Great Demon King


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“If I don’t die… I swear I will act on all my evil thoughts..”

Not exactly everyone’s typical thought when they’re about to die. What will a cowardly young man do when reincarnated with the evil powers to redefine his destiny? Can the natural kindness of human nature triumph over evil? Will he become the cold-blooded demon king of legend, or will he forge his own path and rain down another kind of terror?

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Da Mo Wang
Đại Quỷ Vương
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Cocaine rated it
February 19, 2016
Status: --
This is probably the funniest series I've ever read. All the other novels I've read in this genre are more focused on the seriousness and the brutality of the cultivation/fantasy worlds with a splash of unrealistic harem of beautiful girls that unconditionally love the MC for no reason. Something along the lines of: only those who are ruthless and seriously dedicate themselves can be successful. Granted I'm only 48 chapters in, but somehow this novel goes into a similar universe but gives me a totally different feeling. It includes all... more>> the brutality but somehow the light heartedness of the writing style underplays the severity of all the misfortune, while also giving a more "realistic" feeling from the world.

I think that anyone who enjoys this genre can appreciate this novel because it tells the same story differently. <<less
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March 24, 2016
Status: --
Normally I don' t comment but for some reason I can't help it. The premise of the story is so so, unique but at the same time not so unique. The MC is honestly not a like-able character. The title says Demon King but there is nothing Demon King about him. I was up to chapter 31 and so far he didn't exactly kill anyone, the people who treated him like sh*t got beat up (but not everybody). I get it at that point he isn't strong enough for the... more>> whole revenge and I'm gonna screw you over plot. But really he doesn't seem evil or "Demon" like so far. To me it's more like he's a bit mischievous and you'll hear this a lot from the author "can't control himself". I won't say its bad but it totally went a different direction than how I thought it would go. I imagine at least if you're gonna go the evil route of a rising Demon King in a Xuanhuan universe I was hoping you put your all into it and not half ass it. He says he's evil but honestly he's basically a horny teenager. Technically he is, but I was hoping that after getting fucked over all of a sudden by a random guy which made you rethink your life, then re-living memories of the shittiest life you can have. You would be more resentful and I hate to say this but fall to the dark side. Honestly if it went with a more serious, almost tragic kind of tone instead of comedy it would really improve it. The whole half ass proclaimed I'm evil and his mischievous and perverted demeanor towards woman kills my motivation to keep reading. I'm mostly ranting instead of making a review but I wonder if other readers feel the same way, or you feel differently. I hope more people review it and tell me what you think. Hopefully it gets better! <<less
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Abyssan rated it
April 5, 2017
Status: c315
It's one of this novel that cannot be judged before reaching chapter 100-150, and not for those who are accustomed to soft japanese novels.

When you read "negative" opinions and check current novel "status", of this who wrote them, It's easy to notice that most of them are opinions before chapter 100, DO NOT DO THAT!. You must read at last to chapter 100-150, to have a honest opinion (at least in my opinion)

To me this novel is magnificent and I think I do not need to add anything in... more>> this topic. <<less
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chewy562 rated it
February 20, 2016
Status: --
I enjoy the comedy and the slow fall to the dark side of the MC haha
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EvilGenesis666 rated it
November 4, 2017
Status: Completed
First of all, let me talk about the the MC,
He has an unnatural change of attitude (like most CN rebirth MC's do) - shy NEET in modern age transforms into a ruthless killing machine over a small span of time. Granted, the demonic cultivation kinda helped him adapt his mind to a brutal world, but still u don't simply go from a nerd to a heartless butcher in a year...

Also, he has massive attitude changes several times. He shows random acts of kindness and acts all goody-goody with people he never met before for no reason at all, and he also randomly slaughters and threatens other people also for no reason which also gets him into unfavourable situations and even compromises the lives of his companions.

World building is pretty decent, as it has the default trope of lower to higher worlds and it's easy to understand.

The romance also isn't very good as half of the girls that are in his harem got in love with him when he raped them and they unnaturally develop feelings for him (basically they hate him and with a few words of seduction from him, they instantly change their mind). I consider them "Friends with benefits", perhaps excluding his teacher who he seems to have actual romantic feelings for. The other women are just there for him to get stuff done and get his lust sated. Oh, and to have someone to protect, as well as to have someone admire him and tell the readers how godly he is, it feels too much like a wish-fulfillment self-insert story.

As for cultivation there is no need for me describe it too much as it is similar to Coiling Dragon system (mages and warriors and then god ascension).

Overall it isn't so bad, it wasn't too repetitive, MC was for the most part acceptable beside the errors I mentioned above, the story was decent and the important side characters had their own development. The only bad point was how authors take on romance. I'd recommend it to people who don't want too much profoundness in a novel, but are there for pure enjoyment or relaxation.

ch1 - ch50 - 2 / 10 star rating,
Beginning is kinda sketchy, didn't like the whole ''prankster'' thing he did in the the school, every character felt as if they had mental retardation (even the MC, only less than others). Thankfully, that went away relatively fast when he went to a forest (around ch50).

ch50 - ch800 - 6.5 / 10 star rating,
From then to the middle part of higher realm arc it's pretty decent, however there are some glaring errors - near the end of Profound Continent arc he is all over the place, he compromises the safety of his friends several times by offending higher forces and two times the entire clan of his pet dragon got annihilated (the second time nobody was left alive) because of his brashness.

ch800 - ch1027 - 5.5 / 10 star rating,
The start of higher realm arc wasn't very good, as when he left for it, he didn't even tell his friends and girls about leaving and before that he was also separated from them for quite some time, however, at least he brought them with him later on and helped them cultivate.
There is also the stuff about him offending people he shouldn't. I mean it happened earlier, but now its just on a much grander scale and he could have avoided it (like there was a case when he could transform into another person (with the ability he has for a long time now) and do the assassination but no, he did it in his real appearance and even revealed most of his trump cards) . Another bad point was the final villain - she has appeared in the last chapter, and in the same chapter got defeated...
But there were some positive points, like the funny interactions between him and his sons (5 zombies and skeleton) and him helping an ugly girl get out of her bad situation (that's very rare in CN novels, since most mc's get repulsed by ugly girls, or they are made to be villains). Also, I was glad that the sons were also developed and had some screentime and they unexpectedly also had love interests.
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umair rated it
March 28, 2017
Status: c40
I know its still early but as of yet this novel is utterly childish and despicable. I love anti-heroes but the MC is far from it. I'll preserver till C100 and see what happens but I have very low hopes.


Currently there is no plot whatsoever except that the MC is in a new world and he has to become stronger to survive here, full stop. The usual shounen troupe.

A childish demon. He is far from a real demon and more like a more violent school bully. Harem:
Females... more>> are stupid, teenagers and adults alike. Other Support Cast:
None to remember, they are there to make trouble and become a source of revenge for the MC. MC carries a list of these characters and pulls different pranks to take revenge. These only serve as humor at first but only annoying later.

The writing is very captivating, except for the childish love scenes and descriptions of female bodies. The only thing keeping me from actually dropping and moving on. <<less
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lordofthebooty rated it
March 4, 2017
Status: c272
I always scroll down to see what the reviews say, some bad, most good.

You will definitely enjoy this novel. The MC isn't some pushover, whiny little beach. No, he has no problem outsmarting his opponents or overpowering his opponents with his secret techniques. The Great Demon King has a lot of NSFW scenes, so don't be too surprised lol some good humor as well in here.
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Poorboy rated it
May 28, 2019
Status: Completed
1st half is good. From 2nd half it starts boring but ok.. untill last 5 chapters everything was too fast. Finally last 2 chapters author introduce the boss and I don't know what the hell happened but MC defeats the BOSS... last chapter he tell his lovers " let's make baby "... This is all what I can tell you... Final conclusion as always almost all webnovel writers are assholes they bring up good plot at first half or mid part and ruins the end.. Chinese novels are shit...
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CN Reviewer
CN Reviewer rated it
March 3, 2019
Status: Completed
Very good novel until he decides to go to the God Continent. Before this, the world the MC lived in is a fairly civilized society. Even though there's nobility corruption and some law of the jungle, the MC had a backing with the Academy, Dark Mantle (the intelligence organization), the prince, etc. A demon being introduced into such a society is what made this novel unique.

After stepping into the God Continent, the MC is looked down by everyone, there's no laws, everyone's plotting against everyone. You would imagine society would... more>> be better in the higher realm, but no it's garbage. All the introduction of random, stupid characters, little to no strength increases with the strength increase being an asspull, idiotic decisions by the MC, made me lose all the favorability I had for this novel. It was so boring and repetitive, I literally was hitting page down on my keyboard instead of the down arrow key. Even from all this, I forced myself to the end, and what do you know? The ending was shit.

One of the worst novels I've ever read. <<less
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naafx8 rated it
January 29, 2018
Status: c422 part2
OK because I went to this novel because the harem tag.

I'll give my comment and warning about this novel. To prevent other harem lover from being disappointed like me.

Many female character (heroine) fail to be developed, and suddenly lost their presence without trace. It really ticked me off. It seemed the author loved to popping up new character, but has no idea how to develop theme.

Firstly, the first few heroines in earlier chapter around 1-100.

Irene, (suddenly lost her presence after the middle of the range)


Secondly a few possible heroines at chapter 101-200,

Angelica, Belinda (Both of them suddenly never mentioned again, and becoming less and less important)


Thirdly, at chapter 201-300

Maxine (never got mentioned again after half of the range)


Fourthly, between chapter 300-422

Delia, Cecilia (suddenly she lost her presence)


The 'lost' heroine were according the list of MC's harem in the end of novel, based on spoiler I found. Not entirely accurate. So I'll update it according to the future chapter released by translator. But I'm not truly confident with this novel anymore. Maybe will find other god harem novel like Long Live Summons.
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2Girls1Cupcake rated it
April 1, 2017
Status: c592
I like how he's ruthless against his enemies and kind to his women, but I can't stand how he's way too invested in that one male friend, don't remember his name, seriously, he's just an annoying character.

All in all it starts out great with all the japanese elements, with some chinese Xianxia cultivator bs which I really don't like in general, and of course it ends the same way it always does, they have to move to some higher plane, spending hundred of years meditating while everyone they know die... more>> and for some reason they have to leave their women, I mean.. Seriously, can't you fucking make it seem like it's hard for the woman to be away from her man without having to exaggerate? 10 months would work just as fucking fine as 10 years, just becomes annoying, but atleast there aren't 3km giants and birds with a wingspan of 3000km and sh*t in this one, only saving grace this novel has.

And let's not forget, we have to all become Gods, chinese writers seem to be incapable of holding on to a single world, where they slowly expand it and keep hold of characters for a longer period of time, both allies and enemies, it's like they have ADHD so they're all over the place, forget the core characters that people like and focus on throwing new enemies in every other chapter instead of having long time rivals or enemies. It seems like they're afraid that the reader will uncover how shallow the enemies' personalities are so they throw out one stupid reason after the other to make new enemies for the MC and then discard them the new chapter.
Always with the "he has uncovered some special method that makes him better than everyone else", cultivation method or something else, instead of just having the MC be cunning or hardworking to reach that goal. It's just luck and it doesn't really inspire me as a reader. <<less
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keklel rated it
January 11, 2017
Status: c666
Okay, so chapter 666 seems like a good place to stop.

Basically, the story is a power trip. If you've read God of Slaughter, many of the same tropes apply:

  • MC continues to level up. Of course there is always a rational explanation prepared somewhere, but I can't help but feel it's overly convenient (and also the explanations tend to raise more questions than they answer). Normally he does not pay a price for gaining power up items like the crystals which increase his mental energy in the undead world, and also it often happens that he is just walking around the forest when he discovers extremely powerful beings fighting over something and that something happens to fall into his lap. This happens repeatedly and there's never a rational explanation for it. He just gets extremely lucky a lot.
  • All of the girls fall for him no matter what (even the spider goddess Rose), even after he rapes them. Also they're all beautiful virgins and really powerful (but not after he levels up). Again if you've read God of Slaughter this will be familiar.
  • As the story progresses his old friends can no longer keep up with his power level. As far as I can see there's no resolution to this "problem" so he basically just keeps acquiring new friends and harem members as he goes to higher and higher realms.
  • Battles are predictable. The MC is rarely in danger and usually either outright kills his enemies or beats them up. Nothing bad ever happens to him. With his OP flying demons cheat and OP divine consciousness he is always 3 steps ahead of his enemies and knows all their plans ahead of time. It is a bit boring when battles are usually so one-sided.
  • As always, lack of cultivation scenes is a good thing that I must mention.
  • Author often brings back old characters from time to time, even if they have become irrelevant to the plot.
  • MC is pretty cold-blooded but then the situations almost never call for any dilemmas anyway. It's not like he ever has to choose to sacrifice one of his harem members. But if you are bored of reading about hero-types then you might find this refreshing. I think he does take revenge for someone attacking his earth zombie once. That's one of the few hot-blooded moments I remember - it might get worse later but in the 666 chapters I've read so far he's been pretty calm.
  • MC seems smart because all the other characters are stupid. See:
... more>>

- the church of light approaching the MC by just walking up and asking him to repent, after they heard that the MC just killed a light grand magus and is extremely dangerous in close range. Naturally this results in the MC kicking their asses because they got too close.

- all the bandits know that the MC is very rich, but somehow not that he became rich through killing armies of soldiers and defeated multiple archmages and great swordsmen in one-on-one duels, nor that he's a necromancer archmage who can cast huge AOE spells such as raining acid pools from the sky which can dissolve people instantly, even though this is all public information.

- secret assassin groups follow laws against the use of poisons when getting caught already means certain death for them, so really there is no reason for them not to use poisons.

- nobody except the MC thinks of using explosives in battle even though they are easily bought from merchants and very destructive.

- the kingdom's secret intelligence service "does not pry into its members private affairs", even though IRL every single intelligence organization on the planet pry VERY DEEPLY into their members' affairs and it would make no sense not to give that national security is at stake.


Also, the author is careless with details:


When Helen Tina was left alone for 4 days she was mentioned to be dying from starvation from not eating for only 4 days (really?) whereas the dehydration (I mean, you would probably be dying of dehydration if you don't drink anything for 2 days) was not even mentioned. And let's not forget the quote on chapter 68 about a metal having the highest density but lowest mass (lolwut). The powerlevels are also kind of not explained at all nor does the author keep track of details like which spells and items the MC can use so the battles feel a bit like he just makes them up as he goes along.


After the 660s I felt the story became more and more generic and similar to God of Slaughter with the MC finally levelling up to become the god of Profound Continent and going up to fight the other gods (now where have I seen this formula before... oh wait every xuanhuan cultivation novel ever). I got bored so I dropped it but it's on par with God of Slaughter so I'd rate it a 3.5 round up to 4. <<less
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Synyster Jeet
Synyster Jeet rated it
September 7, 2016
Status: c119
What can I say... it's very hard to write a novel with a demonic MC but GDK has pulled it off beautifully.

The MC is an OP character who only reveals strength in battles and otherwise likes to keep it hidden. His various love interests keep making him horny of course but well we can't have a 'demonic' MC without domination of females can we? I would encourage you to read it even though some chapters might get boring long drawn or too informative, in the end it is a... more>> very good blend of fighting and echhi <<less
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Eriht rated it
December 14, 2018
Status: c30
MC start by possessing the body of 16y servant that "suffered through a living hell in the past six years". Guy soul died, body was stated dead and thrown away. Exactly at his point you would expect MC to start a new life, dunno somewhere else?, but our GENIUS, CUNNING (as stated in tags) protagonist just went back to "living hell".

The next 30ch are full of elementary school level pranks that everyone forgive since he is "retarded".
Following this you have transformation from "retard" to "brilliant leader"s in... more>> like 1 chapter.

tldr: Expected more >: ( <<less
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Vlaeghe rated it
September 30, 2017
Status: c173
It took me a while to realise this, but this Author just isn't for me.

Every single time he starts off a story that keeps me interested and I actually read quite a bit of it...

Only to wind up dropping it and discontinue reading it, and feeling reluctant to even try and read some more.

... more>> This happens to me with every one of his stories.

His idea's for stories are fine... his execution of them is just lacking. It's either the MC itself and the developments of the story or the lousy and not interesting enemies. Or actually pretty much all of them combined. It's simply no good.

So I hate to say this... but if it were upto me I'd probably advise you to not bother to read any of this Author's stories. There's always some issue that'll leave you dissatisfied. You're a more valiant guy than me if you can stomache so many... mistakes.

Of course, you should just find out yourself, but perhaps for some... this review can be their warning. <<less
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Seregosa rated it
September 29, 2017
Status: c398
Haha, what can I really say about this novel... I hate it, I love it, I wished it to end already so I can continue reading other novels yet at the end I wanted to have a few more chapters so that I could know what'd happen.

Now, I'll tell you why I'm so confused about this novel, why I can't just outright say that this is good or bad. First of all, I give it a 3.5/5, it's above average, pretty good, but some flaws are so glaring that it's... more>> a miracle that it could get such a rating from me. I actually liked most of this novel, the power systems are pretty interesting, the cultivation and getting stronger parts are fairly refreshing and also interesting. I actually loved a lot of it, especially how the MC acts against enemies and his interactions with his special dark creatures (skeleton and zombies) that he refined specially. Another favorite is Gilbert, the super perverted and shameless dark dragon. So, even though there are quite a few plot holes (Swiss cheese, man, all over the place, I really wonder what happened to that female hydra, she never showed up even though she was going to submit to the MC and becomes the dark dragons girlfriend after he screwed her, I think the author just forgot, like with a lot of other stuff), I actually loved most of the story.

Now then, what is the problem, why didn't it get a 4/5 or 5/5? Hehe, my friends, it's the romance. It's so utterly f*cking horrible that I am at loss for how to properly describe how bad it is. You might as well skip all romance scenes, because it's just not worth it to read them and get pissed off as I got. It's utter garbage, in more ways than I thought possible. Luckily there's not that many romance scenes, they're just splattered here and there with a chapter or two used every time, sometimes just half a chapter, but god is it not worth reading them, at all...

So, I'll explain just why I abhor the romance in this novel this much. The first thing on my list is the lack of individuality and good personality, along with everyone having identical bodies and a bit too high age for my tastes. The author loves big boobs and "mature" ladies (the teacher-mother types), they're also all around 25-35 years old, with around 30 being the most usual. Not only that, he also loves women that fit with the ancient chinese standards of women, they should follow him, be obedient, rely on him, not talk back, serve him whenever he gets urges and be protected like the weak (not) women they are. They will pretty much never have any chance to fight, because the MC will be sure to stand there blocking everything. They're also all the same, no matter what initial personality they have, they will all turn into the same type of girl with similar reactions and personality after being conquered. They're pretty much all copy-paste characters with different backgrounds, even the most fiery girl will turn the same. Every woman is also the same in almost every way and will always react the same way when something happens, like when a male acts in a certain way, which the author doesn't fail to mention every other chapter when one of the girls is in the spotlight, they will also be self-conscious of this and say stuff like "I'm a woman after all" after sighing and letting the MC conquer them.

So, that's not good at all... Even if I loved his fetish, it still wouldn't be good.

Then there's the fact that every time he officially adds someone new to the harem, he rapes them, one way or another. The first girl was raped, crying and resisting, only to do an 180 from wanting to kill him to loving him after he said that "she's his woman now". The second girl, he first violated when she had a wet dream (licking, fondling etc without consent), then he officially raped her by using some demon magic crap to turn her into a lustful dazed state where she couldn't even remember what happened afterwards, mind you, this is right after he was told that by her that she wanted to wait a while more since she wasn't ready. Of course she didn't mind afterwards that he pretty much raped her and went against her wishes, since they were already boyfriend-girlfriend. The third girl wasn't raped because she's his favorite, but she was still violated a lot of times on different occasions, he forced her to do quite a bit of stuff. The fourth girl wasn't raped even though everyone thought she was, after she was broken down from the rumors, he went in and pretty much forcibly made a deal with her after she wanted him to save her, clean up her reputation and help her country, so, her body would be included in the deal, then he went on some date with her and forcibly fondled her until she got used to it... The author really has this weird male dominance+rape+middle aged woman fetish, but I guess many chinese at least have the first two. I don't mind rape when the situation calls, but adding all women to the harem that he rapes and doing it to his confirmed girlfriends are things I can't condone


That's far from everything however.... Another thing is their annoying conversations, every meeting with his harem members are just about a few different things, the most prevalent is the MC thinking about how he should stick his rod into the girls he's talking to, how sexy they are, how attracted he is to them, how much he wants to protect them and such stuff, the girls are almost always just thinking about how much they love the MC and how they want his junk, or they're thinking about how he's so awesome and they can't resist them like the women they are or how they wonder what secret he hides and how many other women he has. About that, the MC tries to hide the fact that he is cheating on them with other people, of course it's solved magically when they meet each other though, extremely pathetic. Oh, and he doesn't really have any romantic feelings towards any of the girls except for one, he just accepted them because he did them or liked their bodies, which is mentioned a lot of times.

Many of the characters are annoying bitches at the start but the author loves to turn them into his harem members anyway, so we tend to hate almost every introduced character before he manages to turn make them mellow up a bit and then, wow, we see, hey, they were actually good people, they weren't that bad, hell, they're awesome, wooo, but the issue is that we still hate them with all our hearts, every time the MC meets an enemy or someone annoying, the readers always have to sit there and chant "Please don't turn into a harem member, please, oh god, don't", but sadly it usually doesn't help.


One of the worst parts of it all for me was his relationship with Lisa. It started out pretty well, she helped him a lot, we find out that although she was the one that killed him, she never really tortured him before like the other bastard students and she actually did it to release bryan who was living hell everyday, never even talking due to his despair, so she wanted to grant him the sweet release of death (that bryan wanted)... Then the MC goes about to create a lot of trouble for her for no good reason and she, with her fiery personality, takes some light revenge and is pissed off, but nothing major. In the end, how does he deal with it? He lies to her, tells her that she's the only one in his heart, that he's loved her for a long time, that he just wants to look on her from afar etc, and in the end she wavers, helps him a lot like the good and innocent girl she is, in the end he keeps coaxing her and she, in the end, falls madly in love with him, she always keeps helping him and rejects his his feelings only because the status difference is too different and he'd pretty much be killed if her family found out, she did so while crying, so in the end, guess what the MC did? First he rejected her when she asked if he could come home with her, then the MC finds her about to be sold as a slave (and raped) because her entire family was murdered, he saves her with some cash and barely says anything to her, visits her once or so and then we don't see her for quite a while.

Then he keeps avoiding her and then she sees him kissing Fanny, the only one the MC is truly in love with, because he showed her blatantly without caring, even while knowing she was there... She gets crushed (especially since he showers fanny with love and telling her how she's the best girl) and he's just like "let her go, she's stronger than you think (remember, her entire family was brutally murdered) "... So he just gives no shits whatsoever. Then, heh, he comes back, and she's still in love with him even after trying fervently to forget him and can't forget him, but he doesn't give a single sh*t at all. Oh, and when the MC made some miracle pills that can help people get "reborn" (get cleansed and increased capabilities and faster speed in training, along with "eternal" youth and stuff), he gives them to all his girls and doesn't even spare a thought for her at all, even though she was the one most deserving of the pill. Instead, the MC gave 4 pills to 1 good buddy and 3 worthless side characters that never really showed up again, just to get rid of them... Like, what the f*ck man. That's when I started to think that this MC is better off dead. He violated other girls and added them to his harem, he violated, deceived and got extreme amounts of help from Lisa but he just doesn't give a fck about her at all, seemingly a lot because of the fact that she killed the previous owner of the body (even though he knows she did it because she wanted to release him from his misery and give a helping hand, something the original owner wanted even if he didn't say it out loud, it was mercy, not something to get punished for). Seems she will get added to the harem after a few hundred more chapters after the MC wrecks some serious sh*t up, but I won't be able to read that and quite honestly it's too late, far too late. Perhaps it's because of the authors fetish, Lisa is younger than his preference, we clearly see how he's forming her into his ideal woman like the others though, only slower, her family all died and she got meeker and more obedient even if it's not all gone, from having pretty much no boobs at all she got a big rack after just a few short months, etc, at the rate this is going the MC will add her to the harem when she turns 25-30 -.-


I can go on and on and on about the romance, but I've overdone it already and I doubt you even wanted to read all that, but since it might decide whether or not you read this, I felt it was necessary to add some negative things. In the end, I actually quite enjoyed all parts except for the romance and it was certainly worth reading, just don't go in expecting marvelous romance because it's not going to happen. If you're here for the romance, don't bother, just read something else, unless you're a big fan of the stuff I just wrote out. It's absolutely not bad, it's just that the romance is even worse than ISSTH around chapter 670-700+ where I had to drop it because of the horrible waste that showed up, at least in this novel it didn't show up out of nowhere and the rest of the novel is always interesting enough to keep reading, which ISSTH wasn't. <<less
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Forsakenas rated it
June 16, 2017
Status: c314
Story is all over the place. MC too OP not with just with his plot armor, but all those teleports is really too OP. Another thing that is not nice is MCs maturity. Don't know how to treat his woman at all. Just no... DONT!
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Buffelephant rated it
November 7, 2016
Status: c182
I like this story because the arcs are connected and almost every character matters. No side characters are really dropped and never heard from again. Some wuxia the MC makes a friend with someone and next arc you'll never see them again. Not the case here. Even random servant friends will appear out of nowhere again. The plot is different than most wuxia too. The MC doesn't just do one task at a time but has multiple objectives. It's more realistic than simply staying in a cave trying to upgrade... more>> a realm for years forgetting about all your friends. He has to help friends from starving, while exploring the unknown, and learn magic. Actually the MC is constantly working on different objectives. For example in the ch 180s:

While he is trying to upgrade his zombies, he has to fight rebels, and then he has investigate some mysterious dark church.

They aren't split into different arcs but happen all together. <<less
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pr81 rated it
May 15, 2016
Status: c101
I really like the setup of the story and the characters are interesting and likable.
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normal guy rated it
April 15, 2016
Status: --
the concept and the story is actually fantastic. The MC is a bit impulsive when it comes to women, but other than that, he is a bit different from the regular MC’s. Personally, I felt that the story (till chap 85) was more promising than good with the pacing being a bit inconsistent. But, then again, GDK has a long way to go. As far as recommendations go, I would say that those who binge read should wait till there are atleast about 100-125 chaps to get a better gist... more>> of the series. Also, the humor in this series is pretty thoughtful. As far as rating goes, I would say 3/5 for now with a potential to get to 4/5 by chap 125. <<less
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