From The Front-line Base With Love


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Louie was an excellent alchemist. He was on track to being an elite……was what was supposed to happen.

He was demoted from the capital due to a certain incident, and the place where he arrived at was a front-line base of the Knights in the frontier.

He thought he was doing a good job, but the Deputy Chief, Caesar, was cold to Louie for some reason. It made him have a stomachache every day, but……

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Zensen Kichi kara Ai wo Komete
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panthecakes rated it
September 6, 2020
Status: c23
Okay first off, the translation is good which makes this an easy and fun read.

2nd, the story is a cute standard one.

ML and MC starts their relationship in a misunderstanding. ML believes MC is in a relationship with someone else and MC thinks he's only a s*x buddy to the ML

ML seems like a tough captain but is actually a huge horny jealous guy and MC seems like a flirty sexy type but is actually just too nice for his own good.

The conflict is pretty okay and it was solved in such a straightforward manner which is fine with me. Actually even if the story is pretty short with just 23 chapters, it felt just right. Like nothing was dragged out for too long and everything was resolved nicely at the end except

I dont understand how MC got his project back without revealing the plagiarism.

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