God of Thunder


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After being transported to another world, Lei XinFeng must struggle to survive. His village is settled in a forest, far away from any major cities.

The simple hunter’s life is the norm. The village struggles every year to gather enough food in summer to store for winter.

However, this world is not as simple as it seems. After just turning 16 years old, his grandpa is ready to begin Lei XinFeng’s LunLi training.

Just what is Lunli, and what past did his grandpa have? Will the new training help improve his current life, and what obstacles will the coming winter bring

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Ba Tian Lei Shen
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GinMagi rated it
January 25, 2017
Status: c760

This novel has many problems though that isn't to say it isn't any good it's just that there are some information you would like to know that's left out with a simple explanation such as "Lei Xinfeng doesn't want to meet his parent ".

- The good points of this novel are that it doesn't stick to that Xianxia/Xuanhuan mold of arrogant young master angers MC and due to that Young master's whole family is massacred etc.
But this is also a huge problem it's as if the author is trying to become special that he completely stays away from personal agendas that are to say it feels like the MC (Lei Xinfeng) has no special aspirations, enemies at all. One of the main problems is that he doesn't create any ememy that sticks, there are no characters in this novel that will go after the MC it makes the story feel stale. It's just constant power up + new area with stronger cultivators all trying to find more resources, the author doesn't know how to write female characters so he makes excuses to cut them out. At the start of the series you will see a couple of women cultivators after that you see none at all, it's only males at the peak levels, maybe this would have also been fine if it wasn't for the fact that strongest cultivator he meets turns out to be a women he doesn't stick to anything he does. He created another excuse to completely cut out romance (cultivators can't have children so there's no point) < Since when does romance start just to have children?

Another problem is that he introduces very interesting artifacts or characters that are put to the side so he comes back to it but he completely forgets about them.
Examples - Silver Flame that he absorbs into his thunder stamp, the MC explains to his followers he will ask his master what it is later on but that is never explored (forgotten).
- Another interesting thing is the main characters special sight it allows him to find resources easily because he can see a glow coming from resources this sight is never explained (Why does only the MC have it?) He uses this sight to find a special stone that he cannot break in the later chapters (he is trying to break it because he can see there is a special treasure inside of it) he couldn't so he just takes the entire stone with him (if you're wondering what happened... yes the author completely forgot about it).
- Black Bird that can talk, it seems this bird will become the MC's companion as it also can use the thunder attribute but the author only uses the bird for comedic relief that you will not find funny at all, the author also foreshadows that this bird will become really powerful it does to a certain extent but again it's forgotten the author brings him back when they reach a new area where every creature is gigantic, the readers thought that he will get a gigantic power up and fight alongside the MC (this foreshadowing made us think the bird will become relevant again as it was evolving or something as it stopped talking but after this chapter the bird was not mentioned ever again even to the end story.)
- Forgotten characters such as the MC's Disciple, a thunder attribute cultivator. There could have been a lot of interesting development and explainable power-ups for her as the MC and his grandfather (another thunder attribute cultivator) find a thunder mountain where they power up to the high levels of the first area they are in... Big question why didn't the MC take his disciple there she could have also helped the sect out if she got a big power up like that. The final chapter you see her in is when she is nearing the peak of the first realm and the MC officially makes her his disciple which is near the start of the novel after that the author forgets about her.
- Wen Yan a character that could have been mentioned here and there due to her getting romantically involved with fatty the cook that everyone likes in the Sect... For some reason, the cook is mentioned more than a lot of other characters that are much more important to the story.
- Cultivators from the starting area of the novel, many powerful secret sects go to a different (planet/mainland) so they can cultivate to higher levels, however when they get there the MC completely cuts off relations with all of them. Some of them were important such as the MC's sister had teachers in this sect that made medicine that was wanted by all sects in that new mainland as there was a scarcity of medicine but these important sects were never mentioned again.
- MC's (Lei Xinfeng) parents, the author made a wonderful explanation as to why MC doesn't want to meet them (he is a chinese electrition reincarnated into a 16 yr old's body), his younger sister doesn't care about her parents because she was too young to even understand the concept when they were brought up in a conversation by Lei Bao (MC's grandfather), apparently he sent them away to a sect because he thought he will die sooner or later due to his injuries, the problem here is Lei Bao constantly mentions how proud he is of his grandson (MC) even after he also becomes very powerful (due to the MC) (WHY DOESN'T HE SEEK OUT HIS CHILD?) Why is his grandson more important that his own child? (NEVER EXPLAINED)

TLDR: Very important components of the story are forgotten or left out with no explanation to the readers. (Important treasures and characters forgotten or left out)

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Nothinglez rated it
May 15, 2016
Status: v4c9
Really good novel, I like how the protagonist already shows his potential of being strong in the future, with medium strength growth speed, although sometimes the protagonist doesnt get a chance to show his power because all of the people around him are quite op compared to him, which I think it makes the protagonist get overshadowed.
Overall its a very good novel
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shuiko rated it
February 15, 2016
Status: --
Just a fun well thought out work with a great Power System.

The plot is also cute/funny, but also serious reals at the same time.
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Raphael rated it
October 9, 2015
Status: --
Interesting work I like the primitive feel you get when reading this because of the whole hunter society at the beginning but I'm also feeling that it is just because the characters are living in the hill and the world is not as savage as the main character first perceived, hopefully the story stays interesting and the grandpa doesn't bite the dust too soon I'm starting to really like him. =D
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Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
I like the story so far, and about how MC tried to use the knowledge from his past life into this one, like how to dig a trap, how to use electricity. The bully we find still has brain working, not just simply he's too powerful, we must kill him. Some of the enemy feels like it used by the author to make MC meet new people, like those NPC you meet to do a quest.

The translation is not that great, its really need an editor because some of the... more>> sentences were weirdly phrasing, some of the terms were changing from chapter to chapter.

Update 7 August 2016:
Well from volume 4 forward, the quality of the translation is improved, translator finally find an editor! But still there's so much confusion about all that term, which I suspect it's author fault, not the translator. <<less
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freezray rated it
February 18, 2017
Status: v8c4
A fairly enjoyable read. The author goes out of the way to make you think you know where the story is going and you end up surprised in the end. Now does this mean the story is devoid of cliches? No it still has them but they are a bit more spaced out between each other.I like the MC as well he is (for the most part) cool and calm headed and really takes a look at things before acting. It's a good pick up chock full of entertainment its... more>> not perfect but really scratches that itch. <<less
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UsernameJ rated it
January 1, 2017
Status: v8c16
I really enjoy how this author writes. This story and his other one Instant Kill are both very good. Good pacing. Good sense of mystery; cultivators aren't omniscient experts wherein every trivial minor sect has the history of the world for the past millions of years and all of this is memorized by everyone and everyone recognizes all obscure treasures that have been lost for hundreds of thousands of years.

No in these stories cultivation is difficult, and full of unknowns. The author also includes subtle realistic things. Cultivators eat 10... more>> times what a normal person eats. This connects cultivation with non-cultivators in a very realistic way. Cultivators can make wealth and have reasons to use it. None of this hypocritical "I'm an elder and above mortal desires yet here's my harem and I protect my mortal descendants" nonsense.

Good story is good, I recommend it. <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
August 18, 2016
Status: v5c20
This is a really good story. Its very well written. He has an OP Family and badass in their own way. The Grandpa, Little Sister and MC. I find it all very unique and heartwarming. Cultivators are known for their tempter and as they get stronger the more murderous. But the MC is calm and wise. He only loses it when its to protect those precious to him. I like it. He is not prejudice and hangs with normal people.

I want to give this 5 stars but I can't. There's... more>> so much confusion. We don't even know his age. 10?17?13? The Shift in power and ranking system changes to much. I don't like that. When we think Gramps is a legend there's suddenly more above him.

Everytime a Arc ends, it leaves things unfinished. Because of this we don't get any character development. What about the Quiet Girl? She barely had any lines and was intending on speaking... What about the Sister? What about Yan who hasn't redeem herself? At least give us some POVs. I do like the Author makes him go back and fixes those relationships... but it just ruins the possibility in character development! There's so little Tags because we can't accertain the relationships! At first I thought there was Slow Romance but that didn't even matter! Characters that give impact are hardly given much time despite their potential! Its hard to say whether this story is fast or slow. But gives a headache thinking about it... Especially knowing this Novel is super short.

Either way I really love the Author writing potential. I hope he learned from this since im eager for more of his work. <<less
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slouchking rated it
May 11, 2019
Status: Completed
Starts off okay but becomes too focused on resource gathering.

... more>>

The ending was a big letdown the MC had reached final realm and had become so powerful that he was destroying galaxies to gather resources. He then comes across another being like himself who then fights to the death and then their bodies collapse together creating a new universe that he is the god of and cutting him off from his old universe. He will be god until he raises someone to reach the final realm and start the cycle again.


The first ten volumes are okay everything after is just about resource gathering. And the writing get very tedious to read through. The most mundane things can take several chapters to get through. Especially when it comes to restrictions. The MC dealing with restrictions is probably some of the most boring content ive read in these novels.

Cannot Recommend <<less
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kamisusano rated it
December 1, 2018
Status: c63
This is an unique novel. Instead of being poor but have heaven-defying treasure then was jealous of by some arrogant young master, he become arrogant young master himself who got talent and liked massacring people weaker than him. He mindless killed without considering the consequence, thinking that his grandfather was the best and would always wipe his ass. And I don't understand the author at all. I doubt that he has mental illness or smt. I know that this is a cruel world yeah strong eat weak yeah but the... more>> order is still there. Do you even need to let a 6 years old kid (his sister) to experience a slaughter? She didn't even cultivate a ferocious attribute. Yet she admired her brother and gramp for thier killing. And the author wrote that the MC mental was changing due to cultivation of thunder but isn't it too fast? He was even described as a mild person in his pervious life. And oh he behave like a brat despite his mental age is over 40. Calm and collected, yeah if you count go head on enemy every single time is calm and collected. <<less
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July 21, 2018
Status: Completed
I quite like this story as it's different with other kind of cultivation novels. There are some minus points but generally I enjoy reading this.

... more>>

1. Actually in my opinion this is more of 'collecting treasure novel' rather than cultivation novel lol. There are of course levels to cultivation (which is a bit confusing, more because of the author instead of the translator, I think) but there isn't any sword techniques or something like that (that I can remember of, at least. I finished this novel more than a year ago). Basically you can cultivate higher if you have resources, so that becomes the life purpose of everyone. The fighting scenes are... less than I expect would appear in a cultivation novel.

2. I agree that there are quite a lot of unexplainable things in the novel, but I think we cannot blame the author fully either. This novel is basically following mc's entire life. In life we meet and part with countless people, not all of them important/meaningful, and we can't also predict what will happen in the future. For example, he took in a 'disciple', and then after, she wasn't mentioned anymore. From the beginning MC already said he's just taking in a few people 'just as an attempt', it doesnt really matter to him whether she grows well or not, besides he has his manager who take care of basically everything in the family, so unless something extraordinary happens it's normal for him to not involved himself. Shes also ordinary compared to MC, so thats normal. And then, there were other things happening in his life which took his attention and concern. So if there are lots of things being ignored and forgotten, in my opinion it is normal.

Also, some things are not explained because MC just havent found the answer too. In that case, we as readers just need to put pieces of clues we found throughout the stories and make the conclusion ourselves lol.

That being said, I have to admit that I think author can do better than this. I also lamented quite a few times when MC made decisions which I thought could be better.

3. Romance in my opinion just substracts from this kind of novels, hence I'm pleased there almost none here, besides few odds scenes here and there between supporting characters. It is also fair that the higher cultivators have almost nonexistent chance to procreate, it is kinda trading your fertility with power (or maybe it's like the elves who are immortal but have much lower rate fertility compared to human). Even if MC didnt hook up with anyone, there were still a few couples (his master and wife, his chef friend + that female disciple, even third senior brother, alhough his story is quite sad lol) which can count as proof that romance/love exists, it's just not that often/depends on fate, I guess, especially since everyone are so focused with cultivating/resources. Have to remember here that theyre not mere mortal like us, their concerns are different than normal human (which also not that concerned about romance--food is more important lol--if theyre not that well off, like that young master in the fishing village who tried to show off in front of a girl).


I want to give 5 stars since I enjoy the journey and watching the MC succeeded again and again, but I'm kinda disappointed with the ending so have to substract one.


With all that hard work and advancement, in the end he just... exploded and died? RIP lol.

Welp. I know you can't get everything in life. And you cant predict the future. Sometimes something that you dont expect happens. And in the end we have to die, we will just become nourishment for future generation yadda yadda. But... It's just... sad, you know :' (.

Also... My mtl dao is very shallow, so maybe I interpret it wrong, but IIRC they said that that treasure land/something that MC becomes in the end, they can influence/guide people to come there? So I was thinking maybe the MC got 'guided' and thats why his eyes are different and can see treasures and formations.

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slepnirson rated it
September 24, 2017
Status: v4c3
The story here has so much potential, but it seems the author just let laziness and poor world-building run rampant, and the errors just add up. There are a number of things that are explained poorly or not at all, that would seem to be pretty majorly important (based on the motivations the author gives for the characters) but are passed off in a minor aside. The critical flaw for me was the inconsistencies.

... more>>

At one point the author has the main character lose 6-7 years of age, despite spending up till that chapter (and briefly afterwards) repeatedly saying the siblings can't train anything besides basic body strength until 16. Bam, MC is 10 after having been training a year and starting at 16. Honestly, it could be translation errors, or editing errors and I would (and did) read past it without minding, but it seemed to me that the author didn't even care enough to maintain the story line they started. If they needed to give the character more time to develop there are plenty of tropes to borrow; isolated/extended space/time, random old seniors with cultivation accelerating/improving arts (MC's Grandfather), cheat allowing MC to bypass numerous levels in a short amount of time (lightning strikes), etc.


Now granted, it could improve further on, but I'm not feeling the urge to keep reading and find out. <<less
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July 9, 2016
Status: v5c15
Quite an enjoyable series. The main character has power induced anger issues but when he is calm he is perfectly civil unlike some other cultivators. I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoys good fights punctuated by peaceful moments.
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Dragonking360 rated it
June 11, 2016
Status: v5c11
I've enjoyed this novel thus far, as I rather enjoy the stories the detail a loving family and their travels rather than romance and the like. Story isn't anything nor is it deep and reflective and to be honest I had the hardest time ever trying to understand the cultivation levels in this story. Maybe it was the translator or author who knows but boy whenever they mentioned a cultivation level it sounded confusing and I just assumed they were strong but the most recent chapter helped me understand a... more>> bit so it bumped up my rating of this story. Overall Decent and good story to read while I wait for others. <<less
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SleepLover rated it
August 4, 2017
Status: v7c16
Well, I can't say it's perfect but it's not bad either. The plot was good but it sometimes makes me lose interest if there is not enough action. I also think the story is a little bit too fast paced but I think that is what makes the protagonist want to improve and to strengthen his foundations. As for the other characters well not much is known about them so I really don't have something to say about them. The plot progress' is good so far but I really can't... more>> predict to where it will go because of it's randomness and other unpredictable circumstances just like riding a rollercoaster or something but that just makes the experience more satisfying. But there is some minor problems in the story, I won't mention them as it is just minor I think it's around 7 - 16 that I have noticed. <<less
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wizardjian rated it
June 12, 2017
Status: v8c16
Rather well written story about the MC growing in power (with memories of his previous life though it doesn't do anything with it) going on adventures, fighting different people and getting stronger over time. However, while it is well written for the most part, the pacing of the story greatly speeds up after the first few books. For example ... more>>

the grandfather of the MC is I believe a Rank 8 something that took him around 500 years (since he said hes older then that near the beginning. The MC gets to Rank 5 in mere years if not months.

Though the pacing problems removed the chance of character development for anyone else besides the MC, it is still a interesting story since the MC is constantly doing things (that's not his main goal). Overall, the story is good and is mainly focused on the MC with rather weak side characters. If you like MCs that gets s*upid strong and lots of fighting, God of Thunder will give you just that. <<less
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Fluffy rated it
March 14, 2016
Status: --
This was a good book. But I got to say the ending was disappointing. Throughout the story was entertaining and there was some amusing scenes within.
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