Get Rid Of The Male God And Marry The Rich


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Meng Yu has loved Xiao Qi for ten years. He is her male god and her light. She chased him and humbled herself into the dust for him. But their ten-year relationship is no better than his white moonlight’s gentle smile. Even if she was divorced, even if she already had a daughter, when she came back, His heart followed.

Too full of love, too deep to hurt, Meng Yu suddenly realized that she didn’t want any bullsh*t anymore.


Meng Yu was forced to replace her step-sister to marry the old and ugly man who was said to be powerful. On the day of the wedding, stood a tall and handsome man in front of her and said to her, “From now on we will be husband and wife. Please advise me for the rest of my life.”

Meng Yu: “???” Huh? What old and ugly?

  Others said he was cold and cruel, and asked her to be careful, but after marrying her, Meng Yu felt that he was considerate and spoiled her to the bone…

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rosie bae
New rosie bae rated it
September 9, 2021
Status: Completed
story was good. Finished mtl version in 2 days.

... more>>

ML is so good to Fl. But he is too scheming that was bearable. He calculated every step to marry her. They have a happy ending but their first child boy has an autism and then they have daughter.

first boyfriend of FL how to describe him who is piteful character after breaking up with FL he loved her and blinded by his first love who is scheming b*tch. He stay single through story.


last story about ji ya was so good I was almost teared up. <<less
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Terralia rated it
October 25, 2020
Status: Completed
This... Hmm. How do I explain how I feel about this novel? It starts out great. ML isn't the guy mentioned in the summary, which I appreciate. The scum man is abused. The dogfood is plentiful, adorable and shoved into your face. The drama while there, is discussed, communicated about, and no dogblood. I do quite like their dynamic in the beginning.



... more>>

Turns out the ML's White Moonlight from childhood is FL AND HE'S BEEN STALKING HER FOR YEARS. Like hiring people to keep tabs on her life and take pictures and shit. That's the part I have issues with. He also schemes to reintroduce the FL's ex's white Moonlight into the picture which leads to them breaking up, which honestly I have less of a problem with because, ya'know, scum man did his own f*cking up in that whole thing.


You've spent this entire book building up this FL who gets out of a bad relationship where she's lost her self-respect and realizing she should still have it, to slowly finding her way back to believing in love again with some measure of self-respect...

But it's totally chill when she finds out she's been stalked for years. By the ML. but she's chill with it. Like she doesn't even leave the house or anything, she just calls him a pervert but she still loves him.


This could have been a great story a la Return of the Goddess where the FL finds her self love/self respect again and true love with the support and affection of the ML, but nope, the moral of the story is that you should hope your creepy stalker has your best interests at heart. Bleh. That's what knocked it down two stars for me. And I know blahblah it's light novel, but that's the reason it still has 3 stars and not 0. Stalking is not sexy, boys and girls!


Basically suspend any expectations you have about wider themes about female empowerment and self-respect in a relationship, and it enjoy it for the candy cotton fluff it is. It's a mary-sue, modern fairytale. But it could have been more. <<less
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Anatasyatata rated it
December 28, 2020
Status: Completed
I cant express my feeling so well in english, so please allow me to write it out in my mother language.

... more>>

Sumpah ya ini novel worth it banget buat dibaca. Capek gue huhuhu. Ceritanya gemes in, sedihnya dapet, fluffy nya dapet, semuanya dapet dahhh. Meng Yu sama Uncle Chu gemesin banget gak bohong. Apalagi side storynya ya rabb, lebih parah kayaknya. Idk mungkin karena yang terakhir gue baca cerita side storynya jadi kebayang2 terus. I think the side story has similary plot in drama korean Nice Guy, cmiiw.

Pokoknya kalau gue yang baca dan review nya bagus artinya ini beneran bagus ya gak bohong, lmao.


Btw I write this review in this language, cuz I want to know it's there another person from my country who read novelupdates? 🤔😌 <<less
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IloveWebNovels rated it
November 9, 2020
Status: Completed
I'm not looking for a complicated plot. This is just right. It's sweet and doesn't have much drama (except for JiYa's side story). As for the male lead...
... more>>

He's abnormal. And surprisingly he knows and admits it. At least he's self-aware that stalking and scheming to get his girl (by bringing a woman to the white moonlight's lover which in turn causes her to break up with him which in turn causes her to go to XiaoQi which in turn caused MengYu and XiaoQi's breakup), is not normal and even despicable. It's creepy alright.

BUT. HERE IS THE BIG BUT. First, he's aware that he's abnormal. Second, although he's a stalker, he never hurt MengYu, he's not possessive in an extreme way (like he kills his rivals or doubts the FL every time she talks to a guy), he's not sexually abusive, and he doesn't restrict her freedom. Although he's a rouge in bed and says sexy stuff, he still actually gives her respect (some cn ML's please take a f*ucking note). He is still a pervert though.

BUT MengYu loves this pervert. She fell in love with his everything. And to be honest, with her experience and personality, she just fit right into him like a missing puzzle piece. Her father died when she was young, her mother had to suck up to her stepsister and completely forgot about her, XiaoQi is freakin undecisive and insensitive he ended up hurting her. She wanted to be loved. And Chu Xiujin gave everything she wanted. Even too much in fact. He's abnormal, but at least he doesn't confine her or abuse her. To be honest, aside from the stalking and scheming stuff, he acted pretty normal with MengYu (except for his rougish ways).

However, they are a perfect couple because their personalities, experience, and even kinks are compatible. ChuXiujin is possessive and dominant. While MengYu likes being dominated and loved. But if you change our heroine into someone who's very independent, dominant, aggressive, and cold. Boy, their marriage is a war everyday.

So this story is just right. Because the couple fits just right


If you want a guy obsessed with a girl and is willing to give the world to her. A drama-free and story full of fluff. A parody like story of a typical cold ML who felt the pain and regret of losing the person who loves him very much (aka the canonfodder). Then this is for you. You can read it to kill time. <<less
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Kei-Em03 rated it
November 19, 2020
Status: Completed
MTL very easy 5☆

Its very simple and very fluffy but you know, kinda weird having a very stalker like ML 😂 (well, he's a stalker alright 😂)

... more>>

but he's not the toxic kind. He just looks at FL, tho he schemed to get FL. Its the kind of schemed that unless the people involved are not willing it wouldnt work. A very simple but intricate scheme. He also didnt limit FL nor caged her. As stated by him, he is a fierce and cruel beast. But she is not his prey, she is a cage that can hold him.

Anyways, I still think that they are 2 pieces of a puzzle, they kinda fit perfectly together. She lack someone who will love every bits of her and He can give her the kind of love that will love her to bits and pieces. She has lived her life in a way that everyone seems to take her and her love for granted while He wanted to cherish and take care of her since the day they met. She have so much pure love to give while he needs and craves for this kind of love. Its definitely a good read.

I know other might be turned off by stalker ML. But come on, its fiction, give it a chance.

13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
anggr291 rated it
December 9, 2020
Status: Completed
I MTL-ed everything ohh still my tear tracks still glistening on my face rn

super super cute the male lead is yandere stalker nice very sweet not creepy tbh and he even tells the female lead

“although I am abnormal I will take care of you all my life provide you money wealth power—— please dont leave me”

i think that sums up their relationship loool

also.. Side couple at the end seriously I crying so hard
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Babablacksheep9 rated it
May 17, 2021
Status: Completed
The ML is twisted and creepy and stalked FL BUT the author adresses the issue and the ML feels guilty about his behaviour.

He understands that what he did was wrong and tries to hide that from FL so.. I wasn't really offended?

It wasn't like those novels where ML is a downright psychopath and author justifies that with his past. So good enough for me!
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whitespade rated it
November 24, 2020
Status: Completed
A nice novel to MTL, finished in 8hours.

I love both main characters. The FL have self esteem and she know how to communicate. The ML is possessive but not dangerous. It's a bit criminal when you read further, but you don't feel suffocated. Of course if you read other reviews they don't agree with it but to me its fine.

I love how developed the other characters are. The second male lead is punished so thoroughly that you could be satisfied. There are other tangent characters that bring interesting stories and... more>> dynamics.

Be warned if you don't really care too much of diabetic banter because when they get lovey dovey they are really lovey dovey so you could skip whole paragraphs of nonsense in a flash. But if you do its a plus plus plus. In addition I don't really like the ending because it waste my tears, but of course everyone want a HE. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
im here for that review that said " nope, the moral of the story is that you should hope your creepy stalker has your best interests at heart. Bleh. " HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what a mood.

yeah, I agree tho. Stalking is off-putting. Buttt I came here to numb my mind from the world and this helped pass time so 4 stars.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nelle rated it
November 17, 2020
Status: Completed
I really like how the author creates the characters. They are not one dimensional and it's entertaining to read from start to end. The female lead is very open minded - emphasis on VERY.

... more>>

The male lead is obsessed with her. He's the type you can report for stalking and harassment. (He does not harass her though, at least not directly) He manipulates the people around her so he could be with her. However, the female lead loves him so much that these obsessive tendencies are ignored. It's endearing to read, to be honest lol.


If the male lead was on another novel, I doubt it would still be a light and fun. The author did a good job at toning down the creepy parts and still made it fluffy. I like that this portrays how you love someone so much that your love can conquer everything. <<less
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The Sliveren
The Sliveren rated it
November 12, 2020
Status: Completed
At first, I wanted to give this a four stars, but instead I gave it a five stars. Reason?

There are no heavy conflicts which I truly like (I came from a heavy angst read) and it's kind a fluffy. A plus point to me.


MC knows how to stop herself. She was not a saint or a door mat. She clearly knows what she likes and she was not your average female leads that is so independent and dominant woman. She wanted to be loved due of reasons and the ML satisfies that.

ML. One of the most decent male lead that I crossed. He pass with flying colors to my criteria. He knows that he's abnormal and he accepted that. But (let me say the but because I wanted to emphasize it) he was not your average Yandere guy. Sure the paranoia is still there but the MC assures to him that she will be the only man she loves. There are also reasons of why I love this ML.


Go read it. Only a fuddy-duddy like you will read this. XD


I see the character development (not really) on XQ's character. I don't know what to label him, but I really love his development. His changes (for me) is kind of a change.


SIKE. You are truly a fuddy-duddy HAHHAHAHA. Read this novel, lazyass!




No joke. Okay, there are parts of this novel that you might be uncomfortable. I know that you read the reviews from other readers so yeah.

The MC in this novel is too open minded. Like I was bruh, if I were her, I would be so creep out.


I wanna thank the translator for picking this up!!
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yumakichan rated it
May 1, 2021
Status: c62
This story may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I really enjoyed it and strongly recommend especially people who like rebirth novels - although it is not a rebirth novel-.


It's not a rebirth novel, there is no thing like learning the plot and trying to change its route. There is a sensible girl, after ten years of shitty relationship, she dumps his ass and decide to respect herself which I find it really refreshing. You know, after reading so much rebirth novels, you'll get the idea.

ML is a little... more>> creepy. From the very start you'll understand that he knew the MC beforehand, it's not a cnovel if he did not. He is possessive, but not extreme. Yeah he schemed the whole first love's coming back thing, but if he is that bad, why didn't he do it earlier? There was a lot of time that scumbag boyfriend actually could have s*x with her, propose her, marry her and have children with her. We talk about ten years girls, and he did not strike right after her break-up. Waited for one and half year, which is enough to find a rebound love and have a shotgun marriage.

That's why I didn't dislike his possessiveness and understand why MC gave him a chance. He was not obsessive over her virginity, he thought she was sexually active with his ex boyfriend but didn't care a bit. He never pestered her about her ex more than a normal person would do. He let her do her things, loved her, cared about her, believed her, protected her, behaved the exact opposite what her shitty ex boyfriend had done before.

Most creepy part is her finding photos of herself in his secret stash. She didn't make it a big deal, even ML thought it was a big deal and I think it was a big deal too. Still, their relationship was really stable when she found out, so she didn't make it an issue, even found it cute.

Their having children part might be a little more detailed. And the side story was really warm, I would like to read a sequel about them. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MusicFromMiles rated it
November 21, 2020
Status: --
Hmmmm... I really can't describe my feelings for this novel... Im not even sure if I like it or not, but I couldn't wait for the translation so I'm currently reading the mtl.

... more>>

I really sympathise with the ex-boyfriend. He was a cold indifferent as*hole for sure but he really regrets it and is willing to change just to get back with the female lead. I think it would be really interesting if the male lead was him. As for the real male lead..... He was ok. I haven't read much so I really can't judge but he's treats the female lead right, so that's a plus


The mtl is very easy to read and understand.



I really can't decide if I like this or not. Everybody has a reason to hate somebody and it's not just unreasonable jealousy. I don't dislike the antagonists, hell I'm not even sure if that one character is really guilty for the supposedly crime he committed. At this point I'm even disliking the couple or the ML for being a bit too much. Then again I'm still considered at the early part of the story, so I don't know if my opinion about this would change. I'm gonna edit this, if it did.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mrs. B
Mrs. B rated it
April 5, 2021
Status: Completed
A love story without drama, pretty easy to MTL, no major villains just some people with bad characters, both FL n ML characters are likeable.

You can check the reviews from other readers, but in my point of view, the review from IloveWebnovels is the most perfect review to describe this story.

So if you’re looking for drama-free novel with fluff to pass your free time, this is a nice 1 to read.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mayari30 rated it
November 2, 2020
Status: --
I give 5 stars! I dont knoe how to change my rating 😭☹. MTL-ed this! For such great characters.. Even the ex-boyfriend's character is great! The love and pain are there.. Oh its a great light read. And gave you a little bonus for the story of Ji Ya and Ji Xun!!! So sweet and romantic 😍🥰🥰🥰
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ApolloAresZues rated it
July 8, 2021
Status: Completed
Oh this was so good! Definitely something I'd recommend, but only for people who can handle a little yandere. Nothing extreme or crazy, and in fact in my opinion the ML is actually one of the most respectful and kind out of the bunch. The FL Meng Yu is so so cute but also so mature. Their romance is the highlight of this book.

The story starts out with the FL Meng Yu chasing this guy whose name I forgot for ten years and now they finally date and live together.... more>> Except hes a stone cold guy that disapproves of her acting loving with him, doesnt view her in a sexual light, and has a white moonlight in his heart. This white moonlight comes back from a bad marriage with a daughter and this piece of sht allows her to move in and for her daughter to call him daddy. All while thinking FL shouldnt mind it. And confessing that he still likes white moonlight. FL leaves him as she should but also shows the appropriate amount of hanging on as befitting of her 10 year love. If your worried about this, let me just say

He does show up several times to interfere and she wavers (before main couple are married) and this is because she has wasted all those years on him and is so desperate for affection that she mistakes his OCD (he cooks and cleans for her) for love when it frankly isnt. But after marrying, FL is very firm and it's just long pages of this piece of sht regretting and realizing that he actually loved her all along. Secretly, I think he has white moonlight syndrome bc it seems he falls for whoever is not available. I guess he likes the pining. He gets what he deserves though, regretting so hard and is tortured by the main couples love for the rest of the book. Very satisfying.


In any case FL family are also terrible people and they force her to take her sisters place in marrying a rumored ugly and short rich guy. FL agrees out of obligation and also just a desire to move on. This was probably the best decision for her because she manages to find her happiness this way. FL and ML romance starts off very slow. They act basically like strangers that got married would, polite, respectable, and with the appropriate distance. Especially ML he is essentially the perfect gentleman and really deserves the best husband award. From the start he shows FL what a perfect husband would be.

He defends her so strongly, agrees with her in literally everything, waits on her permission, trusts her, doesnt mind her past (he thought she wasnt a virgin and didnt care at all). Suppports her career, keeps up with stuff she likes, seeks her opinion, asks for her help and makes her feel valued. Ugh just overall such a good guy doing so many things right. And anytime FL is shocked by it he assures her it is his duty and what he should be doing as a husband.

During this time period, it's so easy to see why she fell for him. He was simply too nice, accommodating, and prioritized her above everything. After the trainwreck that was her last love, for FL this unconditional support and just having someone in her corner touched her so much.

When they eventually get together as lovers, it's very natural. They're relationship is sexual but its fade to black and feels natural. Also they dont sleep together until they both affirm each others feelings. The ML

Liked her all along even years ago and I'll explain more on that later

while the FL found herself liking him more and more.

I found the FL in love so so so cute! She kept saying she was the coquettish sort and you see it in the first chapter with a brief moment of her and the other guy she was in live with, but after that shes just sad or distant. But once she falls in love with ML, shes super coquettish and cutesy, basically like a young girl experiencing first love again. She gets so happy and excited and dressed up for him, pursuing him and riling him up. I really loved her attitude toward ML when she fell in love she just felt like such an adorable girl that wants to express her love as soon as she feels it. She

Climbs onto his lap alot, asks for hugs as comfort, calls him Uncle Chu (at first when the joke was introduced I was surprised but it turned out to be so funny and cute), and expressed her love to him so openly.

With the way she acted with ML, even I'd fall for her, so to imagine the other dude not falling even after 10 years makes me feel like he was really s*upid. Shes basically the ideal lover that adores you and acts cute for you because she cant help it. Its rare we see this type of FL lately and I was pleasantly surprised. I loved it and ofc ML did too ^__^.

Lastly, lemme go into the depth of the yandere-ness of this novel, just to allow those that are wary of this book to get a glimpse of what happens so that dont waste their time if it's not for them. Lemme just start by saying I'm the type who gets so frustrated by MLs lack of respect for FL I will drop a book. Instantly. But this was in the acceptable range for me (which has to do with FL and ML personality) but it might not be for you.

So in order to get a clear view of the yandere things ML did imma list them out.

1. ML cut up the photos of FL and old dude. That being said, FL was going to throw them away or get rid of them and she told him this. He just did it for her and lied about it. She finds out later and is ok.

2. ML kept the fact that he knew her prior to this a secret. They met when he was a beggar and she gave him money, hes loved her since. She finds out later, is again ok. Especially because her last bf had a whitemoomlight that ruined them but in this case the white moonlight is her. She felt pretty nice about that.

3. He took secret photos of her throughout the years, but he wasnt monitoring her as he would've known if her family was treating her badly, and wouldve done smth about it. But since he wasnt monitoring just hiring people to take checkup pictures, he didnt know. This gets exposed and FL is ok with it, shes even rather flattered so who I am to be mad on her behalf?

4. Maybe the worse thing he did? He orchestrated for the white moonlight to come to her ex bfs door. Now, not directly. What he did was research ex bf past relationships and then arrange for the white moonlights husband to get a side chick. But husband got obsessed with side chick and so white moonlight ran to the door. FL and ex broke up. That being said, I thought it was ok? Not that bad? Frankly speaking he didnt pay the white moonlight to go to the ex bfs door and he didnt pay the ex to choose and pick her over FL. These are all decisions they made voluntarily. His actions at most were handing them the reins, it's not his fault they ran wild. If the white moonlight had self respect enough not to free loud or the ex loved FL, nothing would've changed and ML ML that he would've just given her up. He wouldn't interfere. But he wanted to test the relationship and give himself even the slightest bit of chance, and it paid off. I'm not mad, because again it's best it happened so FL didnt waste more years with someone who didnt love her and so she could find real happiness. Also he wasn't going to do anything if they remained together. FL got mad over this which I understood but ML explained neatly and properly and apologized very sincerely, even crying when he believed she'd leave him.

5. Not a specific event but ML repeatedly exhibits weird behaviors like excessive possessiveness and he himself knows hes weird. Except he does what other yandere fail and curbs it so much we only get glimpses of it. I would say ML is basically a mature and rational yandere, he has those thoughts and tendencies but knows it's in his head and rarely if ever allows it to bother FL. The amount of patience he showed her and her ex is astonishing, even for a non yandere. Hes just very respectful and has good boundaries.

6. Lastly, ML is pretty manipulative. But during his apologies and stuff I neve felt he was tricking her he ALWAYS explained clearly and when confronted never lied. He really worried about her leaving him and one point attempts to convince her of his good points out of fear. You cant help but feel bad for him hes not rlly a violent yandere more a sad and desperate one.


That's it for the yandere business. The plot itself isn't that deep or dramatic, slight conflicts resolved the same chapter usually, some business details, light face slapping of relatives and scum. Dont expect much drama or heartbreak or in general like super bumpy plotlines. The side characters also arent that important they're backdrop for the main couple. The romance carries this and in my opinion this book was find with just that carrying it. Its just the right length too. In any case, if u dont mind all that I mentioned and can enjoy a slow development from strangers to a cute and passionate relationship between two people that really love each other, I'd definitely recommend this. I'll definitely be rereading this. Also, I mtled the whole thing and it was fine to mtl.

Update: Forgot to say when I first started this book I thought the old bf was the ML idk why I thought they did a time skip so whole time I'm trying to make myself like him. Because that's what I do for all MLs I give them the benefit of the doubt. Except old bf was such a piece of sht I considered dropping it bc I wasnt feeling him that much. And if I'm not feeling ML I cant finish the novel. I'd be upset the whole time. Like he wasnt just cold, it was almost disgust that he felt for her. Imagine how thankful I was he wasnt ML and then actual ML turned out to be a perfectly kind gentlemen (at first lol). I was so relieved. Anyway just wanted to add that tidbit. <<less
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tedy2004 rated it
June 17, 2021
Status: Completed
Ahem-ahem... This novel was one of a kind, I didn't expect the smut which I was kinda skeptical about it cause my preference is to not read bed scenes activities and that's.. quite rare nowadays. (or I'm not in the mood to find persistently) however to my surprise, there are bed scenes but not detailed. The relationship between ML/FL, the plot, the minor details, we're good.

What bothered me: ... more>>

was that FL accepted to marry ML being convinced by her mother with the reason of how Wang family spent money on her to raise her, which to what I know as a rational person is that till age 18 it's the parent's responsibility, of course, you pay that at their pension or taking care of them in their old age but FL to be caged like this for the plot, it shows how the plot intervened to make FL OOC by being irrational in this reason by: "paying a debt to the family by marrying when the family just wants profit, not reason of because they are poor, ill and no money, etc"... Another minor problem is that we don't get to know FL's and ML's age in the whole novel, made me take one star+ stalking even with only taking photos, IRL that's not HOT, in novels it is indeED HoTT pervertism.


In short, turn your brain off to some disturbances and loopholes in the plot.

The first chapters are quite a cliche but persist in reading and the plot gets thick/better.


Ji Ya and Ji Xun's extra chapters not being brother/sister was cool and the plot is THICK from the "Author" for Ji Xun's health.


P.S. The MTL is HOoT.

Ahem... Good day. <<less
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Pristine Xia
Pristine Xia rated it
February 16, 2021
Status: Completed

A quick, light-hearted read. It has HEA, and that twist in the end.. (I think it was part of the extra chapters?) the one related to a female supporting character whose company cooperated with male lead's company. Her side of story is pretty good too. Overall, this novel is an enjoyable read :)

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Samina rated it
November 4, 2020
Status: Completed
It's a good story I liked it but the author skipped details in last but it's okay the side stories are good too. I really liked it's good ending it's worth to be read
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nuuttt rated it
October 25, 2020
Status: Completed
such a cute and fluffy novel, if you like such a story without any drama that too complicated, I would recommend u this
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Shortk rated it
August 19, 2021
Status: Completed
4.5 the book is fine, you should read it.i recommend.


@ everyone who finished it, I'm wanna fight the author, huddle in if you want in bc the sh*t she PULLED OUT OF NOWHERE WITH JI YA'S STORY OMG. Like I was not prepared to care so much about a side character that BARELY existed in the main novel. The mere audacity the author had to make us suffer through (although dogblood and I mean yeah like I know knew what was gonna happen but she really wrote it too... more>> well to have ME BAWLLING THE f*ck) this angsty drama waterworks in less than 4-5 chapters in the EXTRAS THE f*ck.

this author legitimately threw another book at us with a different genre in the extras out of nowhere, trying to act cute and make people suffer. Anyways dm if you want to fight her w me. Jk or not idk omg

but although it was predicable, I'm still f*cking glad it was he. And Im so happy for those two ahh

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