Get Lost Female Protagonist! I Choose the Villainess!


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Ling Kong transmigrated into the world of a female-oriented fantasy novel, becoming the main male lead.

But there were also male characters two, three, four, five, and six…

From young men to mature men, the full range was present.

The female lead flaunted her purity, yet secretly desired every man to fawn over her!

Faced with such a hypocritical female lead, Ling Kong, as the main male protagonist, decisively chose the devoted villainess instead!

The female lead’s luck and fortune? Transfer it all to the villainess…

“Brother Ling Kong, why are you with that temptress? You’re mine!”

“Get lost! Don’t disgust me!”

“Fine, leave! There are plenty of men for me! Don’t regret it!”

Some time later…

“Brother Ling Kong, I was wrong. Please come back…”

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