Haikei Heika, Nidome no Ouhii wa Okotowari!


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Alicia is a duke’s daughter who is meant to be the second wife for the young king. However, the king and his wife passed away so suddenly and left the throne to his younger brother, Julian.
So, she promise to stay with Julian, who is younger than her until the kingdom recovered, but courteous Julian is actually mean, and planning to take her as his wife!?

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Your Majesty, I refuse to become a royal wife for the second time!
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Date Group Release
08/14/19 Flowing Freedom c2 part2
07/15/19 Flowing Freedom c2 part1
07/14/19 Flowing Freedom c1 part3
07/11/19 Flowing Freedom c1 part2
02/02/19 Flowing Freedom c1 part1
01/24/19 Flowing Freedom prologue
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rn_flac rated it
April 3, 2019
Status: c1 part1
This looks good. Nice start. It's straight forward. It's rare to see an older female MC being paired with younger ML but I think this is cute! And base on the first chapter, there isn't much age gap at all. ... more>>

I think she's 19 and he's 17. I'm not sure though...


I like the MC! She's cool and independent and has a talent in handling the kingdoms affairs. Totally a queen material!

For now, I'm giving it a 5 and will edit as the story updates.

I recommend this if you like stories with a bit of politics and I think there will be fluff in the future chapters. I'm looking forward to it!! <<less
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A2D52000 rated it
April 4, 2019
Status: --
This looks interesting! I hope it gets picked up. Although I've only read the first part of ch1, I love the characters already. The MC seems like a strong, independent woman, while the ML looks like a cunning and manipulative guy who does everything to get what he wants. Looking forward to how the story will unfold. Can't wait to read more chapters!
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