Frontier Magic Pharmacist


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God asked me to develop the magic medicine in my world, and when I was reincarnated, there were magic medicines with three sets of “lowest quality”, “completely disgusting”, and “no longer poison” waiting for me.

Even though he thought that he had to do something about the magic potion, the spirit of a child who loves making things that he originally possessed stood in the way of Julius! 

The story of Julius, who was born as the third son of the Margrave, gradually develops magic potions while making magic tools and stuffed animals.

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Henkyou no Mahou Yakushi
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bozakir rated it
May 5, 2023
Status: c42
I enjoyed this novel at the start. This dude got reincarnated into this world to improve potion making. There was something wrong with the potion making system of the world. So you have your hook, your mystery and your world building.

Then I guess author got sidetracked and completely forgot what this novel was supposed to be about. For the last couple of chapters, he is just making stuffed animals for various people. 90% of the story is now weird side mission stuff.

... more>>

He does improve his territory by suggesting a race track and related horse industry. He is cleaning up monsters because he is good magician. You have your relationship "funny" parts about his siblings and their visiting girlfriends. He makes card games children can enjoy. He makes magic tools for her sister.

And I am here like, sir you are a pharmacist.

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Wyntile rated it
December 22, 2023
Status: c162
This novel is refreshing to read, a good break to the streak of some heavy noble family isekai stories I've been on the past few months.

Normally in the past I've ended up dropping other isekai novels that are dubbed as "slice-of-life" like flies. But surprisingly not with this one, as one can tell I'm fully caught up with this novel at the time of writing this review.

For in other slice-of-life light novels, while reading about each new slice-of-life short story moment that starts from a new chapter, I always felt... more>> as if the overall plot of the novel wasn't actually getting anywhere. Remaining stagnant. Not to mention that the various slice-of-life mini story moments weren't even connecting to each other in any way.

Frontier Magic Pharmacist on the other hand, doesn't follow the standard slice-of-life genre procedure (in which I know of). While at the start of a new chapter it features the Protagonist working on a new project of that chapter, time actually progresses in this novel at a steady pace. And the different "slice-of-life" story arcs actually connects to the overall plot and world of the novel. So albeit while the focus is on the Protagonist himself, there is some good world building in this story. I love how level headed the Protagonist is, how realistic the world in the story is.

So overall, for me this novel is a refreshing take on the slice-of-life isekai genre. Where due to how the mini story arcs connect to each other, I don't find myself getting bored of anything in this novel so far. The slice-of-life moments itself isn't grindy to read at all, so I end up reading every single word of this novel smoothly.

Like I'm sorry, novels like [Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi], and even [Tensei Reijou wa Shomin no Aji ni Uete Iru]. I can't stand having every other sentence of your chapters focus on either the entire cooking process or you detailing your mofumofu/treats eating life. Stop, you guys are too grindy! Anyways... <<less
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Snooty rated it
January 22, 2024
Status: c178
This is a weird one to rate. It's a pretty good and comfy slice of life, but it's also got a lot of glaring issues. The issues don't exactly ruin the story but it does mess with the SoL vibes.


The MC's family's attitude towards him is really weird. His eldest brother (a playboy) has the nerve to tell the MC to stop causing so much "trouble" (almost every chapter). While the MC is just teaching people how to brew potions... you know, to save lives. I don't know if it's... more>> a failed attempt at comedy, or a way to keep the MC grounded. But it just doesn't work for me when the MC is morally a hundred times better than the people scolding him.

Another really weird thing is that there was one girl who liked the MC at the beginning. They had good chemistry, with her being really sweet and the MC giving her presents and such. She eventually gets forced into getting a fiancé 100 chapters in and the MC straight up ghosts her (like she's never mentioned again after ch 170?-> 905 somebody correct me if I'm wrong). This was really off-putting because they were good friends without any romantic implications and he was really concerned about her well-being. But the moment she got a fiancé? Completely cut out of his life. Like the MC didn't feel sad in the slightest... It was more of a "Oh I can't marry her? ok Bye."

Overall, the vibes of this story is just off. On one hand, the MC is breaking a lot of centuries old traditions to revolutionize the potions and magical tools industry. On the other hand, he goes "oh noo, I have to strictly follow these traditions of nobles" when even his own family didn't really care that much about them. He's randomly nice to some people without gain (of course they end up paying him back tenfold), and he's super cold and calculating towards people that should be his friends. <<less
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wdewolde rated it
January 2, 2024
Status: c168
It starts off as a good isekai story where the main character is obsessed with potion making and all his other skills and ideas are basically there just to facilitate his desire to make potions.

The MC is powerful to the standards of the world as he was brought over with the stats and abilities of his game characters but while there are a couple of fights and the occasional training chapters they are not really focused on as all he cares about is production skills.

There are a couple of things... more>> that are slightly annoying but not necessarily bad at least not yet. Despite being from modern day Earth he very much has they thought process of an aristocrat from that world where he's very happy for friends and family relationship to be all politically motivated and throws away relationships when they are no longer convenient. And then there is a sort of weird thing where despite him being the person who has revitalized their Territory and helped dealt with major problems, his family seems to treat him like a troublemaker.

Most of the more negative aspects have popped up in the lastest story arc so hopefully it gets brought back a bit and it continues to be a fun isekai <<less
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88898 rated it
November 25, 2023
Status: c142
A good slice of life plus isekai one can read. The much debated title of the novel can be deceiving since at the beginning of the novel, the protagonist was a crafter that focus on magic medicine, so he can do crafting of all sorts, but his passion lies in magic medicine.

even in game, game that you need to build more tool or even build your own workshop even you are a job that shouldn’t able to are not that rare.

for the story, the protagonist got typical Japanese protag behavior... more>> but with focus type mix in. He’s a pushover by female but he smart enough to divert them sometime, since he was a bit aged before the transfer. It doesn’t come out like it, since all the monologue look like he said “it can’t be help” but in reality, he just think it isn’t that a hassle, but he just want to use his time for something else. If the writing came out like everything he did calculated, he will turn into another type of character, so nothing wrong with currying favors with a plushies.

for the grandparents issue, I think the author write them in case of “they’re good grandparents, but I rarely seen them, so I feel kind of distant.” Story said like they had annex in the house where grandparents spend their time in, but most of the time they show themselves is just the dinner. Protagonist do interact with grandma in the beginning and since he found the their principal are different, he stay away from her. He understands why she do it, but he didn’t approved it. So when they die in dubious manner, the protag focus on the conspiracy more than the facts they die. It do seem cold he didn’t react much, but they’re a characters the author write in way that they die in mysterious way, just another pointers to another quest, so a deduct point from author.

the translation need a bit of polish, but readable 80% most of the time. Still the case of using “he” and “I” swapped, or the wrong gender usage, but I have seen worse. Keep up the good work. <<less
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Neomenia rated it
November 8, 2023
Status: c72
Good translation

Now for the story its almost a relax slow pace slice of life where the MC invent some stuff that help his family especially his little sister and then spread it to other territory

Now the rant

... more>>

the character seems to be heartless at a time, for example in the story his grandparent got poisoned and died he didnt show any sadness or shock, I understand if the grandparent are evil, but they are nice, they didnt show up much in the story but it established they care about the family, the grandma even left some stuff for the MC and the moment MC got the inheritance on the same day he found out his grandparent died all he care is the knowledge he's been passed by and as I quote "feeling excited", only at the end of the chapter he suddenly said yeah I guess I am sad but didnt show any remorse at all.



at the grandparent funeral they act nonchalant, heck I ve seen someone pet hamster funeral that have more emotion than the one describe here, So yeah it just a bit weird because they didnt established the MC as heartless but the story just tried to make the grandparent death just like a passing wind

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