Goshujin-sama wa Yamaneko-Hime


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Shin’ya Seirin, the noble-born good-for-nothing, living in the Engi Empire.

When he finally gets a job it’s as a tutor for some foreign princess…

The youngest princess of the Shimur tribe, Mine.

Still thirteen, innocent and demure – except not at all. She is actually a spoiled brat of a royal, who throws a tantrum every time something doesn’t go her way. Nickname “Wildcat”. For some reason really likes Seirin and runs him ragged daily.

Then, just when poor abused Seirin finally gets used to his new job, supposedly peaceful Shimur tribes declare war on the Empire. Now he’s forced to choose between two sides of the conflict. Can this become the first step on his road to greatness?

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My Master is the Princess Wildcat
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Date Group Release
06/18/16 Nanodesu v1c3
04/04/16 Nanodesu v1c2
03/22/16 Nanodesu v1c1
03/16/16 Nanodesu v1 prologue
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neoshadow rated it
April 3, 2016
Status: --
A wonderful heart warming novel. The translation is well done and has few grammatical errors. A good read if you have spare time
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