Ghost Blows Out the Light


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Set in the 1980s, the novel follows former soldier Hu Bayi and his partner as they raid tombs in search of valuables. The two team up with an American archaeologist after they fall victim to a curse, and to release themselves from it they must seek clues found among ancient mythical sites across China.

The title is derived from an old Chinese saying, credited by the author to genuine grave robbers: “A human lights the candle and the ghosts blow it out.” According to the author, grave robbers would place a candle in the south-east corner of a tomb after entering, in an attempt to make contact with the dead. If the candle was extinguished it was a sign that the spirits within opposed the intrusion, and the robbers would be obliged to depart, leaving everything intact and undisturbed.

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Guǐ chuīdēng
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strixflash rated it
September 21, 2016
Status: c12
This is the most exciting novel out there. I'm sure most of us have heard about this story from IRAS but after reading a few chapters of this novel I understood why Zhang Ye plagiarized this story! It's because the story is really good. No doubt it would be enjoyed by the masses for it's original and exciting. We see characters accepting legacies from tombs of ancient Paragons in Xianxia but this novel is the one which takes realistic take on it with the elements of supernatural and horror. It's... more>> well written and every chapter is full of suspense. At times it would make you tremble from excitement and at times from horror. It gave rise to a new genre of its own so you can imagine the popularity this novel enjoyed in China

So you should definitely read this. You won't be disappointed at all. <<less
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