Frontier Lord Starts Out With a Population of 0


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Dias is a simple man who lived his life following his parent’s dying words to a T. He fought for his country for 20 years, and at 35 was suddenly called the Patriotic Hero.

The king gave him land, but he was dumped in the middle of nowhere without a penny to his name as the pitiful lord of the grasslands.

Luckily he was found by the mysterious Oni folk, who helped him in his first steps to live life as a Feudal Lord in these frontier lands.

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Ryoumin 0-nin Start no Henkyou Ryoushusama
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01/30/20 Meandering Fascination c2 part3
01/30/20 Meandering Fascination c2 part2
01/30/20 Meandering Fascination c2 part1
12/21/19 Meandering Fascination c1 part5-6
12/07/19 Meandering Fascination c1 part4
12/07/19 Meandering Fascination c1 part3
12/07/19 Meandering Fascination c1 part2
12/07/19 Meandering Fascination c1 part1
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12/01/19 Meandering Fascination prologue 1
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Superoringinal rated it
December 5, 2019
Status: C.2 part 3
I like the story so far, I was looking for a slice-of-life story with kingdom building aspect and this seems good. The protagonist is honest and ignorant (meaning he's not super knowledgeable not that he does cruel things because he "doesn't know any better") which is nice because it makes you want to be on his team, genuinely wondering how he'll make a life for himself.

Nothing much else to say at this point other than the protagonist is likable and the story premise is interesting. The translation quality is good... more>> too so it seems like I'll be sticking around for more without having it hurt. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 8, 2020
Status: c2 part3
Just the right amount of fluff, so far I'm enjoying it, looking forward to see where it'll go from here.
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albreo rated it
January 30, 2020
Status: c1 part6
An average Japanese novel. It's filled with Japanese prided humble attitude and submissive mindset unsuitable for a fantasy world. It's more of a tone down one with combat scene non-violent and comfortable for kids.

MC's characteristics and his background setting are polar opposite. He was a war veteran hero, who fought for 20 years, that got OKed day 1 from sleeping in the field, got ambushed and still refusing to wake up. Most of the details of world-building and negotiation with the native Oni race were omitted. It's more of a... more>> fluffy story with no clear goal to read as a past time.

Do not expect an epic story, one of a kind, here. <<less
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