Genius Profiler Hansol Im


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Hansol was diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder.

With the constant ‘education’ he gets from his father, a psychologist, he was molded to live an ordinary life.

Then one day, when he saw a killer trying to mu*der his mother, he could feel something change in him.

“You are my kind.”

“You… aren’t my kind.”

Im Hansol, a psychopath profiler.

Can he prove himself to be different by establishing himself as a genius profiler?

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Genius Profiler Im Hansol
천재 프로파일러 임한솔
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bekyuubi rated it
June 12, 2022
Status: --
The details are seriously questionable to me, I'm not sure if it's a translation thing or author's fault.


    • Time of death in Case 1.
      Marking it down to the minute is ridiculous when the body is a week old, unless there is a clear reason like a recording from a camera. Did the author even research how crime scene investigation is done?
    • Highly questionable observations in Case 2.
      The mu*der site is so clean that not a drop of blood is left behind. Yet when the team went there to investigate, the decaying smell is so strong that even menthol under the detective's nose couldn't block it? Was the body left behind or what? But no, the autopsy is already done, so the body isn't there any longer. What the heck is with this logic... You can't eat the cake and still have it at the same time.
    • Absolutely terrible portrayal of psychopaths?
      The definition of psychopathy is unclear to me even after googling it. The story goes straight into mu*der and mayhem, but the term 'psychopaths' is used liberally and written like it somehow equates mu*derers. To be honest, the entire concept of what psychopathy is should be explained by the MC in extreme details, seeing how he actually is a doctor and a supposed psychopath.

      For all that impaired emotions, MC somehow has a great fetish for his father who tried real hard to discipline him and vice-versa.

      Hansol smiled brightly as he walked out and looked back at the restaurant.

      'Father, the shackles which held me are no more. I'll prove it to you.

      It's really weird, outlandish even. Was there some kind of motivation or trigger that caused dad to issue a mu*der letter to his son? Is this how MC is supposed to react? Smile brightly due to what emotion exactly? Pleasure or happiness?

      I don't feel convinced of MC's other emotions too. He feels anger? What exactly, the betrayal from his team, or the prosecutor's condescending attitude, or is it the frustration from being blocked to identify his 'kind'?

      I really dislike seeing on how the psychopaths are portrayed here. Are they some kind of charismatic gods too? The MC's dad somehow gets the clinic's professor or something to report the son's whereabouts, gets some guy to mu*der his wife, gets another guy to mu*der people and frame his son. Case 3's psychopath mu*derers somehow gets not 1, but 3 people to commit mu*der. Is there a persuasion RPG skill check somewhere in this series?

    • A whole list of psychopaths and killers that's related to MC's father. If that's trend of things is going to be, I'm bored. Dad-con isn't my thing.
    • Chuuni eye power. MC detects lies. He can even differentiate between half-lies. Is there going to be a trend where dad has superpowers as well? It's really cringy and takes away the aspect of a genius profiler.

I'm only up to chapter 23 and I'm already prejudiced against the MC. This is the author's fault for setting up ridiculous backgrounds and flaky cases. Each time an improbable thing happens the lower my score is. 2 stars for now, and it will get lower if things doesn't improve.
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November 30, 2021
Status: c25
Read the raws. It's a good novel. Like, surprisingly good. While the people of the novel do antagonize people with ASPD a lot and are prejudiced against MC, that's sadly how the current world is, and it is in no way projecting the feelings of the authors against it, or the people who were diagnosed with it.

The plot is good, and the build up is good. The thrill and anticipation keeps you on the edge of your seats, and it is very well done.

Highly recommended, if you want to see... more>> a new, and different type of MC from your usual novels. <<less
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Michelin rated it
July 31, 2021
Status: c13
Only few chapters, however this novel has potential to be a hidden gem. I think this novel has different type of MC compared with other male protagonist novels.

This is not a spoiler, but the MC is clearly a psycopath who work as a profiler.

... more>>

The MC's father is also a psycopath. As I search through goog*e, psychopath is inherited mental disease and much different with sociopath which resulted because of the external factors like environment, not because of the dna of the parent


The MC as a profiler usually deals with crimes related to mu*der or serial killer which usually done by psycopath.


When he investigated in a case which done by a psycopath... His heart is beating fast and he became excited as he imagine how the suspect killed his victim (which means, his hidden innate instinct as a psycopath made him excited with this case and thought that the killer is one of his kind (psycopath))


Oh my god, this novel is really good. I can't wait for the next chapters. As you know, MC's personality is cold not like the other male MC in other novels which are typical cold, but this MC is cold because he has mental illness. He IS psycopath. <<less
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absenior19 rated it
June 10, 2022
Status: c9

A great detective novel. If you have seen k-drama Mouse.
Then you will find this novel even more interesting. It has a similar theme to its plot and personality.
Just here MC is not a puss* like MC of the mouse at the start, and btw MC is no villain in this novel.
But overall in every way, it has a strong vibe like that.
And also the manga called: brutal confessions of a homicide investigator.
All of them are anti-heroes by the end and smart... more>> guys like light Yagami or maybe L for a better example or dexter in some of the personality.
But this novel is about a good person by the end, so MC won't do anything bad.
But ASPD is well shown and people in the novel do antagonize people with ASPD a lot and are prejudiced against MC.
The plot is good, and the build-up is good. The thrill and anticipation keep you on the edge of your seats, and it is very well done. Well, that's the best I can explain. Without spoiling.
Later is on you, how much you like a detective and smart MC.
Read it in MTL. If you can read MTL. I am reading MTL for years, so it's like a back garden for me.
It's completed there. <<less
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Wonzu rated it
May 22, 2022
Status: c13
I know, it's still very damn early for me to rate this novel, but lately, my appetite is leaning toward this kind of MC, no, not a psycho MC but an MC who works in profiling criminals. Actually, it reminds me of L from Death Note, since he's also a quirky investigator who analyzed a suspect using the point of view of the perpetrator. I have high hope for it, please continue with the translation, I am really helpless when it comes to Korean Novel, unable to read the raw,... more>> damn! <<less
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snooppyed rated it
October 12, 2021
Status: c13
crazy I love it so much! Usually I avoid criminal genre because sometimes too tiring for my brain. But this one must be a gem !!!!! As expected MC is genius, not just words from another like praising him. But the author makes me feel how his mind working, I love it. There’s character development too, pretty noticeable for MC.
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Lost Happiness
Lost Happiness
September 8, 2021
Status: c2
2 chapters in and bam

child abuse by the father. I am sorry but 'educating' a child by beating a child with an object until the leg bruises is fcked up. The father probably has this genetic disorder as well that passed to the MC. The father isn't teaching him right, he is just showing the classic, fight violence with violence.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kecoa rated it
September 1, 2021
Status: c13
The main character has mental illness (anti social-psychopath). So if you read this novel, you can feels and know how MC sees the world. And it feels so fresh. Sorry my english kinda eeugh. But the point is.. This novel is highly recommend for you who enjoy something like mystery, criminal case, and mental illness element.
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SnowDax rated it
February 1, 2022
Status: --
Honestly, I was a bit uncomfortable when I read that MC has ASPD because I was afraid that author are just going to antagonize it. While the people around MC did antagonize him once they found out that he had ASPD, later on, they realized just because he had ASPD, did not mean that he was going to coldheartedly mu*der someone.

Anyway, this story is amazing. I wish there are more chapters translated. Honestly, I wish this novel will get adapted to a drama. The writing is so good that I... more>> can just imagine the entire scene.

The story follows Hansol, who was diagnosed with ASPD. He was then educated by his father to hide his tendencies from his mother and to act like normal which he couldn't really do. Then, on the day his mother was mu*dered, he got a supernatural ability to distinguish lies.

He become a profiler to prove that while he may have "psychopathic tendencies", he isn't like an actual psychopath mu*derer.

So far as the 13 chapter goes, we're still getting know the MC. It's honestly hard to rate with so little chapters but as far as this goes, it is 5 stars, worth to read novel. <<less
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