Global University Entrance Examination


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The whole world is subjected to a highly dangerous standardised exam called the Global University Entrance Examination. Answering questions by putting their lives at stake, they would live if they passed the test. Every month the exam will undergo reformation while, occasionally, it is random.

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Quánqiú gāokǎo
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New Achiless rated it
March 31, 2020
Status: c38
I honestly don't get why ppl would give it 5 stars. The title should be changed into Global Plot Holes. This way some Shen Qingqiu might just come and fill them up.

So this is a mystery, survival game, question solving novel. The problem with this mystery story, is that it is too mysterious *rolls eyes*:

So the characters receive points by solving questions, and they will pass if they have enough points at the end.
They only receive 2 of the 5 points for a question? Why? No explanation.
The answer... more>> is x? Why? No explanation.
They couldn't solve a question. What was the correct answer then? No explanation.
Like bro wtf. The author is basically telling us to go f*ck ourselves.

I doubt the author even knows the correct answers to all those questions.

Ofc there are times when there is an explanation, but there are too many times when there isn't one.
It's not even about being realistic anymore. This is just plain stupid. We read mystery to be mindblown BY the mystery solving, NOT to be wrapped up in the mystery of NOT KNOWING A THING ABOUT WHAT'S GOING ON.

Also, too much luck. I HATE it when characters in a survival game are winning mostly by relying on luck. "LuCk iS AlSo a sTreNgHT" yes, I know. But in this case there is too much luck involved. We want to see the characters slaying bc of their strength, not to see them win by lying down. The MC and ML are OP, so please let them use that OP. The author prob doesn't even know how those questions can be solved besides getting lucky.
The only acceptable luck is with drawing cards or something, and the MC even has bad luck with drawing cards. I'm dead. Author-sama, is this guy lucky or not? Choose a side.

There are even some questions/situations which are impossible to solve. But the MC is ofc able to solve it, because he is lucky.
For example, the MC encountered a situation where any other player would die no matter which option they choose, but the MC didn't die bc one of his teammembers had a "special condition". And I want to emphasize that this "special condition" is not something you can get by working hard or being smart. That person just had it, and is the only person in this world who has it.
Author-sama, is that situation even solvable without being lucky to have that teammember? What is the use of this whole survival game at this point, if it is actually impossible to pass? This is just plain stupid.

The only plus points of this novel, are the questions that ARE answered by the book. Also the relationship between MC and ML is pretty interesting. Yeah that's it. <<less
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GrimmyAF rated it
December 15, 2019
Status: Completed

One day because of an accident, You Huo was pulled into a system that made him, his uncle, and his cousin undergo life-or-death exams with a bunch of unlucky participants.

So, he does what every student wished they could do and just. Rips. The. Exam. Apart.

... more>> Then, he meets the Examiner 001.

(Without memories, could we fall for each other again?)


The story follows You Huo, a silent guy who seems like he sleeps every five seconds as he undergoes every student's worse nightmare.

Exams that decide your life and death.

Don't get fooled by the tags, this story isn't a horror, it's more of a thriller + mystery + survival game. With added comedy in bits and pieces.

This story asks an important question: will the physics you learnt in school actually play a part in your future?

(It's a joke. Well, not really.)

This is a very plot heavy story, and although there's romance, the plot and the mystery solving continues throughout the entire novel.

The main characters, You Huo and 001, are cool, calm, and collected in different ways. And although they seemed very different at first, they're actually very compatible in many different areas.

The side characters are wonderful, from You Huo's cousin who's the type of student that threw everything back to the teachers after finishing his exams, to 152 and 922 who are done with their boss' acts, to the pregnant lady Shu Xue who seems really out of place in a life-or-death exam.

The author drops a lot of hints through the whole story about the Very Mysterious Past, as well as the mysteries covering the pasts of the side characters. But those doesn't take away anything from the story, instead, it adds to it because a lot of bits aren't obvious at the start, but ends up making a lot of sense in the end.

Ending wise:

1v1, HE. Most plot points wrapped up nicely, side characters get their closure.


Very good read with badass main characters and lovable side characters. Good and engaging plot with an overarching mystery. However, there isn't a lot of killing, and the main characters are so badass some parts of the life-or-death exam becomes almost a joke. <<less
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YellowNoodle rated it
November 24, 2019
Status: c1
Wow wow Wow! This is so interesting to read despite it only being the first chapter!

The title instantly attracted my attention because I'd be one of the first ones to die in such an exam. 😁 I'm the "when you try your best but you don't succeed" kind of test taker.

Well, I'm off to go read the raws because I don't have a clue if the character who stands out the most is our MC or ML.

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Anra7777 rated it
January 4, 2020
Status: c13
So far, I think this only deserves three stars. Why? Because it's too mysterious. It reminds me a bit of "Earth is Online, " but without any of the set-up or world building of that story. We're thrown immediately into the action with zero explanation of how anyone got there, where they are (same world? Different world?), or even whether this sort of thing is completely normal for this world. Thirteen chapters in and I'm still waiting to find out. The people taking the exam are clearly first timers, but... more>> there's still no indication that this sort of horror set-up is abnormal for this world. The characters lack the sort of confusion one would expect for being thrown into this game if they had no knowledge of it at all. <<less
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December 9, 2019
Status: c5
I can't say much since the translation has just started but I really like the pace and writing of the author. Basically its exactly what is written in the synopsis and so far its a interesting read if u like mystery/horror like Earth Online or A crowd of evil spirits lines up to confess to me. However given that i've read earth online which has such a deliberate plot and detail..i have to say that the problem solving in this novel is rather vague... I wasnt even sure how the... more>> clues in the room had lead to the answer MC had written. Like?? Where was his thought process?? Given that it was a university examination level question I expected one that could twist my brains but in this aspect I was kinda disappointed. But its also too early into the novel so I cant conclude too much yet but from what ive read it seems to focus more on the dialogue and character development of the MC and the people around him (examiners) which I find a little of a pity since its a mystery plot with a high potential. But irregardless im still looking forward to this book since the MC is so badasss and cool. Its hard to find a MC that is level-headed and unfazed by all the craziness going on around him. And yes he seems to be an individual that has shown unprecedented results so far so im curious where it would take him in the future! Wanna thank the translator for a beautiful job well done! <<less
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teagsho rated it
March 3, 2020
Status: c36
it's good haha, I think Qin Jiu (001) and MC have a past together but both of them suffered the same fate of forgetting memories (even though it's a different cause : ML (001) forgot his memories because of the system malfunction, MC forgot his memories because of illness/trauma) so yeah both of them feel familiar but didn't even has a little damn clue about each other. Tbh I thought it's gonna frustrate me since both of them clearly close in the past but forget but it's not like that... more>> at all. Since they really are didn't have any clue, really, only feeling, FEELING ONLY WITHOUT ANY CLUE AHAHAHAHHA that's why I just have to forget about the fact that MC and ML supposed to be together since they aren't remember each other anyway

The exam question it's illogical not like Earth is Online. Most of them (since it's not completed yet) it's a mystery like guess how, guess who, and searching for a clue. The explanation of the death it's not scary at all. It's just, the NPC (former failed examinee/ punished invigilator) are sometimes mysterious and creepy (since they're bound to system and can't reveal anything) but the moment exam ended they're turned normal (like answering question and talk since they're once an examinee too). The MC it's not OP imo, he's just more calm and indifferent. Not like super genius who guess and all. Oh, MC is a risk taker too but not because he's brave but coz he just too indifferent. No worries he's only take the risk if he already really really annoyed with the situation. The ML is an invigilator 001, the code number is expressed his point and strength I guess (154 once explain this in the earlier chapter but I forgot). That's mean ML is once a powerful examinee. *Invigilator : an examinee who got a high score and passed the examination <<less
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bmb rated it
January 2, 2020
Status: c18
It's the first time I read a novel with this type of "examination" horror/mystery/survival game so I'm really invested in it right now!

MC is smart but he is not favoured in all aspects which I appreciate. Also, he seems to sleep a lot.

And the ML seems playful to me but not too much.

This is what I can see about them for the moment.

Both of them are misterious, we don't know much about either of them so I'm pretty much intrigued.

The translation is good, so give it a try!
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Animelover0897 rated it
December 21, 2019
Status: Completed
OMG 10 OUT OF 10 WOULD READ AGAIN!!! I love the whole mystery from day one (chapter one) and what really convinced me to MLTing the whole story was @YellowNoodle's comment of "when you try your best, but you dont succeed.." 🍙🐽🍙 (i really don't know why it was that comment but ya). I hope the translation does it justice but just from the raw version there was a lot of amazing plot and game puzzles that made my mind think (im dumb af). Though not as much dog... more>> food as I would enjoy what really kept me reading was the whole mystery behind their background (SUPER IMPORTANT in plot) and what the sytem (where the MC and ML and everyone else is stick in, pretty much like vr... But where people are killed if they cant solve their "test" and are permanently stuck to stay there unless they are released by the system... (Which I dont think actually happens, they just become invigulators or part of the system) really is.) is really about. The whole think about the candidates and invigulators kind of becomes... Mehh... It doesnt really matter too much, botg the MC and ML are super OP and pretty much breaks the whole system (Literally). Anywhoo I would recommend this novel for those who like super long lasting mystery and those who dont like too much dog food (which I dont get since... THIS IS BL BRUUHH=__=) <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fragrance rated it
February 13, 2020
Status: c30
I like the mystery solving plot and the whole examination thing which is different from what I usually read. I think it is one of a kind because most of the survival game themed novel often revolves around horror and thriller.

And I love MC's character. He is like very calm and collected but I can see some of his funny thoughts in his POV. Mainly about the 001. The author added a lot of foreshadowing throughout the novel. I'm intrigued by MC and ML's past and how they're related to... more>> each other. Also, I like how the author includes some of side characters' POV which are great because we can see characters growth. I can relate to Yu Wen (MC's cousin). He's fun and interesting. I'd be like him if I were in the examination.

What I don't really like is that there's none elaboration or details about the questions. How the MC figure out the answer, what's the questions about etc.
Ex: in the first arc, there's something about 12 apostles and the examiners need to find out the traitor. They think the answer is Judas (11) but suddenly when an examiner wants to write the answer, MC quickly writes 12 (answer is Jesus). I don't understand about this part at all. And it ended just like that with no explanation whatsoever. It could be so much better if there's a detailed analysis of the questions and how they can answer it correctly without casualty. <<less
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