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Everyone believes Lin Zhao Xi’s a genius.

Only she knows she’s looking back on years of experience in math competitions as a basis to “cheat”.

Until one day, her idol quietly looks at her.

* * *

Time and space overlap, returning thrice.

— The past can change you.

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Tian Cai Ji Ben Fa
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Recca201 rated it
May 19, 2019
Status: Completed
This is not a typical romance story, nor is it a heart-pumping adventure all throughout... It's simply very different from everything else I have read. This novel is very unique, and also my dream come true for all those daydreams i've done back when I was in high school.

The MC is generally a calm and smart person, but she is no way perfect. She gets nervous and worries a lot, but she tries to overcome and improve her faults. She also knows how to accept the inevitable and gain strength... more>> from it. Her character growth is beautifully portrayed.

All the other characters are fleshed out perfectly, every single one shows depth and growth, while 'villains' can actually not all be black, but can have their own personality and background, and can grow from the hardships they experienced.

The ML who is initially portrayed to be perfect in all aspects is actually not perfect at all, but have his own difficulties, trauma, and growth. One thing for sure, he is a genius, just like the MC's adorable father.

For me the most enigmatic character of this novel is the MC's father. He is my favorite character, even more than the MC and ML. He is very mysterious, and his mysteries, get solved one by one, until all that is left makes you tear up.

The plot is very well planned, and the author themselves clarified in a note that he had long created the outline of the story, and will follow through the end despite the audience's opinions. And I think the author did well on that. The novel will always remain in my mind.

This is a happy ending. Although it is a very slow romance thus lacking dogfood, but the extra chapters somewhat fed me a bit of my cravings, albeit a bit. <<less
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