he will jump into a furious destiny. Andy, who is weak but courageous​ and clever will meet a lot of different race ladies such as elves, half elves, dark elves, loli dwarves, dragon girls, beast girls and make them his female s*aves one after another. The h**ny adventure started from a half elf girl who doesn’t stop liking him will eventually become a legend ──.

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8 Reviews

May 25, 2019
Status: c853
Seeing as I've read 750 more chapters, I think I'll give a slightly more in-depth review, starting with the cons.

  • The "translation" is machine translation with poor editing. Machine Sliced Bread does better on some other novels, but for this one if you want to read just search the japanese title on google and read it at the original site.
  • The harem is large. You might go a hundred chapters without seeing your favorite character much because Andy doesn't drag everyone with him everywhere all the time.
  • It's a little repetitive at points. If you just read a few chapters a day it shouldn't be too noticeable, but if you binge read a hundred chapters in a day like I did, you'll see some lines repeated and similar h-scenes.
  • The early heroines fall in love really easily. Later on there'll be a variety of reasons for women to join the harem, but it will mostly not be because they got to know him and fell in love with his personality.
  • Don't think too deeply about why the miraculous healing waters are available to everyone and not monopolized by royalty.
Still with me? Good. Because this is one of the best protagonists I've seen. He's a Good Guy, but he doesn't let people walk all over him. He's a friendly, sociable person who gets along with anyone.... more>> He's not hypocritical, either - his idea of a good ending includes saving the villains too. Even men. But if it's in the middle of battle he's not reluctant to kill, either. He's honest with his feelings and proactive in relationships and adventures alike. Aside from all this, he has other strengths and weaknesses and overall comes off as a real person. He grows in a lot of ways over the course of the story.

The side characters are also extremely well-done. Even with a cast of easily 60 recurring characters, each one has a strong personality and is memorable. That includes both the harem and side male characters. I'm not good with names, but not only can I remember the names of 40 harem members, I can remember their personalities and s*xual preferences and why they decided to become s*aves.

The s*ave harem itself is amazing. First of all, it's the only s*ave harem I know of without magical s*ave collars that force obedience. Second, everyone knows it's wrong. Andy knows it's wrong and feels immoral about it. The s*aves (mostly) know it's wrong but don't care how society sees them (most of them are masochists and enjoy being s*aves). The normal people around Andy heavily disapprove of it and hide their daughters and sisters from him. Third, Andy treats his s*aves as s*aves. A revolutionary idea for a s*ave harem. Fourth, they all have strong personalities. There's 40 s*aves and each one is unique in more than just appearance.

The story itself is good. I'd classify it as slice of life, but it's a fairly exciting life in many ways. The author splits the story pretty evenly between plot and p*rn, but the p*rn supports the plot and the plot supports the p*rn. There's a lot of world-building and character growth during the travels, though the harem members mostly grow in lewd directions. The p*rn does slow down the adventure but it's indispensable for getting to know the characters. The first few chapters throw girls at Andy who fall in love too easily IMO, but what happens after that makes sense as long as you understand that Andy is a pe*vert with a strong sense of justice, and the kind of woman who would get close to a guy with s*x s*aves is...

The world is interesting and I look forward to seeing what kind of incident will occur in the next city/country Andy visits, and what kind of women he'll meet.

Harem as of c853:


Main harem: Diane + s*aves: 11 elves, 7 dark elves, 7 dragons, 7 catgirls, 4 half-elves, 2 humans, 1 dwarf. A unicorn. Side harem members: The women from two dragon palaces. A catgirl village. Dark elf maids serving Diane's father. On the waiting list to join the main harem: Two humans and a dark elf.

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Apr 27, 2020
Status: c504
I love the story, but you know what is ruining this series?

It's the translator! Yes, the translator is using a machine translator and doesn't even bother editing it. Seriously after reading several chapters you will lose some of your braincells because the translation is far from accurate.

Many people had pointed out that the translator needs an editor, and he responded that he have two editors. I think that is a lie. If you check the chapters it is unreadable and there is no way it was touch by an editor.

Ask... more>> help from people who knows jap so they can help you rather than ruining this series with inaccurate translation.

P.S. I hope this won't demotivate the translator, Instead I hope that this will motivate him to translate it properly. <<less
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May 20, 2020
Status: c878
An entertaining story with a massive harem of likable girls and an MC who is an actual character. As far as webnovels go that's a 10/10 for me.

Plot -

... more>>

Generally the most minor part of an erot*c super-harem novel, the story itself actually has a surprising amount of detail and world building, and once it begins doing actual story arcs the pacing vastly improves and keeps you entertained with each situation just long enough before moving on. It does take a good while to start doing those arcs, with the first being iirc at least 50-100 chapters in, though.


Harem -


There are lots of girls, to the point I can't name them all in one sitting. As of current chapter he has over 40 s*aves who wear collars, two different dragon tribes more or less solely dedicated to him, an actual village of cat girls who have declared themselves his exclusive property, and there's an unspecified but large number of maids (from Diane's family) and whores (from various cities) who are seriously considering just becoming his f*cktoys

Speaking of which, the whole "s*ave" aspect. They aren't. Well, not really. It's basically an excuse that the first girl came up with to be with him despite several issues, and then the other girls jumped on it because it avoided any potential issues with him having a dozen partners in a monogamous country. Also the majority of them are masochistic to some degree so it's a big kink.

The girls all have their own little quirks and personalities that keeps them distinct from each other. I said before I couldn't name them all, but as soon as they're in the scene you can recognize them immediately.

However, get used to the girls not appearing for extended periods of time, as he doesnt drag all 40 girls with him everywhere, especially once they get pregnant (since he logically doesnt want the expectant mother outside walking distance to the healing spring). They do all get fair amounts of screen time though.


Characters -


And immediately after saying I can't name all the girls I'm still going to talk about a bunch of them anyway lol

Selenium (half-elf) - the first girl and the one who gets the ball rolling. Once she shows up and declares herself a s*x s*ave to Andy, she creates an excuse for the others to do the same. She's extremely devoted to Andy and is one of the three de facto "lead girls" of the harem, where the others generally submit to her decisions. Has a daughter with Andy.

Apple (half-elf) - Selelniums best friend and the one who actually met Nady as a kid (long story). Initially had amnesia but fell for Andy again basically on instinct, which actually caused a bit of internal drama. The most "normal" girl with no super combat skills, but also the most wife-y of the bunch

Diane (dark elf) - Andy's commander, and is to super knights what super knights are to ordinary soldiers. The only girl who doesnt want to be a s*ave and instead approaches Andy on equal footing, which is a nice contrast. Normally plays the straight man but has some pretty strong urges herself. The second "lead girl" as the only one not technically a s*ave

Laila (dragon) - A black dragon who makes Andy her rider on the basis of wanting to f*ck each other. This ends up becoming fairly important later on, humorously enough. She doesnt really care about anything besides Andy and her friends, and it's made clear several times that the morality of dragons is much different than humans. She'd gladly burn the world down if Andy told her to, and would just as gladly dive into lava for a stranger because it would make Andy happy. The third "lead girl" as the strongest

Anzeros (half elf) - a swordsman and super knight (eventually) who serves under Diane. Initially a tsundere reverse trap, she melts like butter after a while and ends up as the most masochistic of Andy's initial group of s*aves. Has a bit of an inferiority complex towards Dianne, but grows rapidly as time goes on

You can write paragraphs like that for nearly all of the major s*ave girls, even the relatively simple ones like the catgirl who gets attached and actually leaves the village to follow him. There's a lot of detail and care put into each girl, which is impressive considering at this point there's almost 50 of them


Andy - the MC. First things first, he's not your typical Marty Stu. He's weak in combat and remains weak, with his few action scenes revolving around trickery and gadgets he comes up with. His only real ambition in life is to spend time doing erot*c things with his girls, and has no interest in power or fame.

What's interesting about him is that the lack of interest in such things is actually a key part of why the girls love him so easily. He doesn't care if you're a dragon that could tear down a mountain, or a sacred Beast with a 100 bodies, or a super soldier who can kill thousands with her bare hands. He'll still see them and treat them as women, effectively giving them a chance at "ordinary" happiness otherwise denied them.

Another is that while he doesnt have any interest in being a king or hero, he'll still do everything he can do for the people he can save. A major story arc later on involves him basically tearing down an entire country and rebuilding it in order to save a girl from becoming a martyr for it.


s*x scenes -


They're pretty good. God help you if you don't like harem s*x though, because that's by far the most common kink displayed. There's lots of other s*ave play stuff like exhibitionism (they literally put on an art show where a super famous painter draws him f*cking dozens of girls at once) and humiliation (the girls are varying degrees of M, so lots spanking and insult play).

Don't expect anything too hardcore, as there is no r*pe or mind break in this story. It remains on the side of fluff throughout. There are a couple of joking references to extreme stuff like amputee play by the sacred beast girl, which weirds out the MC (for clarification she's a shapeshifter with functionally limitless regen, so such things cant actually harm her. And she really, really wants to show her devotion)


Miscellaneous -


Just few other things I want to bring up

- Andy has weird standards for who he'll take as a s*ave sometimes, because he hesitates for literally hundreds of chapters to make Hilda a "pleasure" s*ave, because she's married to a guy who ditched her for fifty years and counting, but has no problem keeping an entire village as his personal pets

- one thing to note about the s*x scenes is that Andy is not a hentai MC, at least not fully. He doesnt make girls faint in orgasmic pleasure by breathing on them. He can keep going like 40 rounds a night without much issue, and can "conquer" anyone not named Hilda or Cosmos (the super whore) through sheer endurance, and all of the girls are more than satisfied, plus he's undergoing intermittent training by Hilda and Cosmos to improve his actual technique. Just don't expect him to go maximum s*x god on the girls.

- the story has a fun habit of actually exploring some of the things that most novels of this type brush over. One example in particular is that while Andy just wants to love his girls and laze around having fun, the reality is that he's effectively assembled a personal army of dragons, sacred beasts, and super knights who are all intensely loyal to him above everything else. Meaning he has to be very careful with that power to avoid massive political consequences to the kingdoms he's in. It's a nice detail that grounds the world much better than in the typical super-harem novel.


It's a good read. My overly long review might be hyping it up a bit much, because it is ultimately a super-harem s*x story, but it's an enjoyable one with a pleasantly surprising amount of depth to it. <<less
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Aug 25, 2018
Status: v1c1
Premiss loks great I like the presentation on c1 and I rate 5 stars for now im looking forward to what will happen next


I love especialy how MC despite being pe*verted du not sleep with just any woman prete rare in this type of stories

And I love how the half elf came looking for her master and is not afraid of admit her relationship with him go get him girl

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Mar 06, 2021
Status: c30
Seems like a good story from what I could understand, but translation just induces a headache trying to make head or tails of WTF is going on. Have to drop as I ran out of Advil...
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Jan 17, 2021
Status: c202
The author is really terrible you know~ From early on in the story words likes "get pregnant" and "conceive" were thrown around quite often. Well, that's also the case in the recent translated chapters. But it's like false advertising. So far there's only two girls getting pregnant. I'm terribly disappointed. The girls who have been around from the early chapters were, for the time being, also using birth control because of job related stuff. I won't complain if words likes "get pregnant" and "conceive" ain't thrown around every so often... more>> or even better, not mentioned at all to raise our expectations of it happening. So any of you expecting for lots of pregnancy, hold your horses and calm down because it's ero novel and the focus is the interc**rse not pregnancy.

Anyway, it's a decent ero novel which has quite hot scenes and with nice illustrations as side dishes. The story itself is average I guess? But it's not so average that you'd hold your head in headache and said "f*ck it, I'm done". Just beware that the translation is not so satisfactory. If you can stomach that. Then you're good to go. Oh well, speaking of ero novel this one is not bad. Some non-ero novels out there are even worse than this one hahaha.

At the end of the day, this is a terrible review of mine pointing out this novel's "false advertising" so you guys don't have to needlessly raise your expectations and get disappointed later on. That's all from me o7 <<less
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Jun 01, 2020
Status: --
A good novel but unreadable, I hope the translator can translate it properly...
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Jun 18, 2019
Status: --
I had been read all the chapters that were translated. So I'm gonna said my opinion. First of all, I really love S*x scenes there has a lot of Mouth Abusing Play. Most of MC girls are M. MC becomes like S. So it's fine. If you don't like that kind of play, don't read it. That's a lot of Netori parts or somethings like that. Second, that's decent storyline. MC is weak but he's not idiot. Really Weak.

If you are coming here Ero. So here. If you are coming... more>> for decent storyline and Ero. So it is still fine. Plot is ok. That does not have any plot hole or plot trick. Not deep, not dark. MC is not dense. For me it's good ero and recommend to read. <<less
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