Guide the Villain Father to Be Virtuous


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After waking up, Huo Xiaoxiao awoke into the novel as the daughter of an unruly and domineering big villain.

Legend has it that her father Huo Suicheng is ruthless, relies on power, plays tricks, covering the sky with only one hand and commits all kinds of atrocities, is a real big villain.

In the end, the father and daughter lost their reputation and their fate was bleak.

Which gratifies the people greatly.

But now Huo Xiaoxiao is just an obedient baby who can’t do anything but eat first.

For the sake of her own life and the future of her villain father, the lovely baby tried to correct the villain’s three views, but heard a sentence from the gap of the door: …….”Kill, throw into the sea.”

“…sorry to bother you.”

Huo Xiaoxiao fled in defeat.

* * * “” … Kill and throw into the sea. ”

Huo Xiaoxiao: Did I hear it wrong!?

Until one day-
Everybody saw him with a beautiful little girl riding on his neck, while wearing a HelloKitty headband on his head.

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Shaw Johnson
New Shaw Johnson
February 18, 2024
Status: c78.2
It was a okay read, was interesting enough and relatively cute.

That said, there is barely anything about the Mc's orevious life and as for what she shows in the current timeline: She tends to be greedy, selfish, and spoiled in general. Not really good prospects, hence not that invested on her and she occasionally ruined the read for me, not enough to make the read unbearable but still.

Was more invested in the other characters honestly, albeit they also have that much to work with but more so than the MC... more>> still e.g., we are given how bad the oVillain was, so so.

In any case, a read to try out on the side if ever. <<less
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Mmailah rated it
July 16, 2020
Status: c85
Hardly anything in this novel bothers you until she is thirteen. At that point, you realize that she is a spoiled brat who knows that she can get away with nearly everything. And when she does get punished, she whines about it even though she knows she is at fault.

... more>>

When she is thirteen, she goes to a club to celebrate her friend's birthday. (WTF, she's an adult in a kid's body. She should know that she shouldn't have done that) To be fair, she decided to only drink milk and juice... UNTIL there was a fight and she began chugging juice (it was wine) while watching the show (how do you mix up juice and wine? Wine has a distinct alcoholic taste. THAT'S WHY PEOPLE DRINK IT!)

Soon after that incident, she got caught up in another incident that wasn't her fault, but she was ditching school, so her father grounded her for the weekend. She promised to comply, knowing that she was wrong, but secretly planned to sneak out while her father was at work. (Remember that she is an adult who was reborn. She may have a child's body, but inside, she was a graduate entering college. This isn't a "coming of age" novel. She is already of age mentally)


It was okay for her to act spoiled as a 2-3 year old, but for her to act that same way as a 13 year old is just disappointing. This novel is supposed to be about a child trying to change her father from his villainous ways and prevent his and her death. However, what I've read so far is a spoiled brat who refuses to listen to people who care about her and does whatever she wants because she has a loving grandfather and a father who is rich, powerful, and villainous. <<less
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Agent Xu
Agent Xu rated it
January 8, 2021
Status: --
It had potential but somewhere along the story the author just lost the zeal.

In the end, I just dropped it somewhere in the beginning of the junior high chapters.

I just couldn't handle how the MC grew up to just whine after doing mistakes. It may seem funny in the short term but if it's dragged, it just felt whiny.

The potential love interests were also not that outstanding? I mean in CN novels the love interests at least have distinct personalities, but author just made them as 2d characters with almost... more>> no difference, in my opinion. And the fact that they fell in love with MC for no reason also kind of bugs me.

The 3 stars are for the humorous interactions between the father daughter pair and the character development. <<less
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anjoy23 rated it
May 21, 2020
Status: --
I was inspired to spoil ppl bout this story so here you go.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

... more>>

So the story first introduced Huo Xiaoxiao, who was reborn as the villain's (her father, Huo Suicheng) child in the novel. So what was supposed to happen in the original novel was that HSC, the villain in the novel, will fall in love with the FL after sleeping with her for a few times (don't ask how, must be bec of her protagonist halo) . He will go bankrupt bec of some and his wrongdoings (i don't think its that evil.. Well except for that time he literally broke HXX's maternal uncle's legs after trying to kidnap HXX from the hospital when she was just born) and bad decisions (some due to him falling head over heels for the FL) and also the meddling of the original FL and ML and he (HSC) will eventually die after 3 yrs due to an explosion.

HXX received a system that will give her task to save the villain father (dont get the wrong idea, although there is a system, it is a good type of system and not the sickening type that will give HXX cheats to become somehow OP, [e.g: one scene, the system help her body somehow die when she was a baby for a short moment to somehow give an impact to the villain father so that he will remember the feeling when his daughter died in his arms and how she starts breathing again something lyk that], and system also limits her skills [e.g: her writing skills ???] so that she could live up to her body age and not be the typical tiring OP child MC) and also herself bec after HSC die in the orig novel, orig HXX will also die after being sent in an orphanage.

The story flows just right, not too fast nor too slow. I like how the characters change as the story goes on. This is not your typical story where the father suddenly falls head over heels for his daughter after a few interactions, it's more than that. HSC was not the kind of typical villain who hates everybody for no reason, he was just so ambitious, yes ruthless and cruel, but rational and also indifferent. At first he may be an ass at first for using HXX, a baby to get what he want from his father (HXX's grandpa is a doting one--not the kind of bad doting but a fluffy one) but as the story proceeds, it is shown how he slowly change to be better for HXX (he tries not to do bad things because of his promise to HXX, aww?) , he eventually became a strict father and he's the one who disciplines HXX while grandpa is responsible for spoiling ?. The same goes for HXX, although I did not see much changes in her, I like how witty she is (not the annoying kind) and how considerate she is to the people around her and how she tries to understand them even though they were just characters from a novel she read (e.g: Her first conversation with her 'mom' who left her in the hospital just right after she was born) . I like how she handles things and how she let her feelings grow for the people around her (e.g: her grandpa and father, and also her friends in school)

I also like to mention the funny and fluffy interaction of father and daughter. Although they were always like cat and dogs (don't worry HSC can't bully HXX or else grandpa will break his leg ???) in truth they cherish each other (e.g: one crying scene [although she's just trying not to be scolded ?] shows how HXX explains to her father why she was always naughty only around HSC, yes exclusive to HSC?, and that is because she wanted his attention, she mentions if he knows how other kids parents send them to school and read them bedtime stories and how her father don't do that bec HSC was always busy[ your conscience eating you yet HSC? ?], This scene is really cute I literally went 'aww'). She also have great relationship with kids her age (lol we have early love candidates here, two of them beat up each other and confess they want to marry HXX in front of HSC ??? She was left with no choice but to say ' my father is the best!' to coax her dad) . It's really satisfying how the story not only revolves around the father-daughter duo but also the other characters in the story (including grandpa-father[HSC] relationship, mother-daughter[HXX], Uncle-niece)


Right now for me this is one of the best rebirth novel. I currently caught up with the raw ch 75 and is currently here dying while waiting for new ud ???.

I recommend this to those who is a sucker for rebirth stories/cute father-child relationship/witty and lovable MC/ not annoyingly OP reborn MC/ good character development/ fluffy stories/realistic day to day life interaction <<less
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bythos rated it
September 5, 2020
Status: c54
Enjoyed reading this till now, but this just seems like child abuse to me now with how they're treating a one-year-old.

In the name of training her for the future, they're giving taekwondo lessons for a year old baby. Guess the author never took care of an actual baby but kids of those ages need more emotional bonding than all this training crap.

There is a reason why even pre-school starts at 3 years of age.
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August 16, 2020
Status: Completed
Okay. I finished reading this through mtl. Though I didnt read the extras.

Okay lets start with the original owner of the body. Nothing much to say about her other than she is extremely pitiful. Her mom left her. Dad didnt really give her emotional support just financial. Ended up in orphanage and died of starvation. Her mom didnt even take her in when dad went to jail. She just died just like that.

For MC, She's eighteen when she transmigrated. Nothing much to say about her actually, she's petty and kinda... more>> s*upid but she's within my tolerance.

For the dad, hmm.......i cant say much about him too. Like his daughter he is petty. Atleast he took care of his daughter better.

For the grandpa, the old man is good. He's stubborn but he is very nice to his grand child.

For the mom, I have mix feelings for her. As I stated in the original owner's life she didnt even appear for her daughter. This mother abandoned her daughter for a life with her lover and his kid, thats not even her kid but treated it much better than her own child. She run away from her responsibility. No matter how much she acts like she loves her daughter I just cant pity her or like her. Imagine abandoning your own child and taking care of other person's child as if you did nothing wrong. <<less
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tanni103 rated it
February 26, 2021
Status: c102
It was really a good story at the beginning and I also had to shed some tears during FL's journey to make her father into an upright man, but everything was destroyed after she got older...

She grew up too spoiled and her rebellious phase is super annyoing to read. It was one of my saddest moments when I reached that chapter and simply abandoned the novel. I dont know what happens after ch.102 but I don't really have any desire to continue, maybe if I read some spoilers of the... more>> ending.

Aside from that like I said before the beginning was very good. Cute and fluffy, with a complete childhood and good family relationships. She was also very mature at the beginning, like a transmigrator should be but later just poof disappeared.

What I find annoying is that her father is damn cold towards her even though he likes and cares about her very much. Even if it is his first time as a father he should have learned something raising her for so long. No smile, no head pets (I think), no hugs... only the cute grandpa soothes my agiated heart somewhat.

I have put the novel down a long time ago so I may remember some things wrong.

I recommend you to just enjoy her childhood part, if you want to be annoyed then read the rest. <<less
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Pakhi rated it
April 27, 2020
Status: c14
It's a really cute fluffy funny novel.... I read some raw chapters.... I really love this father daughter duo☺️... they're more like sibling.... they both blackmail or teased each other like brother sister?...

I really love this novel... though it's ongoing... don't know how future chapters going to turn... but for now it's really enjoyable

sorry my English suck ??
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sakurasakura rated it
October 20, 2020
Status: c112
  1. Read Noble Wife Wants No Love before this. This is almost a continuation of that though it has different main characters. This is Fun to read. If you don't think about her previous self too much, it's all good. Better think of her as a real kid, because that's how childish she is. I can barely see her 18 year old self because she acts too much like a kid. After the timeskip, not much changed. It's like she didn't even grow up. I think it's still ongoing (?). The Chinese site where I read raws just updated but

    there's this side chapter with Jiang Yi where he says that MC ended up with Yi Qian and that he saw her at a bridal shop. I dont know if this is already completed

  2. Also, because I read NWWNL does that mean

    Jiang Nan committed su*cide??? It says here that from Jiang Zhi's family, the third son went abroad and committed su*cide. I forgot about their family tree, but I haven't heard any other son in their family

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Eclat123 rated it
June 22, 2020
Status: Completed
Super fluffy and entertaining, BUT IT HAS NO ROMANCE AT ALL. Why bother with the tag then??? There are literally only kids playing house and it's tagged romance, so misleading ???


You'll be having a hard time choosing which ship to board on when you've read the author's other works. I just want the MC to end up with both Lu Xingchen and Yi Qian ???

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kim Nara
Kim Nara rated it
November 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Arg I also have a problem with the maturity of the main character. It doesn't matter if she just imitates the behavior of a toddler, but why does her thinking process is like a toddler too? She is a normal 18 year old teenage girl, not an idiot right?
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
08phamann rated it
December 6, 2020
Status: c27
MC is dissapointing. She is not really cute as a baby at all, and the explanation for the system is non sensical and irrelevant. Her "mission" doesn't even make sense or contribute to the plot in any way. She is apparently 19 years old, and still trying to act that way despite being in the body of a baby. 1 year old babies will wet the bed... get over it... and the dad shaming her for wetting the bed is even more s*upid.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Laviie rated it
July 22, 2020
Status: Completed
Pros: Relaxing, short read.

Cons: The FL becomes annoying when she grows up so I suggest skipping the extras. She stays as a child throughout the novel, she only grows up in the extras.

MTL is easy to understand.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 23, 2020
Status: c76
The best transmigration/child protagonist genre I have ever read. Although it's still ongoin the author is good at bringing the fun in the story making this hard to drop.

The child MC is the star and also the one that brings this story so much life. Even the father that was the suppose bastard, also has so much charm with how much growth to become a father toward the MC.

MC acts like a bratty child for the most part but it doesn't come as annoying, because it is amusing how at... more>> one point she becomes unreasonable but it does create a bond with her father as a result.

The comedy is pretty good.


My favorite would be that at one point the MC's father told her a fairy tail story. Being the awesome dad he is he told the MC the moral of the story with the most adult advice to his child. And later the next day MC retold the story to the whole class and mention the moral of the story to her classmates. Giving them a big revelation to life and living the kindergarden teacher dumbfounded then calls her dad. Later on he was scolded by the MC's grandfather. It was fantastic.


I highly recommend reading this if you like familial bonding and comedy. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Immortal-Dowager_Ginger rated it
May 1, 2022
Status: c51
plot is attractive but gap between theory and practice is 2 wide.

1 star immediately taken off = author forgetting backstory of own character

(""Just yesterday, she had received the admission notice from her ideal university, only one step away from fulfilling her dream. But in a blink of an eye, she transformed from a full-ranked boss to a newbie?") btw narcissim level 99.. full rank boss for being a top score exam entry? phsst no! Boss is mega-family heir or when you found your own mega family

She was a somewhat... more>> obnoxious hard worker climbing education with no close family ties dragged by some system into a novel she never read. No accident, overstudy or late night gaming pass out. System doesn't even give her an advanced body as promised (stronger/agile/CO-Ordinated). System is the real villain if any character is, 3d most sadistic (level of task vs available assistance) I've seen.

minus star 2 for having characters hard to root for or even hate in a background that is vague and facade-like. It is like being served a soup that was watered down and reheated. The ingredients are fine but dish is only "edible".


The thot og FL is annoying in her pursuit of villain.. as if she knows she needs his dead body to step on to succeed her HE

MC is more obnoxious than necessary. As a parent of 3 precocious kids... I know sassy. She misses the cute mark because the fact she IS 18 inside. With migration at 18, even if she formerly a person who -maybe- earned her 'do what I want" attitude, she should also always be aware of 3 year countdown and adapt. The tit for tat child/parent battle lost cute factor by battle #3. And author has reader use mental gymnastics to accept changes and flip flops. My 18 y self would never put myself in risks in infant body that has no weight, balance or coordination! Nor avenge on adult that were denying access to danger. The seaside adventure was. not. cute. Getting help from doting Grandpa, knowing he is in ill health and could have mortal episode if over stimulated? starting conflict because not allowed to mess in tideline as 18 mo old? because previous action made a tether mandatory? She NEVER reflects

villain MC dad is boring, tsundere character fail

I cant feel attached to any characters.

Support characters has a few vibrant or cute personalities like Huo household and villain's homies; but they (naturally) don't have the screen time.


Not the worst novel out there, but it is severely missing.. a something <<less
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Njtrisha rated it
December 6, 2021
Status: --
It's a simple slice of life novel, nice read without any complications but it was awkward to read how a 1year old can talk like a 6 year old kid and she was originally 18 year old but behaved like a kid.. Anyway it was good enough to kill time
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Naimena rated it
July 13, 2021
Status: Completed
I like family dynamics a lot so this novel is pretty good to relax. However it shouldn't be taken too seriously to best enjoy it, it doesn't have much depth.

The plot is pretty much just about lighthearted father-daughter squabbles and the flow of events is somewhat abrupt (specially since her teens). It's not my favorite in the family trope (that's probably My Whole Family are Villains) but is entertaining enough. IT probably doesn't deserve 4 stars for quality but the bad points aren't bothersome enough to make it lower so... more>> I'll rate it as a light, casual read instead of using high standards.

I MTL-led and it is easy to understand, no need to kill braincells here. The plot is pretty much a girl who had just passed her college entrance exams suddenly reincarnated into an embryo within the womb of a woman who had a one night stand with the "novel's villain". The mother left her at the hospital and MC could only wait at the hospital for her father to pick her up, since a system informed of her mission to "save father from bad ending" or else starve to death herself. The father sounds like an ass at first and he clearly just takes her in simply because he can use the baby as a tool to manipulate his aged father into handing over the company shares. Cue, funny childhood interactions where baby MC tries outwit her father with grandpa as her backer and the father gets back at her.

There's no face-slapping, drama, angst or resentment. Her playmates are cute enough (some are the kids born from the main couples of the author's other works). The doting grandpa is pretty great and very much needed to be peacemaker in the family. The father is a uninteresting as*hole who gets better as he acquires a sense of responsability and patience, unfortunately he remains somewhat flat (the typical cold tyrannt trope), his scenes are fun because of the MC's mischief but I don't think he holds up very well on his own.

The MC is childish, proud and lively. I like the way that unlike most 'reborn as a baby' MCs, she's not calculating about her newfound family or gaining her father's favor (unless she's trying to escape punishment but that's normal). It makes their relationship more natural in some ways, since she's just being herself instead of putting up an act. I do agree she's rather silly and unreasonable at some points but it isn't that bad as long as you expect her to have a childish personality. It doesn't really bother me because she doesn't harm others and the risk she takes are mostly small (the worst is probably the bar incident but it isn't too weird since she's in her teens, not alone and as far as she knew watched over by the owner). She's often pointlessly mischievous but I just explain it as it being her original trait and even if she's reborn she wasn't quite an adult in her former life, so she's influenced by her environment to behave freely according to her external age and enhaces her childish tendencies. She's just enjoying herself with good friends and a caring family, her reincarnated age vs her behaviour seems odd because she's not ambitious.

The good:

-Her antics and power struggles with dad are pretty fun. She was found out as a sly baby so her father wasn't easily deceived. They both win and lose at some points and it all becomes a part of their dynamic. The dad is capable of apologizing too.

-No drama or face-slapping. Even the mother and enemies (original leads) face some appropiate consequences according to their actions but they aren't ruthlessly pushed to despair for offending MC's family. No pitiful cannon fodders here, thankfully.

-Some problematic (usually skipped over) issues are actually brought up and discussed properly. The MC gets away with a lot of carefree antics but dad isn't the blind love type.

He even gets upset with adult MC being touchy with her male friend not because of 'fatherly jealousy' but because she's accidentally leading him on. She's told to be ambiguous only if she likes him, otherwise she should keep her distance.


-Last extra chapters have a weird timeline but fortunately the romance subplot has a decent outcome.

Don't expect much on romace after confession because there's not even a kiss but I'm happy I didn't have suffer second male lead syndrome. Yi Qian ends up as her hubby which somewhat makes sense as he was the only one who wholeheartedly supported her and stayed with her all the times she needed someone.


The meh:

-MC's life is too easy. I can't say I'm bothered because too much drama stresses me out but she basically has no problems. Her antics never have serious consequences and it is pretty much her excuse to never self-reflect and take scoldings seriously. The mission to save dad pretty much solved itself solely with grandpa and dad not becoming estrangled and dad not falling in love with ori-FL.

worst thing to happen to her was probably being falsely accused of "puppy love" with her male friend


The bad:

-Plotholes and misuse of some tropes. The system was totally unecessary and only had one scene where he assigned a mission to keep dad from disaster until she was 3yo. That's all. The original story didn't make a lot of sense as the MC realized on her own later. Dad beaten up and ruined from ruining an ancient grave? Dying in a explosion? His kid sent to an orphanage and neglected to the point of being starved to death? It doesn't make a lot of sense. Muscular, strong dad beaten by weakling inexperienced ori-ML. Stocks falling and assets taken away from a crime that while troublesome didn't seem huge enough to totally ruin him. MC had a grandpa, a bio mom, uncle (who said himself he only caused trouble to Dad to ultimetely get MC's custody), and dad's rich, powerful three friends; how could she end up alone and neglected so easily?. As someone mentioned the timeline is odd, and kids around her at 2 and 3 yo are too advanced in behaviour.

-The novel is totally centered on MC. It falls short in delivering some emotional tones and insights because MC's perspective is too limitated. The dad's feelings and changes are uncertain for most of the story until his self-reflection essay. The romantic pursuits feel flat and not moving at all also because the MC won't take them seriously so it feels just like a slice-of-life with friends at most. The most exciting part is definitely ages 0 to 3. We don't get to see many sides to the characters or even daily behaviours because MC's antics seem to be always needded to kickstart the reactions from some otherwise mostly flat characters. <<less
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jklm rated it
January 4, 2021
Status: c109
A bit ridiculous, especially in the beginning, but also somehow pretty funny. The face-offs between the dad and the daughter are definitely the best part of this story. I love the way they trick and conspire against each other over really petty things. I found myself getting caught up in the MC's trolling. You will enjoy this story if you don't take it too seriously.

4 stars is probably a slightly generous rating for this (it's more like 3-3.5 stars in quality), but it made me laugh so I bumped it... more>> up. <<less
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Bib rated it
December 28, 2020
Status: --
All I can say is fluffness! Give it a try for those who like to read adorable and heartwarming family type of stories. Grandfather-father-daughter interactions are cute and hilarious. It’s an enjoyable read.
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Xiu_er rated it
November 19, 2020
Status: c104
This novel is full of children who don't act their age. Three-year-olds act like they are 5-6. And while it would be understandable for the MC to act older since she is a 18-year old who transmigrated, she still doesn't act her age. I feel like her mental age is around 6 or 7 with occasional spikes to 16.

Leaving that aside, I quite enjoyed reading the first part/main story centered around toddler Xiaoxiao (MC) and her interactions with her father since I am a sucker for wholesome family dynamics. This... more>> leads me to my highlight of the story, Papa Huo aka. Huo Suicheng, the villainous daddy. I adore him to bits. He is not perfect perse, but pretty much how I wish my dad would be. While he is pretty strict with his daughter, you can feel his care and love towards her. As a first time parent he does make quite a number of mistakes, but he is willing to apologize and learn from them. His character development is subtle, but oh so satisfying. His reflection letter made me cry... Huo Suicheng is my favorite novel daddy up to date.

Other characters I liked include Xiaowu (daddy's right hand), Grandpa Huo (makes me want to have a grandpa) and Yi Qian (potential victim of the second male lead syndrome).

The later part of the story shifts more towards the relationships of the MC as she grows up. It's like a whole new story which might be interesting for all I know. But I am a bit desensitized towards emotional dramas in Chinese webnovels. So far I am not sure who the MC will end up with since her whole life seems to be a sausage fest.

Either way, I will take a break from the novel for now and might pick it up at a later point. This shouldn't scare anyone off from reading this novel, though. Just the first 78 or so chapters alone is worth the read. <<less
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Arrange rated it
November 17, 2020
Status: c86
Cunning and petty daughter VS Cunning and inexperienced dad.

Who will win? Hahahaha, it's a constant war between the two lololol.

Daddy Huo doesn't know how to be a parent and his arrogant personality is the cherry on top.

... more>> Grandpa Huo is MC's trump card every time lol.

The MC has to save Daddy Huo from his grim fate, but honestly idk what she's even doing at this point. She's behaving like a spoilt brat... And the system most of the time is absent.

I'm glad she managed to mend the relationship between her father and her grandpa at least.

Let's believe that even though she's 18, the fact that she's in a small child's body plus freedom from her studies made her personality change. We don't know her, heck, maybe she was a baby even before being kidnapped by the system. <<less
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