Going to Another World on Your Own! ~a Story That Begins With a Not-so-sweet Upbringing


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A young man who has longed for something in another world since he was a child and dedicated his youth to it goes to another world on his own.

And, while gradually blooming the ability of the garbled skill that was thought to be a miss skill in the world, the hero goes around and grows with his brain and effort, a success story in a different world that begins with a not so sweet upbringing.

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Go to a different world on your own! -A story that begins with an unsweetened upbringing-
Venturing into Another World Alone! ~Enjoying an Enriching Life in Another World with Kind Companions~
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9 Reviews

Jan 10, 2022
Status: c64
Upon getting a new power and using it to defeat enemies he can already defeat:

"This is too strong. I should never use it again."

I could understand if it was gory or had overly large aoe, but it wasn't, and you'd think after his rough "upbringing" and difficulties so far he'd welcome a moderate power upgrade, even if only to use as a trump card.

The s*upid cheat that's just literally whatever ability the author feels like giving the protagonist at the time, -1. The political incident, -1. Gaining a halfway decent... more>> upgrade and being afraid of it, -1. And... nothing in 64 chapters to make me want to give a +1, it's really bland. If a LN version fleshed out side characters more and gave good reasons for protagonist and antagonist decisions, that story could be OK. This version, not OK. <<less
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Feb 28, 2022
Status: c95
I have enjoyed the story up until this point. It's generally a pleasant slice-of-life and adventure story, interrupted by a very dark section, before turning into a rural, mostly pleasant, story.

I have only one complaint.

The girl that looks likely to be the female lead is a b... She is self-centred, rude, a leech, arrogant, and so on. I've liked every character (that aren't antagonists) until she was introduced, but she makes the story unpalatable.
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Jul 28, 2022
Status: c80
A list of problems this story has:

    • glorifying Japanese culture: Japanese food, Curry, Miso, Rice (Why would there be a world where rice is used for cattle food), Chopsticks, Reversi, smiting, writing down every price in YEN If prices are written down in Yen it directly means that the author himself does not understand the currency in his own world.
    • Unlikable Protagonist. -&Gt; He seems to be a real idiot, but never fails at anything. The tag dense protagonist is clearly missing.
    • Making the life of the protagonist uncharacteristic easy: nearly everyone in unlogically nice to him, he somehow can read and write in the different world.
    • MC being able to get skills incredible easy, that are all incredible, but he does not use them more than once
    • Things happen that are not getting explayned like them MC somehow creating Reversi boards and stones out of nothing.
    • Calling the capital "King`s Landing"
    • Just because the authour writes again and again that MC has it so hard doesn`t make it hard.
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Dec 02, 2021
Status: c24
I like this story and the style it's written in. It is written in 3rd person perspective like someone is telling you the events not like those where you get to read from mc's perspective only like you're reading his personal diary full of his s*upidity. I'm not saying the MC here is really smart or anything but you get to know how mc's deeds affects his surroundings and what is other people's impression of him. Like the whole gist.

That's a big plus for me on this story and about... more>> the story it is good. The MC is reasonable and sometimes relatable. The story proggress is moderate. There's no plot hole till now (for me at least). While reading the story, each chapter was like a prelude to the next chapter, so I was in a trance until the last one.

Anyway the journey is fun! <<less
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Jun 04, 2022
Status: c101
Honestly, I enjoyed the story cause even if it was your usual isekai at least MC is somewhat self aware. But it all went downhill from when that healer girl was introduced. She's fvckin clingy and it was disgusting cause she was sticking into MCs business. Her first impression was already appalling and idk why authors write girls or women characters like this. This was a really fun read if only that healer girl didnt force MC to party up with her and do some other shit. I recommend you... more>> read this if you want something light or some typical story but probably dont continue to read once the girl is introduced cause she is such a try-hard b-- that doesnt know her place and whines and cries to get what she wants. <<less
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Nov 27, 2021
Status: c20
A good read so far. It's slice of life and the development is slow but there are no obvious flaws so far. And to be clear he does have cheats but they're hard to activate so he isn't strong from the start, and though we are told how bad his upbringing was, the story starts after that so we only hear about his past from time to time. It looks like there'll be some action going forward but so far, it's just a nice relaxing read.
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Nov 19, 2021
Status: --
tried reading it raw because it's description, but too bad it's just your usual isekai.

he got reincarnated without cheat?yeah right! Every MC always got cheat in this type of story, not so sweet BS.
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May 30, 2022
Status: c229
A fairly typical reincarnation story with the main character getting slowly stronger, ranking up as an adventurer, introducing reversi and Japanese food, etc.

Like with most of these stories, the main character suffers from doormat syndrome and doesn't have any real overarching goal. However, unlike most of these stories, its main differentiator seems to be having the author repeatedly take everything from the MC for the sake of feeding into the abused character trope.


The character literally gets tortured for three months straight by a noble but the the noble never see any consequences. The author of course uses this as an opportunity to introduce a new rule that adventurers have to reregister if they go too long without taking a quest. It really feels like the author just wanted to stretch things out, so lucky you, you get to watch the MC slowly rank up a second time.

Similar thing happens later and the MC ends up on the run with a girl and has to use up all their life savings to escape another noble that never sees consequences.


Examples in the spoiler above, but the main takeaway is if you feel frustrated when the villain escapes or just straight up gets off scot-free, then you should stay away from this one.
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Aug 02, 2022
Status: wn390
i usually agree with fluffs take, but for this being a kakuyom (seems more a short sporadic for atuhors mobile site), its not completely just short chpts parted out to fill up the title page, while MC doesnt even find out till later that his main power is for dungeons, the timeline pace is good, the tetter totter later on of the MC thinking about settling down after becoming a savior to dragon people and after main girl gets written off somewhat is usuall author dragging things out, real biggest... more>> problem is tthe authors telling of the guild system and how somehow MC seems to stay lowely rated even after forming a party... basically theres alot worse on that site that gets bot starred for bad writings

also for sendura, dont know group, but kings landing, Pyongyang or the wangcheng, gets spit out when u mtl on some sites, dont know if author wrote the capital or not or if they meant kings landing, more likely a mtl spit out <<less
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