Goblin Knight


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The Goblin Dreamed of Nobility

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고블린 기사
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I, the Goblin Emperor, Rule the World (1)
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04/29/24 GalaxyTL c16
04/29/24 GalaxyTL c15
04/28/24 GalaxyTL c14
04/28/24 GalaxyTL c13
04/27/24 GalaxyTL c12
04/27/24 GalaxyTL c11
04/26/24 GalaxyTL c10
04/26/24 GalaxyTL c9
04/25/24 GalaxyTL c8
04/25/24 GalaxyTL c7
04/24/24 GalaxyTL c6
04/24/24 GalaxyTL c5
04/23/24 GalaxyTL c4
04/23/24 GalaxyTL c3
04/22/24 GalaxyTL c2
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Likes to linger too much on suffering in a graphic manner for it to fit my taste, not the worst, but it uses prayers from a western religion so it also feels a little annoying to see it in a medium where this taste is explicit. Using a real religion's prayer as a sort of lazy way to lend the prayers an easy sense of purity... its a real sleaze sense that adds to the already annoying tone. Asia may be mostly atheistic, but this isn't how you do a... more>> pious tone in a piece. No clue what they were thinking. <<less
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