Golden Crow’s Self-Cultivation


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Golden Crow Chi Yao, born with a charming bone, entered the three thousand worlds after death to cultivate her soul.

1 (Vengeance): Being drugged and thrown into the street, she is an idol that everyone spurned on as a pregnant woman. When Chi Yao came, everything hadn’t happened yet, so she stepped on the tool man to take the lead, and ended all the hatred.

2 (Redemption): She became a five-star NPC who was attacked and abandoned in the love game. Goal: Counter the strategy player and become the king of strategy.

3 (Light): She became an interstellar summoned beast, and was considered a deformed three-legged crow as soon as she appeared. Chi Yao feathered as the Golden Crow, captured all the light, and became the interstellar sun.

4 (Honor): Oran, the dragon god, is a source of strength and a puppet. She came to the world of power and dismantled all the disguises in exchange for royal power.

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New Sheddy rated it
February 11, 2024
Status: c1
I'll leave this review here for future reference. I've read this novel before and I don't think I liked it very much but I forgot about it. So I'll leave this review here as a reminder.

According to the hints in the 1st chapter, the FL is the exact villain that threw the original owner into the street after she was drugged, which indirectly caused her to be r*ped. So it's obvious I'm not gonna like this novel, I hate the type of plot where the MC gets together with the... more>> villain who harmed her. I expect future arcs to also have the same setting, where the FL is the villain. <<less
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blazingseraph rated it
April 10, 2021
Status: Completed
Translator here! So this novel is a pretty interesting quick transmigration novel. There's no system, and the whole reason the MC is going through different worlds is to recultivate her soul so she can resurrect. She's a Golden Crow, a divine beast in Chinese mythology that represented one of the 10 suns way back in mythical times. The Golden Crow has an even higher status than beasts like dragons and phoenixes.

The set up is unique, but the more interesting part of the novel is how the MC interacts with each... more>> world she comes into and their interesting settings. There's the standard entertainment circle setting, but then the next worlds are all settings that aren't commonly seen in QT novels. There's the love game where the MC becomes an NPC, there's the interstellar setting with ancient beasts and no sun, there's the western fantasy where there's kingdoms with unique powers, there's the horror escape game with a friendly ghost, and each has its own unique approach to fulfilling the wish of the MC's incarnation in those worlds.

The romance is also unique since one person is an arrogant divine beast who doesn't care about love and the other is a scheming genius who everyone thinks is benevolent and kind. It's interesting to see how they finally get together.

This novel was all around interesting and unique. <<less
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Orangie rated it
April 28, 2021
Status: Completed
10/10 This is so good! I highly recommend you read this novel!
    • Plots of the worlds that Chi Yao enters is very different/new compared to other novels- I've read a lot of novels and most times the plots have similar points which ends up in me knowing whats gonna happen next, so this is very refereshing.
    • Progress to the story happens in the latter part, so if you're getting bored reading the story in the first bit, I promise you it gets so much better!! -meaning that in the first few worlds, nothing really happens in the story except for whats happening inside the transmigration missions, chi yao just does them; unlike towards the middle/end where we understand why these things happen etc.
    • When she transmigrates into a new world, the main story line of the previous owner hasn't happened yet, so she completely changes the story and prevents the bad events that happened before, thus hilarity and fluff ensues. (I also love this aspect because it isn't as frustrating/plot heavy as other novels so I read without angst and just sit back and enjoy the show)
    • MC and FL are super OP AND good looking so basically they have no problems in the world that they transmigrated into. Like I mentioned before the story has no angst or frustrating moments

      Although some people might find the last bit as "frustrating" because thr MC is mad at the FL for "lying to her" (it isn't that big of a deal though shes just mad that she hid something from her that wouldn't necessarily hurt her I guess?
      but still liked her and vice versa) so the frustrating part is basically just the lovers quarrel/coaxing the MC which goes on to several chapters I really like those type of storylines so I loved reading it, but yeah some people might not like that BUT GODDAMN THE FLUFF

      that makes you hate the villains because MC stops and beats them before they could even do anything which is so satisfying since we already know whats gonna happen.
    • Interestingly enough, the story also continues even after they finish with the world missions to their original world, so it doesn't just suddenly cut and we see the fluff that they have in their original (godly) persona/bodies.

      they get married and have a kid

    • I couldn't really think of any cons? (This is of course my opinion because I like these type of stories that the characters are OP and nobody underestimates them- if you like this type of story i'd recommend the anime " Bofuri: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, So I'll Max Out My Defense" they're similar with how loved and OP the MC is. I obviously like other worlds more than the others but I still enjoyed reading the latter's storyline. Basically if you're looking for plot heavy, angst, etc. This isn't for you, Fluff levels are like 8/10 because she isn't realy coquettish depending on the world sometimes shes cool etc. (FYI- MC HAS TSUNDERE FLUFF and FL IS EASILY JEALOUS!), MC is very good looking in each world, and yeah- Enjoyable!! I would def read again once english translations are finished <3

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Giernold rated it
September 24, 2023
Status: Completed
Rebirth / Quick Transmigration. The MC is a being from ancient times, a Golden Crow, sent to fulfill the requests of souls that faced great unjustice. The first world / arc is 23 chapters long [The chapters are very long though] and is so amazing.

The MC is a Green Tea, pretending to be a White Lotus, playing three FL's at once. All the FL's are super well written characters, and MC is acting coy while secretly being ruthless and apathetic evil. It's amazing reading a story where three FL's love... more>> the MC.

The story is not light hearted at all though, and is full of r*pe and emotional manipulation, but it's amazingly written, even though it leaves you with the most bitter sweet feelings ever. No happy endings. <<less
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