General’s Gown


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How sharp can the famous General Yan Changqing’s sword be?

With a wave of his hand, he could split the hardest armour and cut a hair off with the smallest blow.

With force, he could chop off the enemy’s head cleanly.

In a rage, even without effort, the blade would have already cut through the other party’s clothes and pierced through their flesh and blood until it couldn’t pierce through anymore.

Fingertips trembling slightly, the silver sword landed. Immediately afterwards, Yan Changqing was strongly pressed into the corner.

There was nowhere to escape.

“Baby, now you have two choices.”

Helian Rongchuan pressed down on Yan Changqing’s struggling arm.

He bowed his head and kissed him domineeringly, yet gently.

“Kill me, or be mine.”

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3 Reviews

Nov 07, 2021
Status: c41
TW: Mentions of sexual assault

If the top tier BL novels are Coca-Cola, then this novel is watered-down Pepsi.

I know I'm only halfway through the novel, but I think that's safe enough to say that the amount of reading I've done for this novel is substantial for my judgment. Also, I wanted to speak up about the sexual assault, because I didn't know that the novel would contain this triggering theme and I thought I should make other readers aware (the tags weren't there when I first read this novel). For... more>> now, I'm not going to continue this novel just because I feel like the overarching storyline is weak (it's honestly nothing I haven't seen before, but it is better than a lot of the BL novels I've read on here, but right now, it's just not what I'm looking for), and I surprisingly found myself displeased with a lot of elements (which is weird because I also love a lot of stuff in this novel). It would've been a perfect five-star if not for a few things.

I love the archetype of a cunning and flirtatious ML with an ice-cold ascetic MC. My only problem is with MC's (Yan Changqing) character (not that he's annoying; in fact, I love his character), and how the author portrayed him. Supposedly he's this general with fearless prowess, amazingly good at martial arts, but the author depicts him as s*upidly weak at times just so ML or other men can manhandle him around (I can't tell you how many times the ML pinned the Yan Changqing's wrists with one hand and suddenly, Yan Changqing couldn't find the strength to break away //there was nothing wrong with him here, he was perfectly healthy) and it's so frustrating. It doesn't match with his martial-arts-expert character, and I know that sometimes, even if we're good at fighting, that doesn't mean we'll always have the power to protect ourselves from people who want to sexually assault/hurt us. In fact, I understand that most of the time, Yan Changqing was too weak to fight back, so I do NOT blame him. I am NOT victim-blaming here. I'm here to call out the author because in Yan Changqing's case, it happens to him continuously throughout the story and at this point it's because the author's doing it on purpose just for some drama or just for us to see Yan Changqing get sexually assaulted/in his weak state (like we're some kind of sadists) and I ain't for that sh*t sis.

The author does this so we can see how "beautiful" and "desirable" Yan Changqing is. Just to prove my point, multiple times, the men don't want to do anything sexual to him until they happen to take off his disguise/mask and realize how pretty he is. Then they want to "defile" him. And what really ticks me off is that throughout the sexual assault scenes, Yan Changqing is sexualized by the author. From his pale white, curvaceous neck to his collar being pulled down so we can get a glimpse of the curve of his delicate collarbone. It's gross that Yan Changqing is having his personal will/freedom taken away, and in the midst of all this, the author continues sexualizing him. I don't have a problem with authors incorporating sexual assault into their stories (because sexual assault is real and it happens), I have a problem with how it grosses me out that Yan Changqing is sexualized by the author while his person is being subjected to this deprivation of free will.

I know the argument "it's just fiction, it's just a novel, " but in this way, I feel like the crime is perpetuated through us readers when we read it. Clearly, Yan Changqing is going through one of the most traumatic moments of his life, but as readers, we get words like "pale neck" and "collarbone" with the connotation of his weak beauty, and it makes me feel SO implicated in the crime because Yan Changqing is getting mol*sted and I'm reading sh*t about his beauty as he's getting mol*sted. //Y'all are probably gonna go read my other reviews and be like "ok b*tch but you were okay with 2ha/Erha when that sh*t was filled with r*pe" BUT THAT WAS DIFFERENT. It was portrayed to the readers in 2ha that the r*pe done by Mo Ran to Chu Wanning was NOT okay, and Mo Ran felt guilty about it. And I was NOT okay with the r*pe in 2ha either; the story could've done without it. In here, Yan Changqing's sexual assault is always brushed away after it happens.

So a trigger warning for everyone: this novel has multiple scenes of sexual assault done to Yan Changqing, both by the ML and other men (up to chapter 40, I can count three major scenes of sexual assault done to Yan Changqing, two of them done by two different men, one of them done by Helian Rongchuan (ML) when he forcibly kisses Yan Changqing without his consent and it was clear that Yan Changqing didn't want it--he actually does this a lot; the fact that he's the ML still doesn't make it OK).

Now for some positives because I ain't wholly a negative-a$$: Helian Rongchuan is such a romantic. He took the arrow that Yan Changqing shot him with and carved Changqing's name on one side, then carved his name on the other side //how morbidly romantic lol. And the fact that he also built a coffin that fits the both of them just in case they happened to die in the city with the plague/epidemic--he has the weirdest ways of wooing someone.

Yan Changqing is also admirably righteous. When he found out the backstory for the temper snow stones and how it related to Helian Rongchuan, despite the fact that the temper snow stones would drastically upgrade his empire's military, he decided that he wanted nothing to do with the stones anymore, all because of what it meant to Helian Rongchuan. He's also so cute when he blushes at Rongchuan's teasing.

I also want to complain about Helian Rongchuan's manipulativeness, but I feel like such a picky, negative b*tch after all that ranting. I get that his cunningness is supposed to be part of his character, but he almost got Yan Changqian r*ped by one of his enemies through his machinations. I guess the way he chases and woos Yan Changqian throughout the majority of the novel is supposed to redeem him? I don't know. The author also tries to pull the sad-past card and make us pity Rongchuan (bastard child of the emperor, lived an impoverished childhood), but I'm just an unforgiving bastard. I don't think your sad past gives you an excuse to be an a**hole, especially to people who had nothing to do with your sad past and whom you have absolutely no reason to hold a grudge against.

At the point where I'm at, Helian Rongchuan is still wooing Yan Changqian. There has been a little angst since they're from two different empires. Yan Changqian seems to have some feelings for Helian Rongchuan, but he refuses to admit it and he's still trying to put his country first above his romantic feelings.

The plot appears lacking to me in some areas. What I mean by a "not-solid overarching storyline" is that the plot doesn't seem connected to me. There's no concrete concept/theme holding the story's events together (just for example, not for comparison: Xia HouLian is intent on avenging his mother and killing her assassin while Shen Jue focuses on climbing to the top of the social food chain in politics/court intrigue (Governor's Illness) ; Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian journeying to find the body parts of the mysterious corpse (MDZS) ; Cang Ji and Jing Lin chasing after the bell to rediscover their shared past (Nan Chan), etc.). Yan Changqian is basically just being sent out to complete various missions with Helian Rongchuan tagging along like the lovesick puppy he is. Sure, the missions are interesting, to say the least, but it's nothing to write home about. It's not action-packed or suspenseful. There isn't a plethora of mystery and plot twists.

Annnnd maybe it gets better beyond chapter 40, who knows. You be the judge. It might just be me, after reading a lot of good BLs in the same genre, I have high expectations. And now, writing this review, it reminds me of what an unpleasant experience it was reading this novel while I kept trying to convince myself that it was good.

Yes, I'm a picky b*tch.

TL;DR: Multiple scenes of sexual assault done to Yan Changqian; Helian Rongchuan and Yan Changqian are likable characters, too bad they had to belong to this author; not completing because the storyline is nothing I haven't seen before and the overarching storyline isn't solid enough for me. 3/5 stars //I don't want to give an actual rating on the novel because I don't want to affect ratings; I feel like many BL readers will like this story and my influence on the star rating shouldn't deter them. <<less
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Nov 02, 2021
Status: c9
From what I’ve been reading so far this novel is quite engaging and have one of my favorite trope. Playful cunning ML and upright honest MC. Their banter is interesting, the plot keep moving, and I’ve been liking what I’ve got so far ! I’ll write another reviews after I read more. But if you wondering whether to read it or not, go read it !

The translation also done really well

5 star so people could discover this novel
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Apr 21, 2022
Status: --
first let me tell u that this story setting although has king and ancient Cn theme but u could see almost none political and heavy plot in it. And if I wanted to sort this story I would put it on light story for cooling ur brain ofcourse with some drama. So if u couldnt get along with this setting leave it here!

As u can see in summary MC is a devoted general (really devoted that somehow I wanted to kill him!!) And a 2nd prince... more>> of neighbor countrey. Its the story of a pervert sly wolfy gong that fell in love at first sight with him.
this story mainly foucous on Mc's journey to keep his beloved countrey safe and during this time his love life with ML will progress. The thing that keep this story simple instead of heavy political is that we didnt have any court struggling and this novel mainly focus on Mc's life And ML is like this too.

his older brother support him and didnt want to kill him at all

Ok now I will start with
He is a virgin boy (yea I know it doesnt matter but for the half of novel and even in 1 arc This issue was discussed so I think I should say it LOL) that seems cold from outside but is really kind to anyone (even his enemy!!)

I really love his character but as I have mentioned before his loyality to his countrey is really get on my nerve! Yes its kinda good that ur country is the most imp thing for u but it should has a limit ! He is someone that put his life in last priority and always get hurt and ML should be there to save him hardly!!!
He always let ML sufferd from his choice but in the end just get upset that ML risk his life for him!!
Its not that he didnt try to save ML and I know its ML choice but when u start a relationship u should try to reduce ur selfishness!!

Enough nagging for now lets talk ab Ml:
So at first ML was really hatefull

he kept sexually harassing MC everywhere and make many Excuse for it

But after MC starts liking him and ML in many situation sarcifice his life for MC I start to like him And he has a tragedic past too so I really feel pity for him

But then the most significant thing in his personality is that how much he paid for his love! Tbh I really like this kind of ML although I prefer that he didnt sarcifice that much and instead let MC change his mind and be more responsible for their love!

ok as I said before MC and ML didnt have a common nation and

they know each other in the battlefield. Ml's country didnt get in any war with MC though and he was just a trader for both countrey. So they meet each other ML fell in love and sexually harassed MC. (not r*pe him but kissing and otherthing) and for me too its somehow ridiculous that he didnt push ML eventhough he was a strong general. And after some life risking events MC start to liking him so he didnt completly avoid Ml's mol*sted doing and keep blushing everytime. Cuz of the some matter MC and ML sepreate from each other


And now I have to introduce you to the tr*shy king. Yes Mc's king and his childhood friend that has feeling for MC too. He keeps doing horrible thing to his ppl and his countrey so he could get MC back to him.

In the aspect of side character I think this story did satisfied me. We even have a hidden sweet ship

doctor X soldier


Continue with the story...

Mc's shitty king kill his own ppl 2 time for returning MC to his side meanwhile our sly ML try his best to and make him his lover completly

If u want to say something for love progress U should know that except the first part in the whole novel ML try his best for chasing MC and eventhough he kissed him and other thing it isnt like that he harassed MC cuz MC somehow start liking him after the first arc and ML use many method to win over MC. I should say that if it was a stone, it would be melted from his doing dont except that our kind MC could prevent himself from it. And I really like that they communication was very well and dont let annoying misunderstooding affect their relationship.

Enough for the story . Read the remain parts urself

Good point:
1. ML AND MC love life.
2. almost without useless drama and has a few hole plot
3. good side character

Bad point
1. as I said abovel Mc's personality
2. Simple structure (is it count as a bad point??)

At all recommend it to u. But first read my review completley then decide to pick it up or not! And trust ML and give him a chance yo prove himself u wont get regret!! <<less
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