Half-Demon Allure


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In Shanghai during the Republic of China, Nie’s father was a guard of the former Qing Dynasty. Due to his family’s decline, his daughter Nie Qingcheng became a dancer to support the family. By chance, she met Ming Xia, a rich man and the Chief Superintendent of Shanghai, and the two secretly fell in love with each other, and their love gradually grew. At the same time, many mu*der cases occurred in the concession. During Ming Xia’s investigation, he discovered the whereabouts of the mysterious man Youtong. It turns out that Youtong is not an ordinary human being, he is an existential demon unknown to the world. As Youtong got acquainted with Qingcheng, she gradually understood love. Jiang Xuewu, who returned from studying medicine abroad, was also involved in this love triangle, where love gave birth to hatred. The identity of the protagonist Nie Qingcheng was also revealed by her. It turns out that Qingcheng is a half-demon. What secrets does her identity hide? What will be the fate of four young men and women? In Shanghai, where the old and the new are alternating, the torrent of the times will also sweep across a mystery of their life experience, which will lead to another story of love, hate and hatred from the last century.

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Demon Girl
Half-Demon Qingcheng
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