Guardian of The Sun


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This a a story of kingdoms and empires, dangerous beauty, the kindness of strangers, and the trappings of fate.

When the Kingdom of Kajang is usurped by an unknown conqueror, Third Prince Jung must flee the kingdom or lose his life. Having lost all his family in the purge to end the royal line, this 12-year-old boy must now learn to live alone, in the unknown world beyond the palace walls.

Prince Jung, now called Aran, must find a new life and allies in order to survive. His unrivaled beauty is his curse and one of his greatest blessings.

Associated Names
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Protector of the sun
태양의 수호자
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09/02/22 Foolish Translations epilogue
08/26/22 Foolish Translations v3c8 part4
08/19/22 Foolish Translations v3c8 part3
08/12/22 Foolish Translations v3c8 part2
08/07/22 Foolish Translations v3c8 part1
07/26/22 Foolish Translations v3c7 part3
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12/19/21 Foolish Translations v2c5 part3
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Somefoolishgirl rated it
August 14, 2021
Status: Completed
Hello, I'm the translator for this novel and I would like to start off by apologizing for the poor quality of the translation in Vol 1, seriously it's cringy. This was my first translation and I just didn't understand Korean well enough at the time to take on this project. I also didn't have enough time so I cut every corner I could and the English is also an embarrassing hot mess. However, please don't judge the novel by that, it's 100x better in Korean than my sloppy translation.

Now... more>> if you just muscle through the first volume it gets better in Vol 2 and way, way better in Vol 3.

Caveat: I don't think it's fair for the translator to give their opinions on a story. Mainly because, even though I'm not the creator, I'm attached to the story. With that said I do have opinions and they are listed in the Spoiler.

The main series is complete, and the summary is in the spoiler section too,

Aran is an extremely beautiful 12 y.o. boy, who lives an idyllic, peaceful, happy life as the third Prince of Kajang. The kingdom is invaded and the throne is usurped. He is forced to flee the kingdom with the help of his escort Shaw. While trying to escape their pursuers, Aran is separated from Shaw. He is found by a stranger who takes him under his wing. The first Volume is Aran as a child and it's so enjoyable.

The following volumes are about his life after the fall of his kingdom. There is a time jump from childhood in book 1, to adulthood in book 2. This is when the romance part of the story begins.

What I love about this story is the world-building and the thought-out political side. Although it's not the main focus all the time, it is the track that the story is always moving forward on, and it's a believable character in and of itself. I really enjoyed sinking into this story. Also, there are really interesting side characters worthy of their own stories, so I never felt bored.

Last but not least, the main couple are both strong masculine gay men. This is the same author of DEAR BENJAMIN. This is a much earlier work, but you'll get that same energy. There's no weird coercing of the Uke into s*x it's not r*pey at all between the main couple. There's a wonderful absence of many, but not all, the tropes that haunt most BL.

With that said there are some issues that some people might, rightly, dislike. The elephant in the room I'm speaking of is the fact that Aran's love interest is the young, but fully-grown man that rescued him when he was a child. Now nothing sketchy happens in his youth and they don't get together until Aran is a full-grown man with his own accomplishments in life, but there was a huge time skip so...

There are a few other things but I feel they wouldn't be unilateral like the age gap husband-raising.


So with all that said, with a better translation, I'd give the story 5 stars. With the current translation a 4-star.

I gave 5-stars to offset the trolls. <<less
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September 4, 2021
Status: --
Im so curious if the tragedy tag is hinting for a BE for the couple or just because of the tragedy story of the main characters and the main plot..... hmmmm im excited
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Ppkk85 rated it
July 10, 2022
Status: v3
I like the novel. It's filled with lots of adventures. Especially the beginning MC meeting ML and the crazy encounter with the assassins. This novel felt like a movie; it's predictable and rushed. All the scenes are there for a purpose to tell the story, but nothing heart felt or complex. I just wish there's more scene between MC and ML showing how they started to fall in love vs being told that he already loves hims. Especially if there's a big age gap, I need more justification to why... more>> it'll be ok for ML who kind of act as a father figure (he basically that raised MC) to fall in love with MC. Other than that, it's actually a good read. <<less
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realrinya rated it
September 24, 2023
Status: prologue part1
Pretty decent like everything was done well I liked it a lot and I think the rating is really unfair. Ok, I do acknowledge that if what ML did to MC was in reality I would instantly call the police lmao but this is historical fiction so while I do understand the sensitivity of some, I didn't really think it was that much of a great deal. Other than that the story, the characters, the antagonist, the smut scenes everything was pretty solid. If you are not sensitive on this... more>> issue then I totally recommend <<less
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Lara Night
Lara Night rated it
April 24, 2023
Status: Completed
Nice one! I love the plot & setting, a little cliche for historical romance, but worth it. I wish there is side novel for TJR and Prince Won, or more angst in Cain & Aran, but this one is just nice.
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Ajung rated it
January 10, 2024
Status: --
I love this novel, though there are some parts which could have need some more explanation especially, I wanted to know what exactly happen between taejokrune and won, I don't know but I think their story would have added a lot of spice, though I know the pairing is wrong on so many levels, even so I wanted to see them together guess it will remain a wish, but I still like the story a lot ohh yeah one more point I forgot to mention is that I wanted to... more>> read the ml's pov though his feelings are shown it's mostly other people's guess of his emotions and it was not narrated by himself therefore I really wanted to know his pov and when and how he started to fall for our MC, that part is not clear in the story, so I was kinda disappointed when ml's pov was not shown anyways like is wrote I like the story despite its shortcomings and I came to know that this story and dear benjamin was written by the same author now that's surprising I like both the stories a lot. <<less
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