Glory to Earth Magic


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When he noticed, the protagonist who reincarnated as a baby was in a different world where magic normally exists.
I was looking forward to using showy magic, but the attribute that was suitable for me was the earth attribute which was considered plain and unpopular in this world. The appearances of flame, ice and the like are more preferred since they have strong magic. In this world, the earth attribute is being treated unfairly because of plainness.
The protagonist who is the owner of such and unfortunate thing in this fantasy comedy aims to improve the status of earth magic.

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Glory for the Earth Magic!
Tsuchimahou ni Eikou wo!
Tsuchi mahō ni eikō o
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Fluffums rated it
December 5, 2016
Status: c19
I'm actually getting kind of tired of all these "everyone looks down on one of the elements" novels. Not that it's a specific gripe about this story, but all the elements have specific strengths and weaknesses, and moreover they can strengthen or weaken each other. This is common to all "real-life" elemental systems, even if sometimes they disagree about how the specific elements work.

The only place this kind of "prejudice" could happen is in a poorly balanced video game. And that's only because you can't use elemental magic for anything... more>> but combat. Just for crafting and building purposes, earth magic (for example) should be essential, and every major castle should have a powerful earth mage as part of the defense force. Then you have all of the landshaping that can be done. Is it not flashy to be able to raise a mountain if you want?

But I felt bad judging the story based on my prejudices, so I read up to the latest chapter. Standard reincarnation into a fantasy world stuff. No special cheat, but the character has everything he needs handed to him (so far). As expected, the prejudice against earth magic has no real basis. There's even a city of smiths who honor the earth goddess, but the book doesn't go into much detail about that. Also, there's no "mission" or anything, and as expected of a japanese webnovel, after the "childhood" arc introducing the world, the story goes right on to a magic high-school with strangely japanese-style uniforms. tl;dr it's nothing special and way too proud of itself for what it is, but it's not too offensive if what I griped about at the beginning doesn't bother you. <<less
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Raobihr rated it
November 12, 2016
Status: --
I should have know that any author who thought that Earth magic, or any magic, would be unpopular for some reasons would have their story turn out bad. But I decided to read it because I wanted to know the reason and the reason was because it's not flashy. No other reasons at all, so yeah s*upid concept. I thought there would be another reasons but nope. I for one can't see any reason why a society would work this way. For reals just look at all the things you... more>> could do with Earth magic build roads, buildings, and bridges. And you always have something related to your magic around. I feel like the author knows this and more than likely the story is gonna be about the protagonist going around showing everybody all the great things earth magic can do. Yeah should have seen that coming based on the title and description.

This also has all the crappy generic Japanese MC tropes too. <<less
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Zonkoro rated it
March 24, 2018
Status: c23
In all honesty I was disappointed that the reason most people don't use it is because it's not flashy. If they think it's not flashy that's ignorant, simply because you can use it to create earthquakes, fissures that open beneath your enemy only to close back up, and even use the ground beneath their feet to create meteors to shower your opponents with. Those are but just few examples of it's potential which is the reason why the fact that nobody took this form of magic seriously is frustrating especially... more>> since I was hoping I would finally get see my favourite element used to fullest instead of being a stage prop used mostly by side characters. In the end the reason I gave it two stars is the character at least uses it somewhat properly from where I'm at. <<less
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