Genius Fundamentals


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Everyone believes Lin Zhao Xi’s a genius.

Only she knows she’s looking back on years of experience in math competitions as a basis to “cheat”.

Until one day, her idol quietly looks at her.

* * *

Time and space overlap, returning thrice.

— The past can change you.

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The Heart of Genius
Tian Cai Ji Ben Fa
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Recca201 rated it
May 19, 2019
Status: Completed
This is not a typical romance story, nor is it a heart-pumping adventure all throughout... It's simply very different from everything else I have read. This novel is very unique, and also my dream come true for all those daydreams i've done back when I was in high school.

The MC is generally a calm and smart person, but she is no way perfect. She gets nervous and worries a lot, but she tries to overcome and improve her faults. She also knows how to accept the inevitable and gain strength... more>> from it. Her character growth is beautifully portrayed.

All the other characters are fleshed out perfectly, every single one shows depth and growth, while 'villains' can actually not all be black, but can have their own personality and background, and can grow from the hardships they experienced.

The ML who is initially portrayed to be perfect in all aspects is actually not perfect at all, but have his own difficulties, trauma, and growth. One thing for sure, he is a genius, just like the MC's adorable father.

For me the most enigmatic character of this novel is the MC's father. He is my favorite character, even more than the MC and ML. He is very mysterious, and his mysteries, get solved one by one, until all that is left makes you tear up.

The plot is very well planned, and the author themselves clarified in a note that he had long created the outline of the story, and will follow through the end despite the audience's opinions. And I think the author did well on that. The novel will always remain in my mind.

This is a happy ending. Although it is a very slow romance thus lacking dogfood, but the extra chapters somewhat fed me a bit of my cravings, albeit a bit.

  • (Edit) I'm not the translator btw, just someone who've mtled the novel and loved it to death
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LuoYi rated it
May 4, 2022
Status: Completed
I'm happy I found this story. :) As someone who competed in various math quiz contests during childhood until their teenage years, chose Mathematics as a degree in university but eventually shifted to another degree course, this novel hit me hard in many parts about regrets and giving up.

But it also made me reminisce and appreciate once again the beauty of mathematics. Many school life Chinese novels have main characters who were study gods and participated in Olympiad or other math contests (After Transmigrating Into the Cultivation World, the School Topper Was Reborn, Why Fall in Love if You Can Attend Tsinghua University, I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck, among others) but none of them are as detailed and in depth as Genius Fundamentals regarding math.

This is also different as there is a mystery that I looked forward to seeing unfold. And also no braindead antagonists here. There are also many inspiring lines in this novel.

The relationship between FL and her father Lin was very nice to read.

FL's relationship with her friends and ML is amazing too.

I think the romance between FL and ML is one of my favorites, if not my favorite. It's nothing fancy but the kind that you know is there, the kind of love that exists in everyday mundane interactions. I can't put this into words properly so just give this one a read. I like this so much I'll read it again.


My only issues are 1) I prefer strawberry Lin Zhao Xi x cheese Pei Zhi than strawberry LZX x strawberry PZ although they're the same Pei Zhi I just feel a little loss that strawberry Pei Zhi doesn't have memories of those precious memories they're together in their youth in the cheese world and 2) why was FL able to go to the parallel world. Of course this is just me but I don't think those issues really matter that much lol.

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Nelle rated it
July 5, 2021
Status: Completed
There are two focus of this story: one is her relationship with her father, and another is her relationship with her love interest. I don't know why there are 1-star rating votes for this because it's such a good novel. It's well-written and the author has obviously done a lot of research (or author is really good at math). It's a lot different from the usual Romance stories. There's not much of the fluffy interactions that is typical of romance stories, but you'll feel the love and constant support from... more>> all her loved ones. There's not much of the sweet talk and the skinship, but you JUST KNOW that there is love. It tackles an issue that is relevant today. Considering that this is set in China, where math competitions are really given a lot of weight, I really emphasize with the portrayal of the struggles of students. I really love the characters. I love EVERY character.

There's a lot of growth in this story. I don't want to give spoilers because you'll appreciate it more if you read it without knowing anything. This is easily a 5-star novel. <<less
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RiannNeko rated it
November 16, 2019
Status: Completed
What would you change if you were given the chance?

I have rarely read works like this. There's romance, comedy and also school-life but it is a book about dealing with regrets and accepting what happened.

Plot: 4.5 Stars
I don't count this as spoiler because this is the premise of the book. MC time-travels to the past only to find out that it isn't necessarily the same. MC lives with her single father, a genius mathematician, who is one of the best people there probably is. Despite learning a lot from... more>> her father, she is a philosophy student. She blames herself for his father not achieving his fullest potential since he had to take care of her.

It is beautifully crafted. There is actually a reason (ish) how MC goes back to another timeline and life wasn't easy for her there as well.


The fact that in the other timeline, she lived in an orphanage struck me the most. It was one of the first instances where we see MC addressing if MC!Dad regret raising her. It was really heart-wrenching when MC!Dad first rejects her at first and then succumbs to MC wanting him to teach her mathematics. I was so happy when she finally gets adopted back by MC!Dad. Each travel of the timeline is different (12 y/o, Approaching senior middle school and high school) and MC has her own different set of problems

The fact that the timelines are separate also is a great premise because it tackles MC really applying what she learned when she goes back to her timeline.


Characters: 5 stars

Have I said that MC is a well-rounded character? She is very smart but she also doubts herself if she can actually make a difference. She appreciates her father more and makes friends that she can count on. The supporting characters are also developed very well, especially MC! Dad, ML and the friends that she has made. There is a reason why MC! Dad is so mysterious and he has his own set of problems that MC tries to uncover. Why he raised MC? Why isn't his genius acknowledged? ML isn't the ML who is aloof and untouchable. He becomes MC friend, stands by her and offers her silent support. He has his own set of problems as well.

The villains aren't even the villains because they are human beings and can change.

I absolutely adore this novel. I would recommend this for everyone especially when you are at a time where you are doubting yourself and what you can do. <<less
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studyingpurin rated it
December 28, 2021
Status: --
I still haven't finished reading, but please bare with me.

This is one of those books that you'll remember for a long time. P vs np, amicable pairs, Math Olympiad, academics: It makes you wanna get up and study. It's not only about the slow burning romance (very slow and little reward in the end), but also teaches you about growth, adulthood, harsh truths, motivation and discipline. Oh! And don't forget: Math.

I love the main leads: Lin Chaoxi and Pei Zhi really are a rare special pair (like Amicable numbers.) They... more>> don't have to do anything special to feel special. They do normal things together, but somehow you can still the blooming chemistry between them.


We've known LCX has liked Pei Zhi since she was a child. What about Pei Zhi?

It's a little cliché, but also sweet. I like to think that Pei Zhi has known about her little crush since he was 15. He might have forgotten over the years, but he still noticed her at 15. When they meet again late in college, they still clicked like lego. Only this time, Pei Zhi takes the intiative for the first time.

From the time they spent as kids, they clicked naturally. It's really sweet.


I actually really liked the time travel/parallel world aspects. It considers some of the 'what ifs' scenarios and was such a good way to build up and reveal the story. It has kept me up at night.

Let's not forget the main man: Lao Lin, a man so complex that when you find out the reasonings behind his actions, you can't help but tear up. I'm sure he's the ideal parent every kid wants: understanding, supportive, smart and humorous.

So, this book isn't just about romance, but also about the world of parenthood. Whatever Lao Lin has makes up for him raising Lin Chaoxi as a single father. In fact, as a single father he does a great job of raising Lin Chaoxi.

Math has a reputation of being fearsome and terrifying. You're scared to make mistakes. Sometimes, you'll even flat out deny having good feelings for it. This book takes you to another perspective towards Math. Sometimes, it feels romantic--It's romanticized! But not always. The book delves deeper at the toxicity of academia and the terrifying truths faced in Math Olympiads. It's not easy to study. Lin Chaoxi tries despairingly to chase after the gap behind her and Pei Zhi. <<less
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nuttyreader rated it
December 2, 2022
Status: --
Originally I was liking this but than.... the first part really started to destroy any semblance of liking it due to its... Really s*upid.

arrrrgghhh, I'm giving this a low grade for now. If I can survive the s*upidity, I might change it.

... more>>

MC goes to the math Olympiad training for a month. They all arrive with their luggage and they are forced to go to the 7th floor to take an elimination test with their luggage. The test has already started so times clicking. What the.......

This is an Olympiad training and not some survival of the fittest, care about yourself only training. After the test, they drop the 5 lowest scorers and bring the rest to their loggings. Ok, this part is normal. The next day, they are brought to class but... They are thrown into a library and pointed to a bookshelf to learn themselves. What the..... Can anyone here win in the Olympiad with such s*upid teaching? Errr I mean no teaching and just throwing them into the water with just ask if you don't understand.

I have read plenty of novels here and many with students going to Olympiad training and this was the most far out s*upidest I have ever seen. My mind is blowing up reading this so this is just making me want to throw the entire story out.

Forgot to mention, this is after she "transmigrated" to her younger elementary school self.

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jjaybird rated it
September 2, 2022
Status: Completed
SO FREAKING GOOD. Cannot recommend this enough. The author obviously has either done a lot of research or has a background in math, and it shines through in the writing. I love how of there are not really any truly "evil" characters, and that rather, they all have motives and depth to them. It also made me cry because of how well the MC's relationships with her father and with the ML were portrayed. Admittedly, I did get a little frustrated with how she felt so helpless sometimes, but honestly,... more>> it's the most realistic reaction to the situations that the MC had to face. <<less
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