Futsutsuka na Akujo de wa Gozaimasu ga ~Suuguu Chouso Torikae Den~


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The “Nestling Court,” a court where princesses from the five clans are gathered in order to raise the next empress.

Reirin, a frail Nestling who is often called the next empress and is as beautiful as a butterfly, ended up switching bodies with the Nestling who is jealous of her, Keigetsu!

Suddenly, Reirin is hated by everyone around her and called the Rat Princess.

She is put into a horrible environment where no one trusts her and she’s despised by the people who have always been kind to her, but…

“I’m not out of breath, and I don’t faint… What a healthy body! I, I’m so jealous…!”

Reirin, the one who everyone envies, is a person with a steel mentality who has been battling death all her life——!?

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Though I Am an Inept Villainess: Tale of the Butterfly-Rat Body Swap in the Maiden Court (LN)
Though I am an Inept Villainess ~Tale of the Butterfly-Rat Swap in the Nestling Court~
ふつつかな悪女ではございますが ~雛宮蝶鼠とりかえ伝~
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memetichazard rated it
August 8, 2022
Status: v1c9
Alright, I'm curious what makes some people rate this story as 1*.

Maybe they don't like the protagonist. She's certainly a little too forgiving and kind, (unbelievably) as much as Jesus himself. I find that later on in the first volume we see the parts of her backstory that drive her goals and motivations and that somewhat justifies her behaviour. At the same time we see a bit more depth to her character so that she's not just a WWJD bracelet.

Maybe the story breaks down in later volumes as she... more>> is inevitably paired off with the crown prince, who seems to be one of the two candidates for male lead in this series. Neither of the male leads are particularly appetizing and their behaviour towards the protagonist, while completely understandable and justified, doesn't make them look any good.

Ultimately, I feel as though this series has potential, though I don't know if the author can maintain the quality of the series for the next 3+ volumes. At the very least, the beginning of the story was well handled, since the description doesn't mention that the body swap occurred when the villainess had apparently attempted to push the protagonist off a balcony. How the protagonist manages to avoid execution is pretty well handled and is a good sign that the author is putting some thought into the series.

Finally, I'd rate what I've seen of this series slightly above 4 stars. The main flaw is that the protagonist is unrealistically good, but if you can accept that she's grown up warped and slightly insane due to her circumstances, it's a fun story about someone falling to the bottom, looking at the bright side of things, and climbing her way back up.

One volume isn't enough to give a solid rating, especially since volume 1 ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. I'll have to wait for the next few volumes to see if it lives up to its potential. Honestly, the basic premise of the story and the events of volume 1 make it feel like this should be a story wrapped in two volumes, maybe three at most. That it's listed as 4 volumes and ongoing means that the premise is either going to be dragged out or it's going to resolve it and pivot to a new plotline, and I can't really see the latter being achieved in a satisfactory manner. <<less
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Spiritogre rated it
July 19, 2023
Status: v3
The stories' setup is that of an ancient China novel with Japanese names, the MC and several other girls live in a court to study to become the crown prince's wives. Reirin is the most popular girl and becomes the victim of a body-swap with the "sewer rat" of the court, the most hated girl. Instead of lamenting her situation she suddenly finds herself in a very healthy body and with the freedom to do whatever she likes. So she takes full advantage of that and just enjoys her life.... more>> The girl she switched her body with however is not so lucky, since Reirin's body is weak und sickly, riddled with fevers and illness.

As it turns out, the jealous girl who made the body switch was lured to do so because there is a whole bigger plot going on in the background. After that issue is solved and the two become sort of friends at the end of vol.2 the story starts to go a bit downhill.

The two male leads are solala, they compete about Reirin but what for? If the crown prince chooses her he will get her anyway, what his half brother does is totally meaningless unless he wants to be executed.

The author also goes too easy on most villains. In a pure lighthearted fairy tale setting that might be okay but the story is quite serious and dark at times. The story is contradictory, in the beginning it is stated that people get executed just for slandering and other verbal offenses and later people get away almost scot-free with attempted mu*der and r*pe? That's nonsense. <<less
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