Greetings, Ninth Uncle


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Cheng Yujin was the elder twin sister, who was supposed to be engaged to an excellent man. However she later learned that her fiance, Marquis Jingyong, had proposed to her because he mistakenly recognized her as her younger twin sister. Marquis Jingyong and her younger sister had a deep relationship, and after many twists and turns, finally broke through all hardships and became eternal lovers. While Cheng Yujin was the villain who replaced her sister’s good marriage, kept framing her sister, and hindered the main couple to be together. A really wicked older sister and poisonous ex-wife.

After the younger twin sister was reborn, she revealed Cheng Yujin’s ‘conspiracy’ early on. Everyone scorned her, and her so-called fiance was indifferent. Cheng Yujin sneered and tore off their engagement letter in front of her fiance.

Everyone was gloating and happily waiting to see her regret her actions. However, before Marquis Jingyong had a chance to see Cheng Yujin’s regret, he saw his former fiancee marrying her uncle.

The ninth uncle of Cheng family was truly a hidden dragon, his real power frightening everyone.


Cheng Yujin, this coquettish little wife, lightly lifted her eyebrows and casually said, “A mere Marquis Jingyong, is he worthy? Do you think that robbing him away will affect me?”

Almost forgot to say, ninth uncle wasn’t surnamed Cheng. His real name was Li Chengjing, the crown prince.

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ToastedBread rated it
January 31, 2021
Status: c1 part1
They're all calculative and are reasonable. It's a worthy read. Every characters have their fair share entry and yup! Some will really get your blood boil. I'm quite satisfied with their rebuking speeches and the their romance are not like those novels who exaggerated it to the point that you'll locked them up completely. Their love is in slow pace and I like it since they're getting to know each other and funding their compatibility. Just read it.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 24, 2021
Status: Completed
Absolutely a hidden gem. This is the first novel which pushed me to create an account here to leave a review.

Very refreshing and realistic.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 3, 2021
Status: c140
MC is completely indifferent to what happened to her in her past life. Not a single emotion is seen or felt as if it not her story but some strangers.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 5, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a hidden gem. It is also one of those historical Chinese novel that is ok to translate as long as you read available translated chapter.

I give this novel a 4.5. It is one of those rare rebirth/dream of pastlife that does not spout overpowered protagonist. I like how graceful the faceslapping are. Plus karma is really a b****.


FL is described as 'perfect' by others but she is 'flawed.' These flaws are her self-defense mechanism in her a hard life. ML, is her knight in shining armor. He is... more>> a 'perfect prince', but he is not without flaws. His life is even more arduous, and FL is his remedy. I just love this couple so much.

No meng, no fluff, just mutual affection, respect and trust.


I marathon MTL this novel and hurried over to recommend this novel to you. <<less
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xuexin rated it
September 16, 2020
Status: c24
This is good!! The translation is really good. I really like broken engagement tag with rebirth in it. While it's a bit too early to judge the story right now, the translation is really great. Wish the chapters were longer! The MC knowing her past acts more tough and determined to live a comfortable life, so it's amusing to see how the ML came and disrupted all those plans.

My only concern is how the former FL is kinda s*upid...
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 15, 2020
Status: Completed
its really refreshing to see an MC like this. The ML is as expected just pretty much the same as other standard ML'S but I quite like him for being gentle and respectful. The MC on the other hand depicts the inner thoughts of women in that era. the whole picking a husband and choosing. of course given that she has the qualifications to do so. TBH im not gonna lie, watching her be so calculative and trying to get the attention of the men made me somewhat uncomfortable but... more>> I also understood it. If I were in her shoes id try to maximize my personal benefits too. I like that the family relationship in not too bad-yes the daughter-in-laws snub at each other and all try to curry favor with the old lady even the MC with her great boot-licking skills and although the MC was neglected, it was not in terms of food/clothes/luxury but probably just genuine parental affection.

the story itself has not much going on, just the simple journey of their interactions as 'uncle and niece' and later as a married couple. watching them improve their relationship was pleasing to watch but it would have been better if there was more about the bedroom matters.... lol I mean the book is pretty plain, and revolved around their relationship for the most part of it and just a tiny bit about the court. Honestly its just him teasing her a lot and then she putting things off because of etiquette and what not-dont blame her much but it really was true when they said she was wooden. would've preferred her more active than just doing things passively just because it was her duty or she wanted her son.

a lot of characters-plenty in fact-just end up disappearing after being shown quite often which was annoying. the protags seem to have no friends which makes it dull sometimes,

the antagonists are pretty reasonable for the most part and there is no unreasonable killing/dying in the story.

i liked it, maybe not the most memorable but its not a bad read at all-if you can accept the MC that is.

also no one mentioned it here but towards the ending there were some pretty interesting things going on with the ML... too bad MTL didnt make it clear : (

hmmm give it a try! <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 13, 2020
Status: Completed

This is such an undiscovered gem! As much as I usually preferred passionate romances, I actually really loveed how the FL and ML developed their relationship. Well, cause I also am satisfied with a nice and peaceful everyday life with the one I love like the ML and FL.

Not much drama or court politics involved so it feels calm... but it's not boring because of the personality of the ML and FL. They're too awesome!
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