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She, a genius abandoned by her clan. He, a proud, pampered, two-faced imperial crown prince, a developing supreme ruler of the world. She, tricking him, disguised as a pig to eat a tiger, suppressing him, provoking him. Every time, after playing with him and stirring him up, she’d escape.

No man could put up with this! He could only hunt her, pamper and indulge her, lure her into falling in love with him, who would have thought, the one to first fall in love would turn out to be him———-

A young man who stood above the world, a young lady who dominated the landscape, evenly matched opponents, evenly matched romantic game of chase and tag.

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Thần y hoàng hậu
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Karmel rated it
May 26, 2018
Status: c102
It started off good then it became a marathon of dragging.


she gets the herb she need so instead of refining it she makes food her mother and brother. Which of course leads to other dragging moments. If done correctly the drag wouldn't be so painful but it wasn't so it is

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Snowwhitefox rated it
March 22, 2018
Status: c1307
I have MTL to the most recent chapters as of today and oh my gosh this was a page turner. Despite the number of chapters, you don't get bored. I feel like I've been on a roller coaster, a fun one, not emotional one, and am so looking forward to more. With the pacing and way the story is unfolding, this might be a 5k+ novel... But don't worry, it's a fun ride!
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Kurai Oji-Sama
Kurai Oji-Sama rated it
July 27, 2018
Status: c234
Alright! I cant handle it anymore. This book is not my type so im dropping it. It got too annoying. All the characters are retarded. I tried giving the book a chance as I read, but the author purposly made too many 'misunderstandings' and most of it is about stupid mother fkrs with their one sided arguments. And FL acts 'domineering' but her actions for the past 234 chps has been one hell of a submissive bitch.

FL is a reincarnated specialist who finds a ring with ancient master residing... more>> in it. who teaches her everything at the age of 3 From cultivating, pill refining, creating formations, to being best doctor. Sounds decent so far but FL wasted both her lives. Screw the background story on how FL, present day, has been betrayed and exiled.

This FL is a submissive ADHD IDIOT. You would think she would learn how to read people when she becomes a master of so many fields. With her experience from her past life. The only good chapters wher 175-190. Only 15 chp out of the 234 that iv read where good. To me thats a no go. Especially when I find myself no longer reading the chapter but just glazing over the chapter reading a few word from each paragraph.

I had some expectations for this LN, but the story just didnt cut it. Its like 10% story/drama and 90%.... fillers with horribly repeated jokes. <<less
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kujosmiles rated it
September 14, 2018
Status: c273

    • The author does a pretty good job of making you feel for the female lead. When she is infuriated, you will sympathize with her, like... you really want to hand this girl a cigarette or a fidget spinner to help her cope with the stress of her life.
    • This is a female lead that is trying to make the best of a horrible situation while she doesn't really have anyone helping her out, at least it doesn't seem that way from the female lead's perspective, and I found that I just want to keep reading for the moment when her life turns around because I really want to see this girl's life improve and the moment when the female lead proves to everyone that she is not a waste anymore.
    • Also, there are some very comedic moments in this novel, but although some do involve the male lead, they are unrelated to the romance.

    • Unfortunately, every girl character so far that's around the female lead's age has been the same pampered-envious-jealous-child-that-believes-everything-that-the-female-lead-earns-should-be-handed-to-her kind of character that also thirsts for the male lead. There have been literally 4 girl characters that are this, and if the author didn't give them different names I would have thought they were the same character.

      They basically are there to make the female lead look good and don't have much characterization.
    • The romance is very cringy and filled with misunderstandings which are all the fault of the character Feng Xun, who is extremely annoying.
    • Feng Xun's character is the chatterbox character that does not think before he speaks and completely misunderstands the feelings of the female lead and the male lead which makes them very awkward towards eachother, and he generally is just an annoying fly who often unintentionally makes things worse for the female lead.
    • Also, the pacing is pretty slow. If you've played Fallout 4, then you have an idea of the pacing of the storyline.

      For those of you who have not, then the story is like this: The female lead gets a main quest, but she gets distracted by a bunch of side events and side quests, so it will take her maybe 50 chapters to go from city A to city B because of that.
Overall: This novel is okay as a good time killer. I really like the female lead, but she really needs a break.
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March 11, 2018
Status: c17
So far so good. Our MC doesn't appear to be the standard female lead who's suddenly a genius, defeating all cannon fodders here and there. Instead, she was looked down upon because she lost her abilities and was struggling to live day by day as she faced more powerful characters and creatures than here.

Hope she stays cunning with a will of iron as the chapters gets released! Looking forward to know who the ML is, but it'll be much better to focus on the development of her character.
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Blazingprincess rated it
August 17, 2018
Status: c234
I used to look forward to reading this book but now I just can't handle how badly the main character is treated...

... more>>

Feng Wu (FL) is just too much of a pushover. Whenever her mother suggests anything she always succumbs to her mother's wishes due to her "pair of delicate, absolutely gorgeous, moist eyes appeared like it was ready to cry. At that time her little brother had basically been kidnapped yet she still had to go find food for the tiger cub just because her mother wanted her to.

Another character that really annoys me is Feng Xun he is probably the most infuriating character in the story so far. First of all, he keeps insisting that Feng Wu likes Jun Lin Yuan when she has clearly stated many, many times that she doesn't have any feeling for him. He also causes a lot of trouble for her, when she as trying to get the flame for her phoenix he just kept dragging her away.

And then there is Yan Yan... oh god. Hmmm, Lets just say she comes very, very close second for most annoying character. She acts like such a spoiled, entitled bitch. Pretty sure she has princess syndrome. When Feng Wu and her first met she had already started blaming her for hurting her cousins??? Feng Wu's cousins are horrible people, the girl cousin keeps thinking Jun Lin Yuan likes her, the boy cousin just wants to make use of her and they both treat Feng Wu like shit. Let's talk about Yan Yan a bit more. WESGBAWH QKFJIOGEUYSHRKNEAW. I just can't deal with what an ungrateful brat she is. Feng Wu has saved her life multiple times, yet she still blames her for everything and just asahrghjdskcqwhaefsc. Her mother gets nicer though.

The only part I sort of liked was when all the villagers defended her and chased after Feng Xun because he insulted her. Everyone else in the story treats her words like air.


It's like Feng Wu doesn't have a backbone, if I was in some of the positions she had been in I would have already been raging about how unfair everyone was to me. <<less
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Leilacus rated it
August 5, 2018
Status: c1544
Good things first. *It makes you smile or laugh due to the interactions of the characters. Be it the male lead, female lead, and other pertinent characters in the novel. *The female MC so far isnt the type that would kill a whole lot of sect for revenge. She only kills those who got involved.

Not so good things.

Even until this time, the FL and ML hasn't been clear of what they were feeling. Having only ambiguous feelings for each other. Misunderstandings here and there. It's good for a... more>> couple of chapters but even until 1544 chaps, these 2 are still pulling and pushing. As expected from the author who hasn't finished DKCW until now.

If you want to read, read lightheadedly. Some characters were fun and good. I even think they are way better than the MCs. The story itself was good but somehow the FL's reason for hiding her cultivation is getting more crappy as time goes by. She has a lot of options but insists on being a "waste". Also, I cant somehow wrap my mind on why these authors keep using underage girls. Seriously, why? In a sense, it's not the ancient times. It's a different realm.

This is still a good read though to kill time. <<less
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yango rated it
May 25, 2018
Status: c99
The chapters are very short but very good. This novel's plot is one of the slowest I've read when it comes to the MC's quest to become stronger but in a good way. Surprisingly, it's quite refreshing to read a novel where the MC isn't OTP in the first 10 chapters but sadly this novel contains tons of fillers (chapter 99 and she still hasn't cured her crippled body yet) UGHHHH.

If you can get past the fillers, it's really good and you'll end up shipping the MC with like 4+... more>> different males. I personally am shipping her with FMF and MX. And she's seriously the most sly and cunning MC I've read so far. Plus, the comedy in this one is quite cute and bubbly. <<less
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May 23, 2018
Status: c97
Thus far, I’d recommend this novel. The MC is proving to be both intelligent and interesting. Rather than the normal transmigration or reincarnation novel where the MC suddenly gains insane powers, this has always been her character. After being betrayed, she has to rely upon herself to overcome her problems and obstacles.
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Lydia rated it
September 20, 2019
Status: c245
Dropped. This is just another rehashed, cliché female-protagonist cultivation novel which doesn’t even TRY to be different or stand out.

... more>>

At chapter 245, which is round about the time the novel was monopolised by WebNovel, the MC is still doddering along with no sign of progress in any of the goals she set out to accomplish: i.e., fix her cultivation/get stronger, heal her brother & mother (who seems to be mentally disabled) ; find a way to restore her master (has a side-kick in the form of a phoenix bird who never offers any helpful information or always seems to have a reason as to why he can’t reveal sh*t!)


The characters are so abysmally created, it’s a wonder the author has even gotten this far and actually has readers (I understand that the raws are currently at ch. 2000+). Every male the main FL meets is a potential harem-member and every female she meets is an idiotic enemy.

The romance isn’t great either - just full of repeated misunderstandings (as mentioned by a lot of the reviewers).


The FL just seems to be going along with it “just because” and it can be a little creepy sometimes when she is seemingly forced into certain compromising situations where the only option or outcome is to be physically intimate with the ML. There is absolutely no reason given whatsoever that either MCs would or should be attracted to each other other than the ML being powerful and handsome beyond comparison. I don’t even know why the ML seems interested in the FL... it is mentioned in one of the earlier chapters that their engagement should have been cancelled but the ML lied and still has the written agreement - so technically they’re still engaged. Why? No plausible reason other than the inevitable: that the FL and ML must like each other and that they must end up together so we’ll force them together without actually bothering to develop or explain their emotional growth and increasing intimacy.


Another aspect of this novel which really irritates me is the fact that the FMC has to hide her abilities, like, all the time! Leading to further misunderstandings. Will there ever be a point in the novel where the first reaction of those around her (or people she meets for the first time) isn’t to belittle, demean, judge or ridicule her? I mean are the people of this empire all so base and small-minded that basic human principles are forgone simply because a member of their society can’t cultivate? What kind of f*cked-up world has this author created?

Overall: Terrible character design by author.

Terrible plot-line and story development by author.

Another novel which dims the intelligence and wears away at the tolerance of its readers. <<less
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SereneNight rated it
May 16, 2019
Status: --
If one is the type that prefers AT LEAST characters that are cunning, smart, etc; and has AT LEAST common sense that you can just go "oh, this explanation can still be sonewhat acceptable, ", this one of a novel is really what you DON'T EVER need.

As much as my tolerance for nonsensical stories are, this is way beyond what I can accept. All the characters, FL ML side etc, are all bona fide retards. I never thought myself as someone that is bright or so, but this one just... more>> succeessfully made me rolled my eyes nonstop at almost every event except for


the part where FL and a side male chara faces an extremely strong dragon. That is the ONLY part I found nice


Other than that, the main characters' are kind of inconsistent, whereas side characters are basically of the same mold


FL - supposingly an agent in her past life (which we only learn in chapter 3, in just one single sentence. Yup, totally felt like something shoved into my face needlessly). As an agent, they are expected to be calm, collected, smart in all situation, decisive. But this? Pushovef, easily affected by her surrounding, bad at keeping herself in check.

ML - said to be strong, smart, ckean freak, cold, protective of the people he deem as his side and dgaf those that he see as strangers. Reality? Yup, he is strong, and he deemed FL as an outsider. He alnost never think of you ask me. Whatever the 1st side male said he believed then without an ounce of doubt, no matter how ridiculous it is. Clean freak part is shaved off. Able to hold a disguised FL to save her, and even when she's not I disguised... Is my understanding of clean freak different or what? What is even more ridiculous is that, to shut the FL up so that they won't be noticed, rather than covering her mouth with his hand, he kissed her instead. WTH???

All side male except for another almost ML to be - strong, smart, capable. Ends up: idiot, common sense fly along with the air, narcissistic. Yup, almost all. 1 example: the male appeared, FL surrounded by beasts, beasts all fled cuz FL somehow pushes them back. MALE: "OH, AM I THAT STRONG THAT THE BEASTS FLED CUZ THEY SAW ME APPEARING??? WAW" yup, retarded to the core.

ALL FEMALE SIDE - ThE ML LiKeS uS, bAcK oFf YoU b****. He Is OuRs YoU uSeLeSs CrIpPlE. WhO dO yOu ThInK yOu ArE tO hAvE sUcH cLoSe ReLaTiOnShIp WiTh ML AnD cO!?!?!?!

Yup, till date 200 chapters that is all the side female chara


In all honesty up till this point I don't really bother to remember all the characters' name. It's either homonyms of the family name or numbers. Feng Wu - Wu=舞=五=5, the fifth daughter. Yan Yan, Feng Liu - Liu=琉=六=6, sixth daughter; etc (Yi=1 Er=2 San=3 Si=4 Wu=5 Liu=6 Qi=7)

The author don't even bother to properly think up a proper name for their characters. Which is eventually my bottom line, cuz a name signifies the existence. If the name itself is that, one can see how much the author "adore" their work. At the very least a proper title is also still acceptable.


not caring about humans, even a tiger cub's name became TuTu - can mean bumpkin or dirt. Before setting that name, the name ErQue was even considered (meaning almost same as retard, almost the epitome personality of Feng Xun). If named Cutie, Whitie or any of the sort is acceptable cuz it ain't that insulting but those nanmes are really insulting IMO


The romance here felt way so off as if it was shoved into my face for no godd- no good reason.


Misunderstandings flying around everywhere. Arguing nonstop. One event happenes. HEART EFFING THUMPED. WhAt Is ThIs FeElInG.

K I'm out of here.


There's also one part that I forced it down ny throat anticipating that it will get better,


Master sacrificed, every single effing sentence the master is mentioned, my beautiful master. AND the master is in coma (EVERY SINGLE MOMENT, FROM SACRIFICING TO LYING DOWN LIKE A CORPSE FOR A FEW YEARS, EVERY TIME MEET HER MASTER "MY BEAUTIFUL MASTER"

The sane applied to her mother and brother. Everytime they are mentioned, beauty mother and naive sweet innocent little brother. EVERYTIME. NONSTOP. EVEN DESCRIPTION OF HER MOTHER'S PLEADING IS FHE SAME EVERYTIME.


Was reading this far away cuz wanna see if it gets any better but to my disappointment it gets worst -.-

-.- Don't ever read if you cannot stand what is mentioned above. Me, for sure can't so I'm out of here. <<less
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missingFox rated it
November 18, 2018
Status: c2070
If you're someone who's looking for a serious novel to read, I'll suggest you pass on this novel. If you're hesitating to read this novel because it's written by the same author as The demonic king, I can tell you that this novel is a little bit better. Our MC is not braindead all of the time. If you're someone who is looking for something fun to read then you can give it a try. I'll tell you that it's a light hearted story except for the fact that almost... more>> every girl wants to kill our MC. (But it's not intense at all. It's just a lot of roasting each other and clapping each other)


This novel is a slow progressing story. Up until chapter 2070 our MC is still a 13 year old. The romance between our ML and MC is kinda progressing. Our ML already knew his feelings for her early on. Our MC is denying her feelings for him because our ML bullies her too much.


The storyline is actually good in my opinion. Our MC still has to figure out her mom's identity, her master's past, there are some clues about our MC's personal past, and why the Phoenix bird has so many secrets that he can not tell our MC. There's actually so many questions left unanswered. Up til now, the author only gave us some clues and then she throws in more unanswered questions.....

(We haven't even learned about our ML's past yet. But, judging from the clues, our ML has a lot of scars on his back. He seems to have had an abusive childhood. Also, he's never smiled before when he was younger. He was always a gloomy and cold kid until he met our MC. Our MC came into his life and allowed him to start having human emotions again. He's starting to express his feelings and emotions to her as the story progresses.)

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Empress M
Empress M rated it
July 17, 2019
Status: --
Alright it’s a good novel and all, but there were literally 100 chapters of the MC running away from the ML and his group and it’s because of a herb.
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King0Mik rated it
August 7, 2018
Status: c186
To summarize the majority of my feelings when reading this novel: infuriating!

The beginning just drags on and on.

... more>>

Feng Wu (MC) needs to get the Immortal Spirit Fruit, so she can make a Nine Reversal Spirit Pill, which will allow her to be able to cultivate again. But then, she get dragged into so much sh*t that she doesn't get around to actually making the pill until around chapter 110. And then, even after that, it's a wild goose chase with her running around the city and lots of other random events occurring.


I also feel like much of the story so far has been on Feng Wu (MC) 's bad luck, causing lots of cringe comedy, which I really hate.

Starting around the 170s/180s, it's gotten a bit better, but I wouldn't recommend this novel. While the story is a "secret agent" reborn into ancient China, the way it's run is not much different from the many transmigrated miss stories. I personally feel that some transmigrated miss stories (ex. The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Miss, Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith, Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife, etc.) are a lot better than this because you get some tragedy on the MC's end, but you get release from face-slapping not too long after. This story just sort of drags the reader along with things that suddenly pop up as one thing gets resolved.

I think I'll continue reading it, but I'm not sure if it'll get much better. Based on spoilers I've heard, the ML isn't all that great. If it doesn't get better, I'm probably just going to drop it. <<less
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Lunapenguin0624 rated it
December 31, 2018
Status: --
If you’re the type who loves face slapping so much then this is the right novel for you. Although, most of the chapters were about Jun Linyuan’s crazy admirers being jealous and trying to kill Feng Wu (kinda frustrating sometimes cuz the process is pretty much the same and too predictable). Overall, this is a good novel. I like the comedy.

Is it just me, I’m already chap 2k + and still wondering who the heck is Boa...? 🤔
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