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In less than an instant the world as we knew it was at its end.

That’s right. The Apocalypse. In a single blink Zombies appeared and mutated monsters began to rampage all throughout the world. Now it was the human species turn to fight for survival and planetary dominance!

On the same day that the world descends into chaos we meet Yue Zhong. Initially only hoping to get to his friends and escape to a refugee camp our protagonist sets out, inadvertently building a team along the way. After a series of fortuitous events and a few serious hunches our hero decides it’s time to do more than just survive!

Yue Zhong begins to form the foundations of an enormous survival plan… before he suddenly discovers that he has only gotten over the first hurdle…. Unbeknownst to Yue Zhong and company, the world outside of China is mostly a wasteland! Country sized swathes of nuclear radiation and an extreme shortage of supplies in the world after the nuclear explosions was quickly becoming the “norm”. Mutants, Evolved animals and what’s worse, intelligent out of control dinosaurs had quickly appeared and claimed their own sections of the planet. There were several innately powerful Evolved races which appeared that were more than 10 times stronger than humans, nearly all of them possessing bodies impenetrable by normal bullets. The fabled orcs’ were another of these Evolved races, the leader of which had in fact ens*aved many of the remaining human beings.

Unceremoniously exposed to such a cold and heartless new world, Yue Zhong is faced with a choice: Find a deep dark hole and hope it goes back to “normal”? Or overcome all obstacles and struggle towards Evolution!!!

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Shen Mo Xi Tong
Thần Ma Hệ Thống
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May 30, 2016
Status: c306
Soo I got to this novel since I was bored I rarely start new novels but when I do I read all available chapters in 1-2 days, 1-2 weeks or 1-2 months depending on how long they are, and if I like it, I have over 10 novels I did stopped reading and over 20 i've read and some still reading and this is one of it.
Now to my thoughts about it:
-For once an good dictatorship I like it.
-It has a very strong harem and when I... more>> say strong I mean over 7 women maybe a lot more I can barely remember their names Chinese names are hard to remember I think I know 3 of them girls if I hear their name cus to pronounce it I can not.
-Zombies well last few years there was a lot of zombies movies, series, manga and many other zombie stuff, but I am glad to see some new stuff other than just zombies walking and trying to eat brains it is s*upid I mean if it really were to happen in real life just imagine it. (In my imagination it holds only for like 1-2 months before the army cleans them all and we are safe)

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Jimza rated it
May 6, 2016
Status: --
Its a good idea for a novel. MC is OP and has a bunch of girls. But is weird. Goes from one extreme of horny to the other of being a saint. The only issue I have is that there are way way too many characters which makes it hard to keep track. Also im suprised that given that the MC is smart he hasnt tried to exploit the world system.
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AsianNinjaBoy rated it
April 21, 2016
Status: --
Pretty awesome apocalyptic novel. It goes through a big change, but if you can handle the novel not being all innocent then it is a fun read.
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Kuro no Maou
Kuro no Maou
April 3, 2016
Status: --
Started good, rapidly turned into a self-insert novel where the MC is completely absorbed by himself. The author does not have a good grasp on human psychology.
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Star_God rated it
January 2, 2016
Status: --
One thing is clear Every thing is happening in MC's Favour and he is never at any huge disadvantage the streanth gain or power up of player's is very very slow and there always a zombie attack to complete the chap
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Melakias rated it
November 13, 2015
Status: --
A god decided that Humanity was having too much of a good time and unleashed Apocalypse onto the world, now zombies roam the streets, most animals have turned into monsters and people can... level up? Yup, the world's gone to sh*t in record time but now people can kill monsters to level up, get loot and skills.
Zombie Apocalypses and people haven't waited a second till they started forming shitty groups and abusing each others. It only takes about a week for the worst people to get in power positions... more>> (It's honestly appealing how quickly people managed to build some communities, it's almost like the system put them there).
Mc's a slightly above average person, smart enough, and lucky too, to know he has to kill zombies with the weapons given by the system and got one of the most OP skills by the form of a summon that's not affected by zombie virus.
Story starts good but quickly devolves into power struggles and how many girls can get into the MC's bed, fight scenes can still be pretty cool to read and the skill advancement is interesting.

Later on the touch of blatant racism against Japan and Japanese people is brought up, author shows a clear position in hating them, people should either don't read this novel or take it with a grain of salt as the situation taking the worst out of people and simply ignoring it for the rest of the story

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Marcus rated it
March 21, 2020
Status: Completed
It is a good story because of its concept and nice flow if you close an eye to alot of mistakes from the author. It is a great read, but it is not a good novel for those only starting in reading or those who dosent like dark themed novels. Alot of confusing things especially on the first part where the system is still relevant, so be warned, but if you get far enough, you will probably like it better.
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February 7, 2020
Status: v8c1236
Coming into this novel I did not expect much, I would read a ln or wn for a while and drop it. This novel with it's rating of 3.6 I did not expect much but this novel delivered more than any novel in it's genre has for me. This review is full of opinion and is not fact but I feel my opinion has value for any future readers. This novel changes as you read threw it and as it progresses later having some cultivation and other Chinese/Korean novel troupes.... more>> However this does not subtract from the novels excellence or my enjoyment as a reader. With in my opinion a happy ending and good writing I rate this novel extremely high. Though parts of this novel may be cliche and maybe a little stretched out and repeated, this is still a very good choice to read and I recommend this novel from the bottom of my heart. <<less
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January 23, 2020
Status: Completed
Okay. Lower rating of 3.6 is actually just some salty people trying to denounce something good. I have read plenty of novels and to me this novel do deserve to be in between 3.9 to 4.1 stars.

The reason:-

  • Because it's better than those cultivation cliches. This novel took the cultivation to next level and didn't just destroy the entire creation like some novel.
  • Protagonist grows and isn't OP at all but do become when he gets the imprint..
  • Last one, Items and World building (here universe building) was better than average
The things I... more>> didn't like in the novel:-

  • The final villian (GOD) was a total bummer. Sighh
  • Even though novel was satisfactory, ending chaps were done in pretty rush
  • I missed many chapters during my reading sessions.
So this is all I have to say regarding this novel. Definitely a good one.. <<less
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Ram5 rated it
October 9, 2018
Status: Completed
I want to rate it 3 out of 5 but accidentally click that rate, sorry, first time review

So where I should begin? First part of the novel was actually pretty good, we have badass MC with cheating skill (summoning skeleton), badass female lead, zombies, rpg kind of system (who doesn't love them), moral conflict, survival desire, lots of pretty girl (even though not all of them entered MC harem).

Then everything change after MC accidentally transported into another place for a second time, then it became rinse and repeat kinda story,... more>> transported - > new place to conquer - > new harem member - > transported.

It turn for the worst after new worlds get introduced and now we have vampire, ghoul, etc, etc. It kills the suspense of zombie apocalypse and no longer about survival.

Some girls introduced to be powerful in some chapter only to be drowned in many chapters later and slowly dissappear, only the female lead that at least, have some closure but still no use for the plot or helping MC in any way.

The ending was pretty boring and not satisfying, like seriously <<less
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terrythor465 rated it
June 2, 2018
Status: c614
This novel has a great beginning until after the Longhai City Base arc. It just snowballs down into just the same repeating of taking zones into his territory. It wouldn't be that bad, but the author simply keeps the action going and there's no real "daily life" arc and that society broke into its "dark age" way too fast.

I would say this novel is great as an already apocalyptic world, in which the world has already ended, but it fails as one that tries to start at the beginning of... more>> one. Also reliance on modern weapons is to the extreme in this, which is actually quite annoying. If it was only the non-awakeners using them then fine, but everyone uses them. The mmorpg elements feel really tacked on as a reason why they can do superhuman stuff in this novel but that's really it.

Also the amount of supplies like ammo, vehicles, tanks, helicopters, and other stuff are set unrealistically high as they never run out of that stuff. Honestly during the japan arc, new technology gets introduced and the zombie apocalypse is basically thrown to the back burner.

It's an okay read, but story stops being interesting after the Longhai City Base arc. <<less
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1life4death rated it
February 9, 2018
Status: c364
This novel is decent, but at the same time there are quite a number of issues with it. Its true that this novel does portray some realistic and dark aspect of human nature in a post-apocalyptic world. But the whole extreme racism and sexism is just a bit much as a driving factor to push the plot along. Like I get it, some of these can be seen as the whole group mentality or "us vs. them" aspect but its quite clear how pro-chinese the author is when it have... more>> arcs and latter portion of the novel dedicated to show how better they are compare to other foreign groups. As for female characters, honestly I prefer them to have more important roles or at least better status then just the MC's play thing or harem members..... but what can you expect when its seems MC is the only one with a brain and survival instinct in a post-apocalyptic world. <<less
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
October 24, 2017
Status: c550
3 stars.

Somewhat similar to the apocalypse type Korean novels that are rather popular plus all the goodness of a chinese Wuxia MC, at least for the first 100 chapters. Because at that point, all the bad points of a chinese wuxia MC starts to show up as well, and boy are they glaring.

The first and most obvious is the repetitiveness. You know, the standard go up higher realm and start all over again? Yeah, that one is in full drive here.

Second, female characters are basically cardboard cutouts of the prettiest.... more>> Most beautiful thing alive, at least for their given realm, and the whole reason for their existence is to make the author's, the MC's, and by extension, the reader's ego feel good.

The racism I can ignore, mostly because everyone is a racist one way or another, I simply take it as something that is inherent to the story, but it CAN go a little overboard so YMMV.

Overall, it really reminds me of novels like Everyone Else is a Returnee, only written by a wuxia author, with all that entails. It's good for some laughs and something new, but the quality itself isn't really that great.

Ok f*ck it. Reached chapter 550. 1 star. Author dropped the ball like it was a f*ckton of cow manure. <<less
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EvilGenesis666 rated it
October 17, 2017
Status: Completed
Novel is okay in my opinion. I liked the first part of it the most, when the game elements were prevailing - kill monsters get lootboxes, exp and money. However even then it had some glaring errors - the over the top nationalism, sexism, depictions of human cruelty, etc... some parts got me really uncomfortable -


there were detailed depictions of 10 year olds eating and raping other 10 year olds , cooking babies and pregnant woman in a huge pot...

. The evilty of human nature was exposed here to the max.

The second part focused more on other worlds, and it grew into a somewhat generic xianxia - cultivation and break trough into higher realms, it totally lost the game element part it had in the first half.

So... yeah, if u can stand all the evil things humans can do without getting uncomfortable and like novels with game elements, then you should read this novel. <<less
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charles_hartanto rated it
September 30, 2017
Status: c153
Its quite good for apocalyptic story so far and here something I notice so far.

The cons:

>The story have some inconsistency

>The women around him somehow like 1 d chara no emotion whataoever

>There are many things left un explainable

The pro

>The language is easy to understand

>Potray desolate situation

>The story is not to heavy for beginer reader (a bit dark but not to dark and not to many details)

So I recomend this novel to those who love to fell the situation or imaginative about apocalyptic but doesn't mind the missing details and inconsistency.
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June 13, 2017
Status: --
I think the beggining was good. The MC nice, smart, and can survive. BUT later we can see the author nacionalist and pedophil (The MC is not have s*x with little girls, but the description of these girls are really not appropriate) thoughts. The MC is extremist with the foreign nationaity (like all of them evil, money hungry idiots) which is pretty rude towards non-chinese readers. The plot is like an infinity loop (he goes and conquer, give some women for his harem, made some new subordonitate, repeat). There is... more>> a lot of exagarration, just like with the similar poor writen chinese novels, like the MC is how cunning, handsome, etc, the author does not let the readers think or have our own thoughts about the MC.

SO! The beginning is pretty good, but I think to read this novel... is a massive waste of time. : ( <<less
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August 14, 2016
Status: c309
Really good novel. I can understand the translator and some of the readers dislike of the use of racist terms or ruthlessness of practically everyone, but I can see where the author is coming from. I think this novel has an accurate description of how the world would turn out in a apocalypse. I am also not an easily offended person and my nationality, American, has not been discussed much in the novel at the point I'm at. Overall, well written and does not pull punches.
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August 13, 2016
Status: c310
I'd actually say this novel is pretty good. I'm surprised since I kind of forced myself to read through pretty much chapters 50-200. The first 50 chapters were intriguing and it felt like it had potential. However, it started going downhill. The story was all over the place, new characters are being introduced every other chapter, MC unexpectedly goes for the group route when everyone thought he'd go solo. Rape, s*avery, and prostitution is introduced around the 50s I think. That is probably when it went downhill for me. Part... more>> of it is because of the major sexism towards girls (though I'm a guy), but the other part is probably because I couldn't understand why the MC started to try conquering various villages and regions. From how he acted before, I figured he'd go lone wolf, but he somehow started to have an urge to create large groups.

I forgot what he did that irritated me since it's been a while, but yeah... me forcing myself to get through from 50-200 is pretty clear. I had to skip a lot of chapters because it felt a lot of fights were forced and the fights just kept on coming. Reading how he dodges this, kills this, tells everyone what to do for 2-4 chapters got annoying to me. I think I just wasn't used to this since a lot of it felt like repetition. However, after getting to the 200s the text felt readable and interesting. Felt worth it since now I'm at chapter 310 and enjoying it. Feeling sad that there's only 50+ chapters left to binge on ; (

-MC is badass and decisive. Great Leader
-His harem actually has character
-MC can think
-Battles involve modern technology, vies for granaries (food), war against zombies and humans as well.
-Human's evolved capabilities don't make them impervious to tanks and stuff... yet? c:
-Interesting human interactions post-apocalypse
-Everyone feels human and there is depth in almost all characters

- The author likes to repeat stuff A LOT, but most of it is unnecessary.
-Characters come and go.
-A LOT of names are just thrown at readers. Most don't play a significant part either.
-Characters can disappear for around 100 chapters.
-Some racism and sexism. Actually, when I think about it... perhaps there's a lot._. <<less
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July 4, 2016
Status: c1236
I read all of it. Plot looks absurd but got a reasonable explanation at the end. There is some unnecessary elements like too much racism. But overall its worth reading. 4.5/5.
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nastu1412 rated it
June 4, 2016
Status: --
One of the best one I have read yet and trust me I have read many. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to read many chapters at ones. It's a good read but it also has its good and bad side about it which makes it interesting the only thing that is annoying is that the MC doesn't know how to keep it in his pant and it can get pretty annoying later on. The story flow is also kind of annoying but the contents is good enough... more>> to make you want to read if you are reading it all at the same time it's really gets awesome and you get to feel the excitement. Many places the author keeps on repeating him self and some unless text also there but that can be ignored. The concept is so so so awesome that if you read it with keeping the main concept in mind the annoying stuff in it won't bother you

I agree it does get a bit dull in between but hold on it gets fun later on. <<less
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