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Ruan Yōu became a brainless cannon fodder in the Mary Sue entertainment novel, with fair skin, a beautiful face, and long legs. She was criticized by fans as “trying to climb up” after looking at the top male lead too much, and the female lead took the opportunity to suppress her, causing her career to plummet.

Ruan Yōu accepted her fate and decided to retire from the industry to study finance and live a laid-back life as a salted fish.

However, her billionaire parents and CEO brother came knocking on her door, their eyes filled with guilt.

Ruan Yōu: ?!

Retiring forty years early and living a life reclining on the couch as a rich woman has just arrived!


Fu Jiazhan had known since he was a child that the little princess who had been betrothed to him had gone missing.

Mrs. Ruan spent her days in tears, holding his hand and choking out, “If Yōuyōu hadn’t gone missing, you and she would be about the same age, and you could have grown up together and taken care of her.”

Fu Jiazhan remembered those words, and when Yōuyōu returned to the wealthy family, he prepared to take care of her as her fiancé. But his future mother-in-law found three rivals for him.

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5 Reviews

May 05, 2023
Status: c30
A super light read. Despite the summary which implies a reverse harem and romantic focus, I would describe this novel as family focused. Different from most stories about children and parents reuniting this story does not turn the wealthy family into a designer handbag to match with the OP ML, but instead become the sole focus of emotional development. In between the light and nonsensical plot, we get to see Ruan Lou grow beyond her past issues and accept her place in the family.

Which really is the best and only... more>> reason to read this novel. <<less
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Apr 06, 2023
Status: --
I enjoyed a little over half the novel but then somewhere after that... the pacing, the plot flow and the elements in the novel started not making sense or getting extremely boring. Personally, once they started getting too much into gaming-at that point I was already ready to quit but I wanted to see how the romance would go...

o Regarding all characters- 5/5 stars

They weren't perfect but combined they were just so entertaining. Though one thing is that wayyy too many 'mob' characters were introduced then just disappear but whatever.

o... more>> Protagonist and characters backgrounds- 2.5/5 stars

This includes backstories of MC after lost, MC family as well as friend group backstory- I just feel they weren't done as well esp MC where you'd want to know and fully understand her past and how she's lived all theses years, the top family background info, the individual heirs and even their family stories.

o Romance- I made the misrake of not seeing romantic-subplot in tags... in short its disappointing and feels lackluster. I was hoping that even if it wasn't concentrated on it would be at least done nicely and more put together-but it wasnt... almost felt forced.

when it came to the family...i honestly would expect more enthuasiasm from them. Like the brother was great but the author didn't bother with the parents much as well as other family members... there was supposed to be a welcoming banquet it never happened tho????

all the negatives aside I did complete this and I wont say this is a regretful read because this is one of the best friendhips iv'e seen in novels especially wealthy character novels!Even the top wealthy fam interactions are amazing... the variety show aspect I always love and I thought it was so fun to watch these friends unteract and support each other.

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Mar 13, 2023
Status: Completed
Plot: 3 stars. Rating 4 stars for the extremely few chapters that made me cry (the one where Ruan You opens up).

I feel like the first half of this novel was pretty good and it was a realistic take on how a familial bond isn’t quick. All the characters started off as nuanced complex characters (aside from the villains), and I truly enjoyed it. Until it kind of just felt dragging at the latter half. Slice of life can be well done, but the latter half of this novel did... more>> not fall into that category.. Which was unfortunate because this one started off strong.

Overall, it is a fun read and the first half is a good take for an overused trope. <<less
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Mar 27, 2023
Status: c68
It's a fun read but I started to lose interest so I'll pause for now. It's almost like a slice of life. The main plot with the novel plot line isn't really there most of the time.

There are quite a few funny moments so I had a good chuckle. I like the MC and the others are a little ridiculous but it's fun. I thought the romance would hit by now but it hasn't (which is why I say this feels more like slice of life). There isn't any major... more>> face slapping plots happening.

The MC is a money making lucky character. One could say it's her golden finger. The business parts of the story isn't bad. I'm not crazy into gaming so I skimmed a lot of that. The variety show has been whatever. I do love the character relationships and growth. And the family interactions. <<less
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Mar 26, 2023
Status: Completed
It’s a lovely story where not all the female characters are villains and relationships are portrayed realistically. I really enjoyed this story, but it does drag on in some places. But I loved how the characters weren’t 2d and how the characters developed with time. Except for the pacing and how some parts were a bit boring, it was really sweet and uplifting. Also I think the ML was truly the right person for her.
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