Great Doctor Ling Ran


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Ling Ran, a med school senior, begins to see the world like a game UI. He uses it to pave his way towards graduation, a residency, becoming the greatest doctor in the world… And finally getting a Transformer from his newbie packs? Maybe. We don’t know yet.

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04/16/19 Webnovel c85
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New Mmand1 rated it
March 31, 2019
Status: --
Surprisingly good! I love the lead character, the story, the pacing and the supporting characters so far.
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New Zackarotto rated it
March 30, 2019
Status: c50
It's still early to talk about lasting appeal, but so far, I'm loving this. There's always a risk that it may become formulaic after a while, but until there are 300-500 chapters available, I don't think that's anything to worry about.

It's a similar setup as seen in "I'm Really A Superstar!" with its skill levels and treasure chest reward items, but far better. This is a high-competency protagonist. He doesn't pick his upgrades poorly or haphazardly and rely on everything landing in his lap by the will of God. It... more>> also helps that as a doctor he's doing something more productive for society, and isn't a jackass. It's written by someone who has clearly studied what they're talking about.

Ling Ran has a clear and consistent personality. He's calm and fastidious. He's the emotionally dense type, but it fits him well because of his singular interest in medicine (well, that and Transformers). It doesn't even occur to him to show off. I really like that we start with him trying to self-diagnose himself for mental issues, and then conducting a Turing test on the AI system in his mind. Many novels tell you their protagonists are smart, but this is the rarer type that shows it.

It's very funny how he's overtly given opportunities because of his good looks before he even has a chance to impress people with his medical skills. People like to roll their eyes at the perfect-looking wish-fulfillment hero, but at this point I've read as many series about average-looking men as I have about handsome ones, and rather than thinking one is better than the other, to me it comes down more to which is used more amusingly or believably. And I think it's a great running gag how the face he was born with is often even more of a cheat skill than his AI system, to the extent that you could think of it as the author working his own social criticism in.

The running joke of constant unexpected and out-of-place references to Transformers kills me -- much as a Transformer would, if I were crushed to death by one.

I'm unqualified to talk about the medical accuracy. I suspect the author is inserting a bit of personal opinion about how hospital administration is portrayed. These aren't my favorite parts. But it's a relatively original topic, and I'm still happy with it.

The novel is well-translated and well-proofread, apart from the occasional acceptable mistake slipping through, which I think is inevitable due to the fast rate of releases. I think this one's in very good shape. <<less
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KingLycan rated it
March 22, 2019
Status: --
I like this Novel, and appreciate the Author and Translator hard work on Medical term which are mostly correct to a certain extend. As far as I have read, the Novel is within the realm of possibility, while only System is op.

The character and world is based on a real life, along with rules that are being followed.
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