Full Metal Panic!


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Jindai High School was a relatively safe place, right up until Sousuke Sagaka transferred there. A total nut, he wreaks havoc on the school’s student body and gets into a world of trouble with the teachers!

But there’s more to Sousuke than meets the eye–not just a hell-raising student, he’s actually a member of an elite military unit, on an undercover mission to protect the beautiful schoolgirl Kaname Chidori from the KGB. Discover the mystery as this comedy-action-science-fiction story unfolds!

Associated Names
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Full Metal Panic!
Full Metal Panic: Short Stories
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Full Metal Panic! Another (Sequel)
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08/03/12 Moonfaerie24 v12
08/03/12 Moonfaerie24 v11
08/03/12 Moonfaerie24 v10
08/03/12 Moonfaerie24 v9
08/03/12 Moonfaerie24 v8
08/03/12 Moonfaerie24 v7
08/03/12 Moonfaerie24 v6
08/03/12 Moonfaerie24 v5
08/03/12 Moonfaerie24 v4
12/12/15 Fighting Dreamers... v1c2 part2
06/18/15 Fighting Dreamers... v1c2 part1
01/19/16 Fighting Dreamers... v1c2 part3
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