Great Demon


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The great demon was originally a highly favored divine descendant of the phoenix race in the Nine Heavens who, unfortunately, succumbed to devilry. She has a bad temper and is quite narcissistic, always seeking to find a follower who knows how to flatter her.

Her maid watches helplessly as she steals a dragon egg back, trembling as she risks her life to speak, “Mistress, even if this egg hatches, it won’t be able to speak. If you want company, you should find someone who can talk.”

The great demon laughs, saying that only those she personally teaches will listen obediently.

The hatched dragon indeed is very obedient, gentle, and fragile, saying whatever she wants it to say. Unfortunately, people from the Heavenly Realm come looking for it. With the long-standing grudges between the heavenly and earthly realms, conflict could erupt at any moment.

A hundred years later, the great demon stares blankly as the dragon woman she had raised descends from the Nine Heavens—no longer meek nor soft, but rather cold as ice.

The dragon woman’s inquiry is like a challenge—

“You don’t recognize me anymore?”

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