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When she inexplicably came into this world, the novel’s supporting male lead had yet to become the future boss of the underworld who could overturn the heavens. For now, the supporting male lead is only a frail boy, a defenseless little chick in a world where the plot of the novel remains unfinished. Meanwhile, Lin Xin became the standard passerby who only wished to stay away from the budding plot.

What sort of supernatural event is this? Transmigration Deity, come out!

I promise I won’t beat you to death…

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gzd132 rated it
November 4, 2018
Status: c35
I don’t usually write reviews but, here we go.

First, thank you translator as you have conveyed the story in a fluent and grammatically correct manner. Hands down, this site is a great novel translation site as I read a few other novels there.

Slight spoilers below:

... more>> You’ve been warned.

My problems with this story are not from the translations, no it is with the character development and the story itself. Specifically the female lead. Her naivety, irrationality and recklessness really disturbed me because she made life much MUCH worse for that poor child, the male lead. As someone whose own family member suffered from, let’s say, domestic abuse. I know first hand, what you should and shouldn’t do to help the child. Things need to be taken care of discreetly without alerting the perpetrator, which is the exact opposite of what our female lead did. All in all, for a so-called 20 year old woman, she has very little EQ and common sense to deal with delicate situations such as that one. My god! Upright telling the perpetrator that you’re going to the police is step one in getting yourself killed. Holy hell can you be more dumb. I see absolutely no character development in this incredible short and frustrating story. <<less
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rinavi rated it
August 12, 2019
Status: c34
I'll start off by saying props to the translator, who is the only reason this gets above one star. Reading through it is very easy and smooth. I usually don't bother posting reviews, but this is one of the first times I've hated a female lead this much, and I've always considered myself someone who's actually pretty lenient on female leads compared to others I've known both online and off (I've been watching k-dramas and reading shoujo/josei manga since I was like twelve years old). To give a spoiler-free reason for why I dislike her: basically, she's supposed to be a mature 28-year-old woman who transmigrates to the body of a child; despite this, she is actually really immature, quite rude, and pretty damn s*upid.

I'll elaborate in the spoiler:


So from the start, I found her personality kinda off-putting. She's quite mean to a girl who's just trying to be her friend, and she does it because that particular girl was a villain in the book she transmigrated into, but it just doesn't come off right because the girl is so nice to her and displays zero negative feelings towards her? But that was just a minor thing I overlooked since her reason, while debatable to me, made sense overall (and is seen pretty often in these types of stories).

The part that really pissed me off is when we learn about the male lead's story. Basically, the dean of their orphanage mol*sts him regularly. I'm pretty sure it even goes as far as full-blown r*pe. Yeah, it's f*cked up. So naturally, a 28 year-old woman should be a little knowledgeable about how grave this situation is and that she should act carefully, right?

Nope. She literally tells the dean she knows he's mol*sting the ML and that she's going to report him. What the actual f*ck? I'm four years younger than the FL and I've never dealt with victims of abuse in my life, but even I know that you SHOULD NOT go to the perpetrator and tell them you know they're abusive and that you're going to report them to the police. That's how you put either yourself or the victim in an even more dangerous situation, and it might even lead to your or the victim's death.

If that wasn't bad enough, when the male lead, an abused 12-14 year old boy (don't remember his exact age but he's around this young) asks her if she finds him dirty and hates him, she tells him off and tells him she doesn't want him anywhere near her. These aren't even her genuine feelings - she says that because she feels that it'll help her protect him. And maybe it will, because the author is the one in charge of this s*upid ass story. But in real life, a grown ass adult should know better than to say such cruel things to an abused child whose greatest fear is that people will find him dirty and not want him. What the hell.

Overall, there might be worse female leads out there. Ones who are s*upider, ones who are meaner, ones who can do nothing but be little damsels in distress. But my god, I have never hated a female lead this much. I will take a hundred shrinking violet damsels in distress before I read another novel with this type of female lead. I think what's making me so angry about it is that she's this bad in a story that's so messed up. The male lead is just there suffering at the hands of a monster while I have to read about this dumbass female lead making dumbass decisions that the author will inevitably frame as good because the author decides what's good. This type of thing happens a lot in real life, so it hurt me to read about the atrocities committed by the dean and pissed me off to then read the female lead's responses to it. A very bad experience.

I'll place my blame on the author, who obviously has not done enough research on how to handle cases of child abuse. You should not implement such a heavy plotline into your story if you have no idea how to handle it sensibly.


I actually love these "transmigrate into the body of a side character or villainness" type stories regardless of how repetitive they can get if you read too many, but this one was a total dud. Wouldn't recommend to anyone, especially if you're particularly sensitive to mentions of child and/or sexual abuse like me. The villain will likely get his punishment in the end, but the journey there seems like it'd be too filled with frustration at the female lead to be worth sticking around.
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Tachi Works
Tachi Works rated it
September 11, 2019
Status: c83
It only serves to get more disappointing from here.

Author keeps painting FMC as "clever" and "calculative", when really she's just a cruel old hag in a kid's body.

I'm not even sure how she had enough heart to adopt the ML as the "only kid worth her pity" when she shits all over these 2 other innocent kids just because she knows those kids would become villains according to the future plot.

If she hadn't treated everyone but herself and the ML as a character in a book, she could've changed a... more>> lot of peoples fates. <<less
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XunMi rated it
July 23, 2018
Status: Completed
Okay the story was really good but the author loves to play with the ML emotionally... He really suffered badly... and the end was so abrupt..I mean I didn't get the satisfying end with so lovey dovey, fluffy moments and kids...
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CapitaMortua rated it
April 22, 2020
Status: c35
I don't know if it's petty that I made an account purely to review this novel but after seeing so many 5 star reviews I thought I would write my own review to balance it out. I hate this novel. Usually, I would read further into the novel because I know that in 100+ chapter novels it takes a while to set things up before you can reap the rewards (face-slapping, steamy romance, etc) but I can already tell by c35 that I don't want to read what... more>> they're going to set up.


The word except translation is good. Formatting, vocab choices, punctuation, etc make this really easy read.

My assumption is a lot of people like this for the dark angst and drama. It's set in a fairly realistic world where life isn't fair and bad things happen to people who don't deserve it. In comparison to other novels with similar settings, the MC isn't some Mother Theresa who sets out to save the world or OP nonsense where she's super strong and calculating. She's someone who is relatively smarter than the children around her while equally being as weak as a child physically.


I'm not sure if it's supposed to be her character trait on not based her backstory (tyrant at school before going through depression when her family died) but none of her choices make any sense and she contradicts herself every other sentence


Says she loves ML while reading the novel, meets young ML, and immediately dislikes him for being weak.

Says its good to make connections when talking to Wu Anan, changes her mind and says she doesn't need Wu Anan's connections and distances herself.

She's annoyed at Wu Anan for not helping her in the cafeteria fight, goes on to talk about how she's independent and tries to avoid helping anyone.

Says she's independent and wants to distance herself from others, constantly accepts food from ML and Wu Anan.

Talks about not provoking the Dean because he's more powerful than she is, goes on to confront the Dean about being a pe*ophile with no real plan.

Also, this isn't a character trait but her friendship with Wu Anan is explained by saying MC grabbed WA's food for her and brought it to their room when she wasn't feeling well. It then describes the cafeteria as a place where you can only get your portion of food, you can't grab anyone else's because the handoff point is small ???


Considering she is supposed to be a 28 year old woman, nothing she does or says ever lives up to that.


Insults motherless orphan ML, says she doesn't want to apologise because she's an "adult" and has her pride when even the bully character seems to think it was a bad thing to say. Also, the fact that food is supposed to be a limited luxury but she keeps taking food from the weak ML and also WA. So a grown adult woman taking food from orphans???


And it goes without saying how baffling it is when confronted with a victim of abuse who thinks MC won't like them because they're 'dirty' and shes goes on to say "yeah, I don't like you" while secretly thinking that one day she'll tell him them they aren't dirty???????? What????

I can tell the author is trying to frame this as a tough love kind of relationship but it all just comes across as slightly abusive. Giving ML just enough attention so that he likes her but treating him badly every other time.


The fact that she realises that being close to ML will anger the Dean but rather than telling ML "I can't hang out with you because the Dean will punish me" she instead decides on saying "I don't want to hang out with you because I don't like you" is another baffling choice for an adult to make.



I've read some reviews here that say it does get a bit better later in the story in terms of her relationship with ML and her immaturity. Since the ML is supposed to grow up to be a gangster type it does make sense to set up the MC as someone who is equally ruthless/gangster-like to match but altogether I would say that this is a particularly frustrating novel that doesn't have enough good points to outweigh the bad. Also bear in mind that I only read to c35 so this negative review is based purely on what I've read so far and not the entire novel (since I won't be reading past this point). <<less
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Jaywalking rated it
February 2, 2019
Status: Completed
F**k. My. Life. This has been one of THE MOST heartrending, yet beautiful rollercoaster of a novel that I have read In YEARS. There were no OP characters for whom everything went well just because, and no Mary Sue or White Lotus FL or badass just because ML. Everyone was human, and they felt the repercussions of their actions. There was legit karma that came up and b*tchslapped just about every character in the novel. It's a shame this story was dropped by the original translator because they were doing... more>> an amazing job. I felt like crying at the right parts, and felt sick to my stomach sadness and rage at the appropriate parts too. I would have loved an epilogue and some bonus chapters. I agree that the ending came quickly, but it did end in a way that made sense with the characters and what they hoped for in life. Which was to be with one another. Thank you to webnovels for posting the later chapters, and sorry for the rant, but d*mn I even made an account for THIS that is how hardcore this was.. All right imma go to bed now, and think about life. <<less
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Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
July 24, 2018
Status: complete

This story is good but I don't like ending much. I hate how author play with ML emotion. I pity ml. Poor ML suffer much.

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Anasthesia rated it
February 12, 2020
Status: c111
Alright, I liked this story at first.

An ML with a terrible backstory, and an MC that transmigrated into a cannon fodder's body. Furthermore, the ML isn't the usual ML (LXY) —domineering, aggressive, and strong at the beginning. No, LXY was far from that. And that piqued my interest. However, the story quickly degraded from that.

... more>>

As the other reviewers said, the FL doesn't act like a mature FL (despite supposedly transmigrating as an older woman into a younger body). The ML was being sexually abused by the dean of the orphanage, who was a psychotic pervert. The FL, being young and weak, instead of using her brain to get him out of the situation, fanned the flames instead. Telling the dean straight to his face that she knows what he's doing and she's going to report him, telling the ML he's disgusting, etc. And then they grew up, and I started to dislike the ML too. Because he was provoked by a love rival that he was too weak (he had a heart disease), he created a prostitution house, forcing young women to s*ave themselves in exchange for the lives of their fathers. Doing this, despite knowing how horrible it is first-hand. You would have thought that he would have known better. And then the plot! It seems that the author has lost interest in this story and is writing this without much thought, because after being bored by writing their school life, he/she just decided to kill off the FL and then put her in a weak body with a slightly prettier appearance. Even before this, his/her writing had ceased all descriptions altogether (no more colorful description of the ML's gentle actions, or other detailed stuff, just straight 'he said, she said, next scene.' Even the FL's company was not explained properly, just said that she was working hard on sth on her computer and then voila! Her company became successful. After the FL died and she and the ML meet again, it was all standard, like the whole story had gone limp. It was as if the author had been writing this robotically and decided to publish after completing the word count. It was all bland, bland, bland.


Honestly, the three stars were all for the translator. Thank you! <<less
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CaptainBunny rated it
July 24, 2018
Status: Completed
It had an abrupt ending and it just feels like the story line could've been expanded on so much more. Honestly, there were so many characters that I feel were unresolved; in the sense that they could've been developed upon more and they story line could've been more in depth. Lastly, it feels so rushed that I want to cry. I'm someone with an overactive imagination at times so I thought the ending was more of a bad cliffhanger that a finale.
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YoriMei rated it
August 26, 2019
Status: c20
Simply not to my taste, I couldn't get into this no matter how good the translations were. I couldn't understand the MC and I felt like she was too indecisive and too mean to the ML. The beginning is an utter slog to get through and I didn't get very far before I dropped this. I tried to like it, but simply couldn't.
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Windemerald rated it
August 26, 2018
Status: c12
When I got to reading this.

Its very funny and good.

But the more you read the suspense it gets.


lun xinyu turned out to be sexually abuse by the dean.

The matter of explaining thus is not very detailed. It leaves you to your imagination. And mine is too dirty. I imagine worse. Just search "boku no piku ep 1. Then thats how crazy that is.

Poor xinyu. I dont undetstand why lin xin did not tell xinyu and why she didnt ask for help from wu pingping

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KillingThreat rated it
December 2, 2020
Status: c148
I had to stop at 148, even though I was so close to finishing the entire story. Honestly, the first half of the story wasn't too terrible. I thought it would develop quick nicely based on the premise of the story, but it rapidly turned into dung once they grew older. Totally agree with the other reviewers that say the potential plot idea is 5/5. Don't read this story.

When MC finally accepts ML, it seems way too sudden.

... more>>

Like come on, you haven't even talked about what the heck he's been doing the past 10 years?! Maybe it was said in a sentence or a paragraph, but come on COMMUNICATE.


ML is grown now, why tf is he acting like a child still. He's the CEO of a large corporation, just because you met your childhood sweetheart doesn't mean you should revert back into being a child.

Speaking of their childhood, when MC transmigrated and had the EQ and IQ of an adult, why does she not think before she speaks?! This is mainly regarding after the orphanage.


ML was taken advantage of, to put it lightly. Shouldn't MC, as an adult, know that he would have PTSD and triggers for what happened? Why didn't she recommend him to see a therapist or something? (But then again, this is China, so maybe they don't have much importance on mental health.)


Sure, she was 20~ when she transmigrated into a 8-10 year old, but she also grew up the next 4-6 years living as a teen as well.


Once she's back in her real body, she all of a sudden agrees to get married?? Especially since her family isn't really forcing her to get married, just suggesting it to her.


Other reviewers praise MC's character for her braveness, but I feel this only appears during her childhood. Once she's an adult, because of her illness, she turns into this docile character. And she's especially "motherly" and tame when she gets with ML. It was also unclear whether she was in a coma during her childhood because of her transmigration. <<less
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raucai rated it
October 14, 2019
Status: c29
hm. Not very good. Translation quality is excellent, but I agree with most of the reviews above - if you want to be incredibly frustrated over the FL’s choices in the story, then go ahead and read on. She’s blunt and outright cruel in various sequences, and yet this doesn’t affect how the ML sees her at all.

... more>>

how she handles the ML’s sexual abuse and r*pe by the orphanage’s owner is downright horrific, and iirc she’s fairly cold to both her foster parents and the ML later when they both get adopted.


like please use your brain lol <<less
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Miaka_Mei rated it
December 25, 2018
Status: Completed
Just finished this novel yesterday, and it left me dissatisfied, craving for moooooore!!

Honestly, this novel had so much potential. I really love the plot twist! The MC isn't just a mere passerby after all. Hehehe, I kinda guessed it...

I gotta say, I watched and played this song, ... more>>

"Never Enough" by The Greatest Showman Cast. https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=rQWZK5U233s

it was so relatable to this novel. This is a must-read yandere novel!

I'd like to highlight:
  1. The obedient dog-like, yet cruel merciless second ML (Lin Xinyu). I particularly like it when the second ML's darkest secrets were exposed and the MC wasn't able to accept him. She blamed herself for failing to raise him into a good person. Meanwhile the second ML was groveling, begging for her forgiveness. Mwahahahhahahahah
  2. As for the original ML (Xiao Tian) ? You can ignore him hahah. He's a snobbish, arrogant and genius CEO. You see this kind of ML everywhere in Chinese novels nowadays.




P.S. The MC transmigrate twice in the same world. That means... she'll die once, leaving so much regrets for the second ML and original ML. Hah!


P. P. S. Don't trust the chapter numbers in the novel translation site. Yes, the original raws is 56 chapters, but the translation had cut it into smaller parts, so I believe the number of translated chapters should at least be double. <<less
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jl050503 rated it
November 5, 2018
Status: Completed
For me, it was kinda nice at the start, like pitying Lin Xinyu and all, but as the chapters progressed, I just couldn't help but not like the characters at all.

... more>>

The MC is just really weird. She could have prevented all this earlier by acting silent and not getting involved at all. And if she felt bad, she could have acted covertly and called the police. And every character in this book is just so wicked in some way. It started fairly reasonable but by the end, it just became some cliche drama, filled with the regular soap drama type female lead who needed to be rescued many times over.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ladyartemis rated it
July 23, 2018
Status: c2
So far, the first three chapters captured my attention as it is in line with my interest. (Transmigration, comedy, not in protagonist's body) I'll give this 5 stars for its potential to be a wonderful novel. I'm gonna update this once there are more chapters.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
[email protected] rated it
September 18, 2020
Status: Completed
hi! so I'm desperately looking for new novels, and this came up on a random search, so... here we go!

right off the bat, the timeline is as bad as every Nintendo game timeline aka it's messy enough for you to lose context while reading. the explanation is: 1. OG world, Li Xin's parents die, she writes an angry comment, goes into book. 2. Li Xin, but in the book with ML + other characters. 1a. Li Xin wakes up in her world again but it's ACTUALLY a PARALLEL WORLD and... more>> she has a brother, parents aren't dead, etc.

plotline wise, there's a weird love triangle/line/whatever and it's just... mhm. *mumbles nonsense* meh. honestly, if someone gave this to me as a prompt idea, I'd love it, but... the author takes the bat and hits the ball halfway. maybe there was a loss of inspiration, a drop in reads (which usually means the author puts out more crazy stuff to get the plot going). By the end of the book, the ML was less and less appealing to me, the psychopath-is-madly-love character does not look good, and the ML is a good example of that.

there's some sensitive stuff mentioned; ie child rapist, psychotic lover, murder, prostitution, uncle ft. nephew, it really does get worse throughout the novel. And so, after all that and more, we reach my rating of three stars, three stars because it had so much potential at the beginning. ahhhhh, the tragedies of writing and critiquing.

xoxo, MiRA

currently listening to: Here Comes The Sun, by The Beatles <<less
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Goodreadsonly rated it
July 5, 2020
Status: --
I read this a while ago and never finished. Came back today forgetting I disliked it and immediately remembered why I hated this book.

The FL is an adult women who just can't get it together. She in/directly cause the ML to be abused. (A case could be made either way)

I stopped reading after getting through the initial child abuse in the orphanage thinking it would get better but it isn't worth your time.

And it definitely isn't worth a second read.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Arrange rated it
April 30, 2020
Status: c120
The beginning of the story was pretty endearing and almost paced like a thriller. The novel didn't shy away from heavy topics like one of my shower thoughts like "what if a pe*ophile owns an orphanage?", mental illness, mafia (ofc as always). The characters were growing up nicely, but then something happens and after that, things began to go downhills in the weirdest ways.

The ML acted just as if what the MC did to change his character was all for naught. He still became ruthless and manipulative. I mean, I... more>> understand that his trauma was brought up again and he was provoked by that rich second generation prick. But holy f*ck if sh*t went downhills!

The ML went full Yandere mode with the capital "Y". He isn't a romanticized yandere, he is the realistic one. What's worse than a yandere? A rich yandere with the power of the underworld in his hands.


The MC dies (stabbed by a desperate man who had some bad blood with ML because he took away his daughter to pay off his debt, y' know, mafia stuff.) and then time-skip and she returns to her original body. So the two parallel universes become one and she was still in the same world, but with still some small changes. The original FL looked like MC's previous body, the ML mistake FL as the MC. But in actuality, he doesn't...? Idk, I was more shocked by his yanderish ways. Like, the scary kind of yandere... imagine a yandere gang boss going all dere-dere for someone. Ugh. He literally drifted his car to cause an accident to injure his "rival" who had just got engaged with the MC who wanted to let bygones be bygones.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kurobito rated it
May 10, 2019
Status: Completed
First of all, the story building in the early stages was good. Unfortunately, in the middle of the story, it became a bit more crappy and ends with an even crappier way. It is as if, the author has given up on this story after the climax. It could have been made better but noooo... the author decides to make it worse.

All in all, it is novel that you can read if you got nothing to read and wanna wait for a better novel.
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