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Cheng Mingyi lost his family and had a hard life as a child. He grew up relying on his Fifth Brother to help him, but he only made more trouble for him.

After an accident, he was reborn as a wealthy second-generation, Tan Feiyang. He thought that he could finally repay Fifth Brother.

Jian Ningzhe is an actor with first-rate skills whose popularity is third rate. One day, the infamous Tan Feiyang held out an olive branch to him.

Jian Ningzhe, who did not accept under-the-table dealings, resolutely refused.

Tan Feiyang: …..

Fifth brother ignored me QAQ

A story of being aggressively assisted but not accepting the help.

*Fifth Brother is a nickname, the characters are not related in any way

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thisworldofmine1 rated it
January 2, 2020
Status: Completed
There's no summary so I guess I'll make one.

Cheng Mingyi started off poor and had a hard time as his parents died, his life savings were scammed, and his grandma died. He struggled through with the help of his friend Jian Ningzhe and they both supported each other as good brothers.

Later, Jian Ningzhe became a 3rd tier model/actor and Cheng Mingyi had just started to make some money after years of toils.

... more>> But due to a car crash, Cheng Mingyi lost his life that was finally turning lucky.

Cheng Mingyi is then reborn into Tan Feiyang, a rich 2nd generation playboy, 5 years later.

He is happy to be alive again and searches immediately for what his good bro became.

In disbelief, he finds that Jian Ningzhe, who definitely qualified for the looks and talent, is barely known!

Thus, Cheng Mingyi decides to join the entertainment industry to help Jian Ningzhe out from whatever is suppressing him.

... Terrible summary, but it's actually a great story. MTL version is readable and the side characters are all lovely too. Not too much drama, there are hidden plots, and the two last extras are adorable! It's not really fluff, but the MC is cute in his own way. The misunderstandings, in the beginning, are also hilarious. Please give it a try! <<less
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ylial rated it
May 22, 2020
Status: Completed
The general idea of this novel is honestly good (including the ML's past) but the story is not polished. The flaws destroy the story. I kept dragging myself to finish this. Anyway, I still enjoy it a litte (first ch, the reality show, Tan Hai and the cp of MC to his brother feiyu) so I rounded up my rating 3.3 to 4.

I actually ship the MC with his brother (tan feiyu) more. His brother is really protective and he spoil him much ?

The MC is straightforward and naive silk... more>> pants and this makes him a lil cute (he sometimes think of his actions but most of the time he doesn't). Whereas the ML looked stoic but suddenly changed. However, his sudden change is not ungrounded since he is insideous in the first place. He always borrows one's knife to deal with his enemies

He used the MC (Tan feiyang) and mc's brother (feiyu) for his revenge. He also hide the any info of MC (mingyi) from MC (feiyang), as well as his feelings for mingyi. He (ML) made his half brother drug addict. Yet all the younger brother did is just to humiliate the ML verbally and talked bad to ML's mother. This led the ML's mother to die. But the main culprit is the ML since he went to his father, and his father since he didn't help the ML's mother. Now, I understand why tang feiyu is against the ML.

I just pity Lin qihang. His role looks like one of the MC in counterattack of cannon fodder. His mother from Zhao family was only used by his father Lin Zhengping to climb the ladder. He was eventually became drug addict due to ML (bought the actress to let Lin qihang took drugs and became addicted). Though the ML warned him to stop taking drugs, qihang is already addicted. Then Lin qihang made revenge through the MC via car accident. And Lin qihang was sent to jail for 6yrs. And Now the ML will retaliate to Zhao mu.


There are times that you'll feel annoyed with the MC but it is in line with his personality, education and age so I'm just cursing internally. The downside for me of this novel are some plot holes and the lengthy text (too many unnecessary words and sentences) that can be summarized into 1 or 2 sentences. There are also too many repetitive words and sentences, in previous chapters, they were mentioned and the author repeated them again succeeding ch's. For the plot holes

The typical scene where the MC kept being delayed to tell to his fifth brother that he is mingyi. The MC also didn't even bothered to first find the reason why his wu ge is still an 18th line actor, given how many resources he has. And the MC's reason is that he respected ML's privacy and wanted to know the truth from ML itself. Yet the ML didn't want to disclose. Hasn't the ML think that the MC will eventually know the villain if he shows himself? At least they are prepared. Eventually the ML divulged his past. The author just wanted to prolong the story ?

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gryffinpuff rated it
July 14, 2020
Status: Completed
Well written story - MC, ML and MC-Bro have their unique characteristics. MC, isn't naive but more of a simple-minded person, who despite struggling since childhood, didn't lose his sincerity and that attracts others (even his 'nemesis') to him. MC realizes that, even if he considered ML as his best friend, he didn't really know him as well as he (MC) thought - ML is ruthless enough to harm those who wish him and his people harm - and is willing to use anyone (even MC), but gradually changes and... more>> reciprocates sincerely to MC.

MC-Bro is a serious character, who only wants the best for his little bro - love the interactions between MC and his brother - no tantrums are thrown or unnecessary drama is created. They both love and respect each other and discuss things openly and honestly...

There's lot of fluff and humor, but also seriousness when the situation calls for it. The netizens are cute, and not as blood-thirsty as in other showbiz novels. <<less
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