Godly Sword System


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In a world dominated by demons and beasts, where every monster hungers for human flesh and blood, humans struggle to survive. A man named Yang Qi accidentally obtained the Sword Drawing System and a supernatural technique: Unlimited Sword Draw. Can he survive this hell and forge his own legend to become humanity’s last salvation?

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Shén jí xìtǒng bá dāo yì wàn cì
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02/25/23 KnoxT c50
02/24/23 KnoxT c49
02/23/23 KnoxT c48
02/22/23 KnoxT c47
02/21/23 KnoxT c46
02/20/23 KnoxT c45
02/19/23 KnoxT c44
02/18/23 KnoxT c43
02/17/23 KnoxT c42
02/16/23 KnoxT c41
02/15/23 KnoxT c40
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02/12/23 KnoxT c37
02/11/23 KnoxT c36
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