Granting you Sovereignty of the Nation


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“Desire gaining sovereignty over this nation? Thus trade yourself for it in that case.”

“Do you want this country? Then use you to exchange it.”

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Granting you the Rivers and Mountains
Jiāngshān xǔ nǐ
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3 Reviews

Red Violet
Red Violet
Jan 03, 2023
Status: Completed
First and foremost, it's important to read the tags as this novel features trigger elements such as mpreg & childbirth which may not be for everyone... Given that it's quite difficult to grasp what the story is all about through the vague summary up top, I wrote this review to account on the world building and the characters of this story to those who need a otherview before proceeding to decide whether this novel is for them——

This novel is a sequel of the author's previous work《皇恩浩荡》which featured our MC Zhu... more>> Yunxuan's blood-related elder brother, Zhu Yunjing the abolished crown prince and how he faked his death with the help of He Huailing (ML from the other novel) to escape the palace before living his life with his children away from the turbulent of the court... I won't get into the storyline too much but that's basically the gist of it and the reason why I mentioned the prequel was because it serves as the foundation for this novel.

The MC is the fifth prince born from the first wife of the previous emperor, and as our ML Liang Zhen mentioned in chapter one, the other princes were unsuitable for the throne due to various factors such as treason, and disabilities etc. which led to the MC being the most suitable candidate aside from the ninth prince who was too young to understand politics at time. (The story itself took place in ancient China so expect some court conflicts along the way)

That being said, there's actually a twist to it...

And the twist was that the emperor actually intended to allow Liang Zhen to gain authority over the nation by giving him a secret imperial decree (which would be used as a catalyst to threaten the MC later on) because the former falsely came to a conclusion that Liang Zhen was his long lost son whom he had given birth to (like literally) with his male lover because of facial resemblances... That resulted in the emperor making the worst decision of his life because Liang Zhen's belly is apparently full of black water and decides to avenge his father for all the abuse he had suffered under the previous emperor's hands.

P.S: The ML & MC aren't blood related! The ML & MC aren't blood related! The ML & MC aren't blood related! (Important things needs to be said thrice)


Moving on to the day of the ascending ceremony, through the ML's underhanded tricks, he single-handedly disposed of the previous emperor's loyalists and got MC the throne as expected.

(In case you may be wondering why the ML is helping the MC, it is because the one who took the initiative to seek help from the other party was the MC himself and they had made an exchange earlier on. The reason why the MC is so desperate for the throne was because he wanted to protect his elder brother)

It's also worth mentioning that our two main leads do feel attraction for each other but they either concealed it to keep their pride (Zhu Yunxuan) or don't know how to express it properly (Liang Zhen).


There's a certain point in the storyline where the tension/conflict between the MC and ML reached a climax and the ML forced the MC to drink a bowl of fertility drug [生子药] which made the latter become pregnant... Their relationship has reached the point of no return at that time and the MC's health deteriorates during pregnancy.
As the child grew in the belly day by day, the struggle between the two also escalated, which eventually led to...


The birth of the child and the ML getting thrown into prison with the help of MC's elder brother. However, the MC decides to release the ML in the end and lied to the latter that the child did not make it... (but he had in fact successfully given birth to the child and entrust it to his elder brother while he himself remained in the capital)


Fast forward three years later, the two reunited once more during a festival. But this time, the ML grew to learn how to express his love through proper means and respect the other party. They left their grudges in the past and rekindle their relationship step by step by using the child as a catalyst 💞


I left out a lot of details in the end because I don't want to give away too many spoilers, but the story itself is a HE in case anyone's wondering~

The VAs also did an amazing job at the audio drama so I'd definitely suggest you to check it out if you aren't very fond of the idea of reading through the story yourself =3= <<less
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Aug 05, 2022
Status: Completed
I love the crown prince so much, he's a fluffy ball kid ≧▽≦

Im a sucker for enemies to lovers trope in this one is really good 👍

I also like the MC, eventho he submits to ML sometimes it was on purpose and he still can stand on his own without ML helping him
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Jul 01, 2022
Status: c14
the first few chapters of this novel were def a little confusing. It throws you right into decades of court intrigue, but im not sure if the author remembered all the details; they mention hes an illegitimate child who is the son of the emperors first wife, but then they mention in the next chapter that he is blood related to the emperor, as his fifth child. I also found ml's life history story kind of confusing. After that though, it becomes more comprehensive. Otherwise im enjoying it and am... more>> looking forward to where it goes next <<less
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