Grand Ducal Couple’s After Marriage Love story


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The Grand Duchy of Hessenguard lost its master.

The two kingdoms, that were vying with one another for the dukedom, agreed to send their respective candidates from the royal family to marry and make their successor the heir of the duchy.

And so, Erna and Kalion arrive at Hessenguard to wed.

But, their initial impression of each other was extremely terrible.

“What, this pumpkin?”

“Oh my, he looks like a dried earthworm.”

Thus a marriage started just like that from the beginning with a horrible impression of one another.

They showed their teeth to each other for more than a decade, but lived together steadfastly for the sake of the Grand duchy.

Later, one day, a letter was sent for them.

‘You will have a successor within one year.’

After 10 years of marriage without any children, both nations raised the issue.

They said that if they don’t have children within a year, they’ll bring them back home.

Is it possible?

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대공부부의 선결혼 후연애
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New Mcnegar rated it
November 27, 2023
Status: c76
Dude im so glad I read this 🤭 im still ongoing but this from that one dislike comment I expected it to be your typical enimies to lovers trope

Not this, like! They were real enimies not the I was secretly inlove but didnt know how to express it bullshit

And they didnt fall head over each other just for s*x like some of the 18+ novels ive read as soons as the ML sees a v*gina its like he doesnt know how to think and fall inlove right away

But in this... more>> there was some self conflict and the FL is very honest and I cant even find fault with them because all I can think about is how they were abandoned kids who were taken advantage of so the way they would act felt justified

The ML is not your typical northern duke he has real emotions he laughs he expresses how he feels and it just feels so good to read although I still have about 124 chapter to go so im a little nercous it might lose its 📈and go📉 but fingers crosses it keep up

But im really enjoing this so far and most of all theres a story thats keeping it going not just smut every chapter <<less
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Mingji rated it
May 22, 2021
Status: c11part2
I specifically registered as an NU member just so that I could write a review for THIS novel. For everyone who wants:

  • A good excellent translation
  • Hate to love story with wholesomeness
  • (It is not there yet but I am 100% sure it will be top tier) Smut ofcourse (ꈍᴗꈍ)
  • A proper character development.
This has certainly the potential to be a great AND satisfying read. Its a little early to give a review but... ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯ who cares when the reader can see the potential of a... more>> great novel here!

Also, love to keopi translations!❤️ All of their translations are excellent. This story has got me hooked. Though there are some questions that arise in my mind:


Why did the previous Grand Duke commit su*cide/was mu*dered?



If the neighboring countries had sent assasins two times then why did they not send assasins the third time to kill the to-be royalty of Hessenguard? (Its good that they didn't but maybe... just maybe, I think it has got todo something with the council perhaps??)


Though these questions I assume, will find themselves answered by the end of the novel. Itsthe type of novelwhere you come for smut and stay for plot. (The smut is yet to start though 😋) <<less
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algcl rated it
May 26, 2021
Status: --
I love this, I came for the smut - not with high expectations for plot. But I have been really impressed by the quality of the storyline and Keopi's translation.

There's solid character development going on. Both the ML and FL are strong and independent and the storyline isn't your standard cliche love story.

No smut yet, but it will hopefully be soon and top tier, like the rest of the story.

It's so good that I eagerly await updates and am sad enough that I check several times a day (the same... more>> time I check for under the oak tree updates ofc).

Thank you team Keopi for all your work ❤ <<less
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Renjiko rated it
November 27, 2021
Status: Completed
I dont wanna rate this as one bcs I felt my satisfaction on every book (5 books) was different and degressed towards the end.

If I would rate the series each one, book 1-3 will be 5 stars, book 4 becoming meeh is 4 and lastly book 5 that had me stressed is 2.5.

to be clear, IT IS A GOOD READ with good ending. its just that..... how I felt while reading the last book that I wanted to give low rating.

... more>>

I can't even explain how much of agitation I have reading the last book. as much as I am eager to rate it 5 star at first 3 books and calling out those who drop this story that they will regret it. I was turned 360 degrees at last book (5th). I got stressed of reading it that the only thing holding me and keeping me "wait you shuld finish" is bcs I already paid the book. LOL

Romantic build up per se is one I could praise, slow, visible and sumn reasonable. Mystery factor is wisely written too but again.... I mean I was totally into dropping this book but yeah, I paid the whole series so got no choice....

My only complaint was the author put the characters into pedestal as one with so much within their hands for the first books but suddenly nurfing the characters esp the male lead thats been almost useless towards the end with the shtload of damsel always in trap duke scenario or the guy to be saved by female lead at peak of its shts while using the same repetitive conflicts had me headache. I am in need of the author to balance the two lead characters OR not using the same save-the-male-lead-again-and-again. idk, im not against it but just tired and felt wtf???

This is my personal opinion and you may find different according to your personality. But I have little tolerance to unreasonable inconsistencies and repetitive shts when the first three books are fuccking very well laid out. I was like what happened???!!! idk, I was enjoying the read and amazed by spectacular feels until the author finaly putting up the climax. IF YOU ASK ME IF I WOULD RECOMMEND, DEFINITELY YESS BUT.... hoping this is just my personality that got me struck dissappointment at book 5. I was expecting moreee!!!

like how Naruto fans over Pain's arc felt, I think the story shuld end on book 3 or 4 if im not mistaken where the two finally confessed to each other, male lead was poisoned and female lead helped him, even nursing him and never leave his side for he only trusted her. If you ask me, that part right there is very beautiful ending adding up finally having baby but the author had to finish the unsolved misteries setted up at first two books.

the author major focus on first two books was the romantic side and world building and the way it was written was fun... Now moving forward to slowly unveiling some facts and mystery add up, became super interesting. THENN, come the peak of everything and the author really had me go crazy like wtf is wrong with you??? its as if the author pushes your patience towards the very end just so to make you feel more satisfied with the succeeding little to cliché cringe happenings but for me it wass noooooooooo, staahhp 😭


SMUT 10/10 damn yall will regret dropping if you came for smut

PLOT 9/10 I freaking felt pain reading the backstory and the drama..... is loved but.... 15/10 towards the romatic build up. I love both the characters but author needs to chill on using the same freaking solution to a problem leaving dissappointing inconsistencies throughout <<less
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Ianna2 rated it
September 9, 2021
Status: c34
I've been avoiding this novel whenever I see it in recommendations, various sites because the plot summary is not eye-catching enough for me to read it but then, I read reviews somewhere, so I thought why should I give it a try and then dang--- it's sooo good. It's pretty intense throughout the beginning chapters. Indeed, don't judge a novel by its plot summary ahaha. Looking forward to the MCs' growing relationship.

What I don't want about this novel is that it has two POVs (for ML & FL) in most... more>> of the scenarios. Like I know, POVs of each MCs are needed but not to the extent that you have to repeat the same scenerio for the readers to understand the POVs of each MCs. I think, it's a bit disappointing to wait for the chapters, only to have an almost repeated chapter.

But overall, it's a superb novel. MCs are building their relationship before jumping to smutty chapters and the translator is great! <<less
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ilivesoilove rated it
July 16, 2022
Status: c75
This one's for people that think the plot summary is not eye catching. But, when you read, dive deeper into the story — its not just smut, there's actually some questions that leave you intrigued to complete it! There's certain things that just don't make sense and you will be waiting further to know what really is it. What the author is trying to tell and make you perceive.

What is with the previous Duke's death, or why was it the two of them that survived and not the others? If it really would be others, would they have been killed?


The translation is good, really good. I've put up with shitty translations to know that this one is not just above average but actually good. Five and another fifty stars for the translation team. They did such a good job <3

And, with the translation being good, you can try to see the depths of the characters. The characters' love-setting is enemies to lovers (the banter type of ETL), but the story just says that they banter. The ten years of exchanges, if shown would be good to determine their progress now in the present. Sometimes it also felt as though they were falling in love purely with each other's bodies. But, they also managed to show some chemistry that others fail to do so. And it also has some cute heart flutter, swoon moments

The <I'll try> moment


It also has a dual POV storyline which gets a bit annoying at times, cause honestly, I don't want to read the same scene over and over again from everyone's perspectives, but I also think it adds charm to the story. And, I feel that during certain moments, giving a dual point of view was a good bet by the author.

The smut build up is THERE! The wait and the tease give you a good build up before the actual deed. It also doesn't end there, there are multiple smut scenes, not limited to one. I mean that was the whole point of the story but you know what I mean.

Overall, it is an entertaining novel and definitely something you should try when you want a read, to not think too deep and just enjoy the story while it lasts.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report rated it
February 23, 2022
Status: c59
I find this novel entertaining, even though I feel that the couple is rather immature. They are like teenagers even though both are about 26? What I like the best is that the reader gets the ML's thoughts and point of view as well as the FL's. The ML is funny as he struggles with his feelings.
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haileyyy rated it
November 4, 2022
Status: Completed
I finally completed the novel.

It's actually pretty good that there's a really reasonable story, not only sm*t.

Fl, Erna, Princess of Halden, was neglected since childhood as her mother died early and she didn't posses any magical ability at her childhood, as her mother was a wizard. So, her father, the King neglected her. Later she was abandoned to the Hessengard Duchy as the previous Duke died without any heir and other prince/princesses also died going to inherit the duchy.

ML, Kalion, Prince of Aether, was poisoned at his childhood, that made... more>> him almost dead. Same like the Fl, he was also abandoned to Hessengard and forced to marry Erna, same goes for Erna too.

At first, they're children, 16 years old. They hated eachother and always bickering. 10 years later, they're forced to make heir.

They didn't go to enemy from lovers at an instant. But, each step by step....I love the transformation, how they took a step at a time to get closer and used to eachother.

When Kalion was poisoned again, Erna took care of him herself. Fed him mouth to mouth. Their so cute!

Although at last, I felt like the story was dragging too much and got annoyed. Still, it's quite worth it.

I won't give any spoilers, cos I, myself envy those who haven't read the story yet!

It's so good! I will miss you, Kalion and Erna.

Maybe I'll come to reread again sometime later:) <<less
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Zoeraya rated it
September 6, 2021
Status: c31
Reading this novel is like drinking cold water on a hot day. Unlike common adult/smut themed novels, the ML and FL are smart capable people, fit enough to rule their kingdom. The plot does not jump into mature scenes too quickly, instead, it focuses on the process of ML & FL building their friendship and trust. The FL bloomed beautifully, recovering from her eating disorder and the ML grew out of his sickly state, becoming a strong knight. They both have issues, yet the events have paved the way for... more>> them to better understand each other. I would love to continue reading this novel. Dearest translators, please upload some more :') <<less
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Lyade003 rated it
August 25, 2023
Status: extra 12 part2
What mainly made me want to read this at first was the cover. I think it is very well done, like the look in their eyes and their fingers interwined like a pinkie promise, just makes me think they are promising themselves to each other.

Honestly I thought they were beautiful so I read it.

And in the end I was not disappointed and had a satisfactory read. Like most of the other reviews also show.
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seikagojo rated it
June 23, 2023
Status: Completed
Aaaahhh read the story with zero expectations and ended with me yearning for more 🥹🫶 I love them both so much! Wished they actually had more side story.

The translation is so good! Writing style is fine and easy to read. Plot is interesting enough. Love the character development and story progression. It's realistic. Not a cheap writing just so the leads could sleep together. FL is strong!

The world building isn't the greatest but it's okay. The same with how the author tackled abt magical stuff. Love how the author talked... more>> about their insecurities and how it affected them as they grow up tho. The couple gave me so much fluff and giggles ☺️ happy = 5 stars <<less
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Yesoryes rated it
June 23, 2023
Status: Completed
I thought I was just story about love and misunderstanding. But No. This novel is more complicated than the title. And I love it so much. The translate is very good.
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ToastFear rated it
June 12, 2023
Status: c54 part1
Really enjoyed this one overall. My recommendation would be to skip the extras though.

In short the extras didn't add anything worthwhile and only made me start to dislike the FL.

In first extra;

... more>>

Seems to be promotion for authors other novel, Dangerous Barbarian? FL becomes obsessed with this erot*c novel and with the novel's ML, Marius in particular. She constantly rereads the novel, murmurs Marius' name in her sleep, and when a play of the novel is made she goes to see it multiple times staying out past midnight and mooning over the actor playing this Marius.

ML is jealous over FLs obsession, but accepts it as he only wants he to be happy. ML wants to participate on FLs interest and reads novel to find out what it is she likes. Marius is an emotionally abusive as*hole who engages in rough sex/r*pe of female lead. Not understanding the appeal of the character he tries acting like Marius to FL only to discover she seems to like it.

By the end the ML is being an as*hole to FL as he thinks its what makes her happiest, even though its not what he really wants.

At the end FL believes the ML had been possessed by q demon and tries to attack him. Eventually the ML explains that he was only acting and apologizes. FL acts exasperated.

I cannot explain how frustrating this was to read. I felt so bad for the ML and really disliked the FL. FL made no apologies and seemingly was never in the wrong.


Second extra:

the couple goes on vacation. Maybe a little fluffy? Mostly very boring.


Third extra:

couple goes into future and finds out they had children. Its very awkward with FL rejecting her children as she has no memory of them and they make her uncomfortable. In turn she hurts her daughter emotionally. In the end she realizes she will come to love her children and they return back to the proper timeline. Not sure why the author didn't just have this extra actually happen during the period after children were born. Drama I guess?

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znukhsoc rated it
April 30, 2023
Status: epilogue 3 part2
This novel started by annoying me, but I gave it a chance and continued:
Problem 1: MCs REALLY hate each other to the point of not accepting any light touch and the FL was the one irritably stubborn about it, like give it a chance, you know you two don't get along because of the first day's trauma... Then they chose to get used to it only spending 2 hours a day... ML ended up doing the whole work of getting closer, of course.

Problem 2: There was a point of... more>> focusing on the side characters' backgrounds for longer than necessary, like make time for MC's relationship instead of these meaningless points. Anyway THEN everything went well, I was satisfied, smut was good.

UNTIL the last disappointment arc. MCs played a game to unreveal the poisoner, a game of cheating and physical attacks to each other, while it's been clear who the poisoner is: It was either FL's sister or ML's brother. Those two characters' endings weren't satisfying either. It felt mostly empty.

Marquis C. from FL's past was forgotten. His re-arrival ended up going nowhere.

Author kept adding mysteries, at first it was quite fun to read then all of them joined in the messy soup of an ending.

One positive: I’m so glad they didn’t do it on their 1st and 2nd night. Rare to see a ML not jumping into it immediately. Much respect. Well, he tortured her enough after all that. ;>

I was planning to give this a 2 but while writing I realized it doesn't deserve one more star.
PS: Translation was REALLY GOOD. I appreciate the quality work ♥. (Their site is a bit buggy tho.) <<less
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heartlessbambi rated it
August 14, 2022
Status: c81
A typical novel where enemies become lovers. Both parties are in a forced relationship where they cannot runaway from. To avoid a bitter ending, they try to make a successor. In the process, they fall in love and find their longed happiness.

At the beginning of the novel, both ML and FL are introduced as very unattractive abandoned characters, to the point which made me doubt whether they would get better. They start their journey as a bickering couple which lasted 10 years which was quite childlish. But later they become... more>> very outstanding which was a relief.

There were zero smut at the beginning and there were scenes like teasers which drove me crazy to the point I wanted to kill the protagonists. Smut were good, very explicit, long and tasty.

There seemed to be a good plot but unfortunately the translation is not completed and now my mind is in utter chaos thinking about this and that, questions to which I won't be able to find answers.

Anyway this book is good, but there's no point reading an uncompleted one. It's a pity that I didn't check that before reading. <<less
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October 31, 2023
Status: Completed
Honestly, I would rate it an 8 out of 10. The story was exceptional, I mean the story was superb, especially the smuts and the entire plot especially in the initial chapters, as I'd anticipate as to how the characters would eventually come to like each other, and that one climatic moment or much like the so-called "plot twist" ... more>>

where they both have to seduce another person just for the cause of an additional intel

, just reading into that part was already so much overwhelming as I couldn't bring myself to read it honestly, and therefore even skip through some chapters just to see how'd they overcome that hurdle, but then it has escalated and I didn't even know I was already at the epilogue much more when I was reading the extras, as I was continuously scrolling through my phone for the next chapter I have already reached through the end (I'm reading through pdf btw). At that point it already hits me, it was way too short, I mean the extras, where it had a cliffhanger like ending regarding their children, especially when that was the part I was much hoping for after getting through the extras, only for me to reach the last chapter which left some lingering unsatisfactory feeling.

Overall, the story was enjoyable, and I had a great time reading it. It was fascinating to see how the plot developed, even if it followed the cliché of two characters initially disliking each other but eventually falling in love. The epilogue was well-done. It's just the extras that left me a bit frustrated, but I suppose that's part of the story's charm. <<less
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3694 rated it
April 22, 2023
Status: prologue
You have to have a lot of patience. Cuz everything is a process.

You will read how they figure things out.


... more>> In translations, I think there's some words that didn't capture what was describe. Like the part when FL seem relying on the ml, it should be touched or words like HE achieved something rather than proud--which btw means you felt accomplished for someone else's.

Oh dont get me wrong this is good. You should read and the leave a comment so that people could read various perspective on how you take the story, dont be affected just cuz I complain <<less
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