God Is Hungry for Games. The Ultimate Brain Battle of a Boy Who Challenges the Gods (LN)


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The Ultimate Brain Games, “Play of the Gods” made by their supreme grace, Gods, who had too much spare time probably.

A former God, Leche, who woke up from a long slumber; declared unto the world:

“Bring forth the person who is the best in Games in this era!”

The test given to the humankind was to win 10 games against Gods.

10 difficult games brought by the Supreme Gods.

There is yet to be a Victor throughout this vast human history.

Fast forward to the modern time;

The “God-chosen” man Faye

On the behalf of the whole humanity, he was given the task.

The task to challenge and win at brain battles with these Supreme Gods.

But, Faye was no ordinary boy.

He is the boy nominated as the “best rookie” in the recent years.

The “Play of Gods” he is about to challenge might be too difficult.

Indeed, there is no human in history able to succeed. Well, the reason is quite obvious.

God is capricious, very unreasonable, and sometimes even “Absolutely Incomprehensible”.

But, because its such a game, “Its a waste to not have fun and play from the bottom of my heart!”

And thus begins the Ultimate Brain Battle of a Genius Game Boy, a former God (who happens to be a girl) , and friends!

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Gods’ Games We Play
Kami wa Game ni Ueteiru.
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God Is Hungry for Games. The Ultimate Brain Battle of a Boy Who Challenges the Gods (WN) (Web Novel)
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Rampage Debut
Rampage Debut rated it
November 29, 2022
Status: v1
I remember how hyped everyone was when this LN's localization was announced. Mind blowing games which test the mettle of players against Gods in a battle of wits which would rival NGNL and hopefully surpass it as we readers get an unforgettable experience of crazy plot twists one after another..

Sorry to diappoint if anyone got bait-.. err, came looking for it. This novel is anything except what I mentioned above. The very foundation of this novel isn't God-tier mind games but mundane, cliched tropes.

A random hyperactive games lover (MC) gets... more>> entangled with a red haired flat chested former God (FMC) whose only quality seems to be getting riled up whenever someone mentions her flatness (definitely not copied from other novels). Their other team member is a shy, introverted, underconfident girl who is a target of envy from FMC simply because she possess huge breasts (First time seeing such a character). But wait, there's more. The MC is looking for a girl who taught him games and who coincidentally looks exactly like FMC and even has the same personality as her but he, as a genius player, dismisses it as mere coincidence even if the nagging feeling continues to grow in back of his mind. See? What a unique and definitely not overused plot.

Moving on, the characters are hypocrites at best and undefined at worst. The MC claims to love challenging games that gets his heart pumping yet he later complains about Uroboros game being too difficult. Leshea was introduced as extremely clever, on the same level as Fay and yet right from the very first game she gets sidelined as meatheaded OP character who solves everything physically without thinking. What happened to her intellect? Why is everyone breaking their character right off the bat? Why is everyone so dumb? Such questions will arise in the minds of readers.

Now let's talk about the Gods' games they play. The Gods' games are designed to have fun and yet nobody except our wannabe genius MC manages to clear it. This might raise your expectation as the games being too diffucult for ordinary folks to clear it but the level of games that are set is a direct insult to reader's intelligence. The author treats readers as elementary schoolers.

Take Uroboros game for example. The players are standing on Uroboros body with Leviathans swarming around them. The gimmick is that hitting the tail of Uroboros release lasers in far more quantity than the players. It was clearly evident that Leviathans had to be connected with the gimmick and yet it took our MC hours to finally get this point and after 2 tries. Then there's Uroboros eyes that need to be destroyed but it has got a security laser installed. So how does our MC solve this problem? He baits one eye's laser to attack him by entering in line of sight and teleporting just before laser hits him which then hits the other eye behind him. This is what you call high level games? Sorry but I saw it coming miles away and yet everyone in their world praise him for coming up with such a brilliant idea. Maybe the residents of that world are elementary schoolers...


To summarize, this novel is a mediocre dish served on expensive plate, the expensive plate being the grandiose title. This work seems to come from an author whose mouth watered at the thought of writing a novel about mind games but he neither had the knowledge nor could break of his habit to include mundane, overexaggerated and overused cliched tropes. 'Gods' Game We Play'? More like 'Cliched Tropes We Play (Again) ' <<less
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