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Ling Ran, a med school senior, begins to see the world like a game UI. He uses it to pave his way towards graduation, a residency, becoming the greatest doctor in the world… And finally getting a Transformer from his newbie packs? Maybe. We don’t know yet.

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더 그레이트 닥터
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kkgoh rated it
May 3, 2019
Status: c195
大医凌然 is a decent binge read with a unique premise centered around medical drama.
Ranked #1 in Qidian's original webnovel series for quite awhile now.
Downgrading from 4 stars to 3. It's just really boring with MC constantly leveling up in different situations with no character growth in himself or anyone around him. Worth the time only if you don't have better novels lined up.
Suffers from a very robotic/flawed main character. One-dimensional side characters.

Medical school intern and all-round ikemen Ling Ran unexpectedly gains a system that boosts his medical skills through the completion of various missions. We follow Ling Ran as he aims to become the best doctor in the world.
Yup, it's that straight forward. It's a slice-of-life novel after all.

This is the biggest flaw of the novel. All characters are one-dimensional with very little depth, including MC. Even for a slice-of-life novel it's pretty bare.

MC Ling Ran is an ikemen (good looking guy) that causes all women to fawn over him (that's the running joke). He becomes incredibly OP within just a month of acquiring the system, which makes it pretty boring.
Unfortunately MC is written as a very robotic OCD character with a single-minded pursuit to develop his skills while having strong anti-social behavior, i.e. a sociopath. That's a VERY ODD/DISAPPOINTING personality to have as a doctor. It's one thing to be emotionally detached as a doctor, it's another thing when the author deliberates writes that patients are just commodities (patients "spawn" just like a game), and Ling Ran is there to "harvest" them. WTF.

We are forced to seriously question the underlying motives of the MC for being a great doctor, whether it's for his own fame/glory/personal enjoyment. Because you certainly don't sense him having any empathy for patients. Curing/saving them is just part of the process for the MC to acquire better skills.

Author tries to "fix" this by stating that MC has no attachment to the riches that come from performing surgery. He even has the MC state that "it doesn't matter what kind of doctor you are... there's only a successful doctor and an unsuccessful one". WTF. That's still completely missing the point.


Multitude of side characters are all incredibly one-dimensional.
His dad is greedy but deeply loves his wife.
His mom is a capable but quirky house-wife.
All females of similar age to the MC fall head-over-heels for him.
All male co-workers are either incompetent, ugly, jelly, or some combination thereof.

(1) Kudos on the medical depth, detail of hospital systems.
Not sure how accurate it is, but the heavy medical jargon is impressive, and a quick Google search does show that the illnesses/human anatomy/surgical techniques are quite legit. The medical injuries and situations are quite realistic.
I've been in the US pharmaceutical/healthcare industry for a few years before, so it does pass the smell-test.

(2) Jokes are amusing, but repetitive after awhile.
It's always a stereotype of the various characters.

Multiple jokes about women fawning over the MC, just in different situations.
Multiple jokes about his parents either being greedy/quirky or both.


(3) It's incredibly annoying that people around MC constantly misunderstand his diligence.
MC does multiple surgeries a day, so everyone sees him as him being a great and caring doctor. But MC is just doing it to complete his mission quota and score more rewards.
The result is the same, the intention is completely different.

(4) Author has a pretty careless and irreverent attitude in writing medical drama and the associated emotions.
Healthcare is a pretty sensitive issue. Sure there are dumb injuries we can all laugh at.

Balls going into the wrong places, scrotum damage, etc

But we get more of these:
- Patient deaths or anxiety over their disabilities are handled in a very cavalier manner.
- Patients who are angry/concerned with possibility future disability are labeled as ignorant/overreactive. Everyone who questioned MC's abilities MUST be s*upid, because surely they are at fault for not being able to mind-read the aloof MC when he gives little or shitty explanations.
Am being sarcastic here... doctor/patient communication is one of the most basic things, not just when a patient dies.
- Patients' families who show up angry are labeled as unreasonable.
- Doctors who do emergency outpatient treatment are certain to get sued.
- Doctors are always assumed to be maneuvering to rise up the ranks and don't care about the Hippocratic oath.

Yes all this does happen occasionally in China, yes there are plenty of hospital politics, but for it to be standard in this novel is inappropriate and somewhat distasteful.
I don't think this is a cultural difference because I've been to hospitals in China. Just seems like this is the author's incredibly cynical perception of Chinese healthcare.

(5) Besides Qidian (webnovel. com), I think Wuxiaworld is translating it too.
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Zackarotto rated it
March 30, 2019
Status: c600
I loved the early chapters, but my interest waned, and as of chapter 600, I've dropped this and lowered my review score. (I should also warn that the translation appears to have dropped or stalled at chapter 1037 (as of July 2020), but that's not really my problem anymore.)

It's a medical cheat novel with a simple narrative loop: Ling Ran learns a new surgical skill, spends an obscene amount of time in the operating room, improves his reputation slightly, and then learns another skill. As someone who has read... more>> a number of novels about heroes with cheat systems, I thought this was a great change of pace, but it quickly becomes formulaic and full of dull, repetitive minutiae about hospital bed rates and so on. In the past I felt that this was no worse than a combat novel where the latest forgettable tr*sh villain has his signature sword moves described in precise detail, and it can be interesting to actually learn something about Chinese hospitals. But the lack of development did start to bother me.

In the last hundred chapters I read, Ling Ran picked up a new skill or two, but without really showing any career progression. At best these could have been called lateral moves into different surgical practices, which is something that could be repeated a hundred times without really taking a step forward. I wouldn't mind slow pacing if we were getting fun plotlines, but the rest was mostly filled with trivia about administrative procedure. I've lost all patience for lectures about the status of a post-housemanship resident doctor in a tertiary grade-A hospital.

I think there is some very sharp character writing in GDLR, probably based on people the author has known. Ling Ran's cheat system of randomly obtaining new skills is similar to "I'm Really a Superstar", but a key difference is that I actually like him as a person. He's far more intelligent than the average cheat hero: we start with him trying to self-diagnose himself for mental issues, and then conducting a Turing test on the AI system in his mind, so while many novels tell you their protagonist is a genius, this is a the rarer kind that shows it. He takes care as to how to maximize his skills instead of just having convenient stuff fall into his lap all the time.

As a doctor, he's doing something productive for society, which is a plus for me, as I've gotten sick of novels with self-serving protagonists who aren't worth rooting for any more than the people they kill in droves. Ling Ran isn't arrogant, and doesn't go out of his way to slap the faces of his peers. What he is, is farcically good-looking, fastidious to the point where he can be called obsessive compulsive, and lacking in desire or strong emotions. His only interest is practicing medicine (and apparently Transformers, which is a great running gag), so any hope of romance tends to be one-sided. I would have liked to see more along the romance angle myself, but he does stand out as a distinct character.

Other recurring characters like Huo Congjun are good too, and the "love interests" are probably most interesting of all. What pulled me in originally were the sillier plotlines, like Lu Jinling starting up an underground ambulance company for gangsters just as an excuse to run into Ling Ran again. I'd like it more if these moments were more common, and if the fun women like her and the pop star Meng Xue made more regular appearances in the story, but they don't, and these are always shallowly written with no development, and soon swept under the rug by the author.

The translation is also rough in various places. I think they do admirably with a lot of medical jargon, but there are still a lot of confused and stilted passages, and I think it causes a lot of jokes to fail on landing. Sentences often mean the opposite of what they should, genders get confused, and some are completely overconstructed. It definitely needs more proofreading. You can often move past it if you're used to amateur translations, but when the novel's already starting to lose you, this can often be the tipping point that slows your reading down to the point where it's just not worth it anymore. <<less
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samspd71 rated it
July 24, 2019
Status: c234
2/5 - D Tier - A story based on progression.

As you would expect, Ling Ran gains a cheat system and starts his journey to become the best doctor there ever was. He isn't a terrible MC, he has his own quirks and charm and although he may appear emotionless at times, he has a personality that isn't merely a fill in for the readers. He is immensely handsome and popular, especially with the ladies, but can also be described as socially awkward. He lives to work so don't expect any romance in this.

Most characters in the novel are one offs, they are not bad nor good, each has a personality that could be chalked up to a gimmick or two. If you're expecting expertly written characters, this isn't the novel for you. If you're expecting 'barely passable' strangers that help move the plot along, then this works just fine in that area.

The plot of the novel mainly revolves around the hospital or several hospitals, there is rarely much that divulges from that. There is no tension in the story as Ling Ran is simply overpowered once he gains a skill in a field he needs and, trust me when I say that he always gains the skill set he needs just before he needs it. It's almost comical how the world just seems to work in his favor.

Even though the novel is tagged as 'comedy', not once have I laughed throughout my 234 chapter read. However, there are several moments that makes one go 'Ah, that's pretty funny.' without actually laughing. I think there were two or three exhale worthy parts.

The 'drama' that pops up throughout the novel is easily resolved and just as easily forgettable. The MC just has this halo where everything lines up perfectly for him to step on and through, there's never any need for him to go around or jump through hoops and troubles to get what he wants.

I would comment on the medical and surgical aspects of this novel, but that is far from my area of expertise.

This novel is one of progression, that's the main theme, nothing else. If that is what you seek, while not minding that it mainly takes place in a single setting 70% of the time, you should read it. Even I enjoyed it for that purpose alone.

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KingLycan rated it
March 22, 2019
Status: --
I like this Novel, and appreciate the Author and Translator hard work on Medical term which are mostly correct to a certain extend. As far as I have read, the Novel is within the realm of possibility, while only System is op.

The character and world is based on a real life, along with rules that are being followed.
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Cole rated it
June 20, 2020
Status: c1037
this novel was quite fun to read and I didn't get bored when I binge-read this (though it got a bit dull and bland starting on 850+ chapters) and even though the plot is a bit repetitive and that there's not much depth to the characters, it was still an interesting read for me despite some flaws. Plus, there's no romance so far which is nice.

edit: so I stopped at 1037 because that's where the translations stopped and it's been a few months and there's still no updates. Wonder what... more>> happened though. <<less
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williamx rated it
May 20, 2019
Status: c255
This novel is extremely good with what it is. The plot is really bad, but it is a really good read.

Update: Raws, 255 I originally thought that this novel was a decent read. Then it got repetitive. New cookie cutter girl swoons, ofc Ling ran ignores. Repeat. Nothing new.

My breaking point is Yu Yuan. How do you get such a dumb character in the novel??? They try to interject awkwardly into situations and she is brain dead in her interactions. The breaking point of that breaking point is Ling Ran... more>> and his patriotism.

There is no "China is number one" kind of oneupsmanship in medicine. We are all working to a common goal, regardless of nationality. It is extremely obvious, and it feels like colonialism 2.0, at least the way that the author describes it. Ling Ran sticks with the same hospital, even though HE KNOWS HE IS LIMITED BY THE NUMBER OF BEDS. So leave for gods sake. Mayo clinic, Shanghai foot, a lot of good places would accept him.

Why does he want to be a 'world class doctor', when he stays in the chinese equivalent of the backwaters of Alabama? Tian Hao too. She is a 3rd gen rich girl who just wants to win over Ling Ran. Except she has negative brain cells. B_tch please. I am trying to enjoy the novel and all you can do is interject and add random bullcr*p. I don't care if you drive a Rolls Royce today, and a Bentley tomorrow.

The only good part was Meng Leyao. Jeez, a woman who is more normal than the rest, who doesn't immediately get wet after seeing Ling Ran, except she disappears for 100 chapters. The ticket system encourages high word count, which comes at the expense of quality.

Thank you for listening to my ted talk. /Rant <<less
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ChainEye rated it
October 8, 2020
Status: c500
First off I love this story but if you are wondering if you should read it there are some things you should remember.

Our ML is single mindedly foccussed on his interest in medicine. He collects medical skills and patients. He has no interest in social contact. He is 90% autistic. If you take that in consideration when reading the story will become clearer.

This is not a book one should read overnight nor should it be read all at once. The nature of the ML does not allow that. Because of... more>> the autistic charactor setting of ML it would have been odd if the plot was not slightly repetive to most people.

I personally really like the way the author has witten the story. ML get skill, seeks opportunties to use them, do as much as can be done within the boundaries of possibilties (calculated in hospital beds) and work hard to get better and more skills. He bassicly wants to collect all ways he can to save patients. In between are fun social interactions.

As someone who is diagnosed as an autist with a rather oddly high ability to read and react to emotions of people around me yet a disturbing low ability to feel/comprehend many of those emotions in my own mental garden this story seems rather natural to me. Clearly LR has a rather low EQ but he makes use of those around him to deal with it. It is very normal and reasonable. The way the novel views people around LR is also normal if you take LR as an autist.

Please read this novel after you understand what autism is. Not just in the Black and White extreme variants often portayed in media. Also not the one often eluded to in CN because the word autism is so often mis used.

It may give you a new understanding to how different people experience the world quite differently from what you might have found acceptable. <<less
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Bachingchung rated it
February 27, 2020
Status: c261
I'll give this a 2.5

It started great but became repetitive really fast.


... more>> 1. the setting was refreshing, normally it would be a genius doctor going back to the past.

2. There are a lot of chapters available so it's a decent binge reading material.

3. You'll learn something new.


1. The author depicted all female characters as a thirsty thot. Like seriously, they are professionals ffs. what more, they are on the medical field so they have seen gorgeous people naked a lot of times already.

2. Plot armor is so thick. The reason why Western Hospital TV series are a hit is because the characters start as interns and learn along their mistakes.

2.1. The MC is too perfect that there aren't anymore room for improvement.

2.2. The skill books he get is always at least at the master level, so there are no such thing as a weak to strong arc.

3. The MC is so boring. No sense of humor, doesn't talk, doesn't flirt... na dah.

4. Too repetitive. Once he use a certain skill he learned, the same situation will be repeated numerous times.

4.1. His routine is too consistent. Operation then eat then go home.

5. The side characters who are well learned doctors with at least 5 yrs of residency already, were used as a chef, a fish drier/smoker and a secretary.

Here is a brief example of every chapter's content.

- MC operates.

- MC eat pork trotters.

- An emergency will happen.

- MC saves the day.

- Assistant doctors will be too tired.

- MC will go home fully energized but will still sleep.

- x99999 energy serum opened. <<less
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October 21, 2019
Status: c491
- Hardworking MC

- positive MC

- Single-tough to his goal

- unique Family member

And he not anti sosial he just pretty adaptation, Since he little he too popular,
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itsmeyukiedcqii rated it
April 25, 2019
Status: c610
I like this novel. very unique and well written. I love the MC which is calm, funny and have pleasing personality. unlike other novels I read before which is full of being arrogant and stubborn being stubborn which big no for me. so far after reading 610+ chapters I fell for it. I can highly recommend this novel so give it a try... ??
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Raygart rated it
July 24, 2020
Status: c500
I gave 3 stars rating because of several reasons. I will list it to you

Good points

1. This Novel is accurate regarding human's anatomy and surgery (idk, I'm not a doctor) and sometimes you can Google those unfamiliar words, so you can know their meanings

... more>> 2. MC is a calm and cool person, and he is really handsome. The author said it numerous times inside the novel (I lost my count)

3. There are several jokes inside this novel, and the MC himself is Transformer fanatic

Bad points

1. He is too op, there's no tension at all in this novel. Super monotone. He can blast through everything with the help of the system

2. He is too calm and sometimes too quiet, so every joke other characters make will be instantly killed by MC. It's hard

3. If you're interested in the surgery world, you should read this, otherwise you will find out that this Novel is boring

4. He is too perfect alright. <<less
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Napknight rated it
July 22, 2020
Status: c542
I liked it but sometimes the focus of the story diverts way too much on other pov's that makes me tired. I know that it is part of the plot and to show some foreshadowing and stuff but you just can't like things you don't like.

This novel opened my eyes to the medical world as a whole and just how bright the halo of the MC.
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shoulael rated it
July 5, 2020
Status: c877
Ling Ran is obsessed with Transformers. When he gets a systems that aids him with medicine, his first action is to self-test his mental health; when he's satisfied he's not crazy, he hopes he will get a Transformer.

The criticisms in the other reviews of this novel are fair, ad I do agree with a lot of them. Nevertheless, this a review, it is subjective, hence my score.

As has been pointed out, a lot of the medical detail is close to or mirrors reality. But the politics in the medical setting... more>> are also depicted, although I hope what is shown is exaggeration due to artistic licence.

In terms of the protagonist, he does seem a bit neuro-divergent, and he is a perfect example of someone unaware of his privilege. In general characters are not well fleshed out, but that's par for the course. <<less
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Eriht rated it
February 4, 2020
Status: c260
Pretty good start, yet it got repetitive really fast. After 50 chapters, author wasn't keen anymore on being creative. And so, good parts started deteriorating really fast. Cancer started growing.:

Cliché. In every situation, every place, every person. At least 40% of total word count is filled with cliche.

Food. At some point author started to m*sturbate over *local only* food. Around 20% wc go into it.

Yet novel got progressively worse... Now story can be compared to dying patient connected to life support. Still alive, but somehow dead. Aware of it bad... more>> state, author added cliche, then more cliche. When it didn't worked, he went on *china numba wan* route...


Chapter 260 陨石将终结.

Once he was out of the operating theater, Ling Ran found the air in the corridor sweet.

He first rewashed his hand in the bathroom next to the operating theater. He then entered the shower room without a word and showered for thirty minutes before he came out.

At that point in time, very few drivers liked to travel near Yun Hua Hospital. Ling Ran lowered his head and placed his request. Right after he confirmed his request, the app screen changed and showed, [Please wait for your ride].

While waiting, Ling Ran surroundings started to get brighter and brighter. Aware of strangeness of situation Ling Ran looked up, on what supposed to be starless night sky...


This day small country, called by natives of Earth: "china", disappeared from planet surface.

The end.

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Nyxx rated it
April 29, 2019
Status: c112
Surprisingly good, though it can sometimes get bothersome with all the technical terms dumped in one go. But so far so good


MC is already doing surgeries and he's still an intern! Wonder when can he get a job.

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Mmand1 rated it
March 31, 2019
Status: --
Surprisingly good! I love the lead character, the story, the pacing and the supporting characters so far.
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