Goddess, Help Me!


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Recently, I was called a ‘goddess’ by an unbelievably handsome man who appeared in my dream. Eh, do you need advice? What? Exterminate the hero? Uh, hey… —Protect the demon king, whose greatest strength is prostrating himself, from the imminent threat of justice! This is a story of pure love that crosses the boundaries set by age, race, and the world.

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The Bathroom Goddess (1)

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Date Group Release
01/19/19 Illunia c2
04/08/18 Illunia c1
04/01/18 Illunia prologue
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LazyDays rated it
August 27, 2018
Status: c1
Good start and good translation.

It starts off as the summary says, with this grand, demon king - looking guy prostrating himself in front of you. MC still thinks it's a dream though, a strange recurring one.

The translator has noted it would be a slow and strange relationship between MC and ML though, warnings in the prologue.
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