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A community for the last people who survived on Earth. This is ‘The Lonely Gallery After The End’.

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종말 후 외톨이 갤러리
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11/30/22 GalaxyTL c9
11/29/22 GalaxyTL c8
11/29/22 GalaxyTL c7
11/27/22 GalaxyTL c6
11/26/22 GalaxyTL c5
11/25/22 GalaxyTL c4
11/24/22 GalaxyTL c3
11/22/22 GalaxyTL c2
11/22/22 GalaxyTL c1
11/22/22 GalaxyTL prologue
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New rated it
November 30, 2022
Status: c8
It’s interesting.

As the title says, the premise revolves around different dimension individuals who have been left alone in their universe. At the current latest chapter, most interactions revolve around a bulletin community that allows for communication between dimensions. This forum also has different functions that also allow for face to face interactions.

It’s a little sad to think that they are left all alone in their universe, but there’s been some hints that it’s possible to cross between dimensions and meet in reality.

I’m a harem enjoyer, so I wanted to also... more>> discuss this in the review. As of right now, there are no love interests. The first 8 chapters set up the beginning of the setting and main plot device - the forum - and some interactions with characters who will be familiar in the future. Although, there is one particular female character as of right now who I can see as a point of interest.

Overall, I would say to give this novel a try once more chapters accumulate. As of right now, there’s not much to show, but I can see the potential. There’s a lot of chances for emotional relationships to develop (considering they all have their backstories as to why they’re the last ones alive), which I see as a huge necessity for a good harem novel. It’s interesting for now, but not many chapters to definitely say it’s a “good novel”. <<less
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New SubhanBihan rated it
November 24, 2022
Status: --
Early review, but I find the concept pretty fascinating. Interacting with a bunch of weirdos in a world where you're completely alone. Hooked on this already.
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