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Cheng Mingyi was a little lonely throughout his life.

He only brought trouble for the brother who he grew up with and who always had his back. Through fate, due to an accident he became a second generation rich heir, Tan Feiyang. He thought, this time he could repay his Fifth brother.

Jian Ningzhe, became a first class actor with third rated reputation. One day, the infamous Tan Feiyang gave him an olive branch…

Jian Ningzhe refused to accept the hidden meaning behind it. Tan Feiyang “…Did he just ignore my present for him?”

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thisworldofmine1 rated it
January 2, 2020
Status: Completed
There's no summary so I guess I'll make one.

Cheng Mingyi started off poor and had a hard time as his parents died, his life savings were scammed, and his grandma died. He struggled through with the help of his friend Jian Ningzhe and they both supported each other as good brothers.

Later, Jian Ningzhe became a 3rd tier model/actor and Cheng Mingyi had just started to make some money after years of toils.

... more>> But due to a car crash, Cheng Mingyi lost his life that was finally turning lucky.

Cheng Mingyi is then reborn into Tan Feiyang, a rich 2nd generation playboy, 5 years later.

He is happy to be alive again and searches immediately for what his good bro became.

In disbelief, he finds that Jian Ningzhe, who definitely qualified for the looks and talent, is barely known!

Thus, Cheng Mingyi decides to join the entertainment industry to help Jian Ningzhe out from whatever is suppressing him.

... Terrible summary, but it's actually a great story. MTL version is readable and the side characters are all lovely too. Not too much drama, there are hidden plots, and the two last extras are adorable! It's not really fluff, but the MC is cute in his own way. The misunderstandings, in the beginning, are also hilarious. Please give it a try! <<less
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