Gold Coin and Freesia


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The Trophy Princess Bought with Gold

Cordelia, the Princess of Rochester, a beauty reminiscent of a Freesia in bloom, finds herself in a predicament to marry beneath her status to mitigate a scandal caused by a loyalist’s reckless words.

“Marry a commoner? Why on earth would I do that?”

To make matters worse, the man in question is not only a commoner but also a widower. Despite his abundant wealth, there are values in this world far more significant than money.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Edwin Tride.”

But, of course, there is nothing in this world more significant than a beautiful face.

“I want to know more about Edwin Tride.”

The naïve princess, captivated at first sight by her prospective husband, soon receives a contract from the charming man with a radiant smile.

“I have one condition.”

Can this relationship, which began as a transaction, blossom into love?

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금화와 프리지아
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