Getting Away From The Hunter


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In a desperate bid to evade a demon hunter, Ravi, a succubus, finds herself s**ked into a novel. Of all the genres, she ends up in a BL novel!

Outside, men line up just to catch her gaze, but in the novel, she’s treated coldly like yesterday’s rice.

Despite disguising herself as a man, the characters instinctively sense her true nature as a woman and reject her advances. Six months of this, and she’s on the verge of starving to death from lack of regular meals.

Someone, anyone, please fall for me…!

With an open mind like never before, she decides to spend the night with a nerdy man she meets at a bar.

…Why are you here?

The man who appears before her after removing his glasses is none other than… the demon hunter she’s been desperately trying to avoid?!

‘I can’t die like this!’

The succubus encounters the hunter in a dead-end situation.

Predator and prey. Demon hunter and succubus.

At the heart of this eternally parallel relationship, what choice will she make in order to survive?

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Running Away From The Hunter
사냥꾼에게서 도망쳤다
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acquiesceu rated it
November 30, 2022
Status: Completed
Note: long review ahead, but the TLDR is that if you're looking for strictly smut, don't read. If you want some plot to go with it and fantasy elements, have a go. It's definitely plot w/ smut, not pwp. In fact, I would even say that it's just plot (and quite developed plot?!) with smut sprinkled in, because the longer you read, the less sexy scenes you see. The ML is a bit of a wooden stick when it comes to the MC's attempted seduction, but he very, very quickly overturns this behavior. The snu-snu is pretty decent, nothing to holler home about..?

Their first actual snu-snu scene was so short I had to make sure I wasn't missing something LOL.

The scenes get longer the further you read, but at the same time there's plot development so the frequency isn't as much as other smut novels.

And to hammer it home one more time, the longer you read, the less smut there is. I'm specifically a bit sour on how in ch181, Regan had Ravi wear some interesting undergarments, then in ch182 Solomon gifted Ravi an interesting book for *ahem* interesting role play scenarios. And yet no smut! At all! I was a bit bamboozled ngl.


There are sorta arcs in the book, which I will list as so in the spoiler (not really a heavy spoiler, but for those interested in the story direction) :
  1. Inside the book, where the goal is to escape
  2. Living in the past after attempting to escape the book (Solomon interferes with MC and ML's escape to put them in the past for a period of time, as well as communicate with MC)
  3. After both truly escape Solomon's book, where they now have to solve the issue of the corrupted Vatican (aka the Pope)
Now, I'll get into some of my favorite parts of the book, then get into why I took off a star/the cons after. Spoilers containing parts of the end:

The scene near the end where Ravi runs into the door and the hunters are holding Regan back from going after her. I know it's supposed to be a somber atmosphere but damn it was too funny. Then when Ravi comes out of the door and bee lines for a make-out session with Regan, the hunters once again are scrambling, this time to separate the two's tongue tangling which is pissing off Adelaide to the point of him wanting to draw Artemis on Ravi the "temptress." I'm just picturing dozens of straight-faced hunter guys trying to separate these two's public kissing session and failing horribly.

Then it's revealed that the book turned into the BL genre because of Regan! Not because he likes men of course, but because his obsessive compulsion of isolating Ravi was so strong that it indirectly caused every man and woman in the book to be attracted to only men. Poor Ravi LOL. Then, as we know, our dear Ravi ended up changing it into a pe*verted hetero book due to her strong desire of energy and becoming the MC of the book. Truly these two are a match made in heaven. I do want to include Regan's thoughts that caused the BL genre though, because I found it strangely poetic (this is right before he follows her into the book) :

I hope you don't run away from me there.

I want you to recognize me first this time.

I hope no one gets in between us.

I wish only I, only I, knew your loveliness.

So come back to me again.


Now onto why I took of a star, it's because of quite a few points that weren't addressed in the plot. Major spoilers ahead:

We never get to know Ravi's past before she meets Regan as a child. It seems that Ravi is the "wish" of Solomon, which kinda makes Solomon her mom? We also only get to know slivers of Regan's past before he met Ravi, so it begs the question of why he was so sought after by hunters in the first place and how it all started.

The grey city (I forgot the name) where the two children were on the run is also a complete mystery. There's a conspiracy about the Vatican and demons colluding with each other to kidnap orphans (it's the reason why the city was created, basically to attract runaways), but we don't know what it was for and the mystery surrounding it.

Solomon's sacrifice is also a bit confusing. I don't understand why she didn't go on the run with her brother since I think it's implied she knew she'd be a sacrifice to open the door.

Also, what happened during that time after Ravi transferred her powers to Regan? We know she joins a group of demons and is then picked up by Seyr, but it would have been nice to know a bit more about her past. And what happened with Ravi's old mark on Regan? Also, the deal between Ravi and Seyr, which I don't think is ever revealed what the specific contents were. The blank on the immortality of Adelaide and Regan is also left up in the air. A lot of small plot holes that I wish were addressed but oh well.


About the title:

Title drop at the end of ch180. We learn that it doesn't just refer to how Ravi was on the run from Regan chasing her, but also how Regan abandons his identity as a hunter for her.


About the "curtain"/"veil":

Everyone assumes it's a place of God, but it isn't. In fact, we don't really learn what exactly it is, besides the fact that there is a consciousness that controls the "black hands" and the system messages of the door. Inside is just a void, but the very ending might point to it being more than a void. It's really not specified tbh.


About the ending:

The ending was a bit bittersweet, as it ended with Seyr finally meeting Solomon. Bitter since it's implied that as he nears death in the void, he opens his eyes to a fond scenery in the past where Solomon is. We don't know if it's his last desire, part of the afterlife, or a pocket inside of the void. The unknown makes it bittersweet, but in the end they still meet.


What might turn some readers off is how Ravi is a bit of a airhead (in the sense that she doesn't really think things through, but she's got some of her wits about her so I'll give her that). Definitely a tad naive and dense though.

Overall, I'd say I really enjoyed my reading experience. It was kind of just a long rollercoaster ride but I'm here for it lol. I do wish we saw a powerful wizard Ravi, but understandably we can't. If you wanted to know why (big spoiler) :

Ravi saved Regan from death as a child by separating a part of her soul and giving it to him. It broke a taboo of "beyond the veil" thus taking away her memories (and her power is given to Regan).

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