From Shadow Guard to Empress


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You Shu transmigrated into a book and became one of the male lead’s shadow guards. He thought he was following a conspiracy script and as long as he hugged the male lead’s thigh well, he would reach the pinnacle of life sooner or later. He could also personally look at the male protagonist’s domineering side.

However, the plot of establishing the harem and taking back the country ended up going astray somewhere, and the brotherhood in the feudal society was changed at will, and he was inexplicably promoted to the position of empress. Amidst the cheers of the shadow guards, he accepted the Phoenix Seal with a dazed expression.

Xiao Weixin pretended to be sick and kept a low profile for more than 20 years. He worked hard to seize the throne and avenge his mother. But one day, he suddenly found that the little shadow guard beside him had a pretty smile, and the fox’s tail moved quietly.

You Shu hated iron for not being steel[1]: Don’t you think there’s something wrong with your female lead smiling shyly at the supporting (second) female lead?

Xiao Weixin: Oh.

You Shu: Can you succeed without the help of the female lead and the supporting (second) female lead?

Xiao Weixin: Yes.

You Shu: I must be a dog for worrying about you…

Xiao Weixin: You are going to be an empress. Don’t talk nonsense and be careful with your words.

You Shu: … The male protagonist is probably really crazy.

All the Shadow Guards: I have never seen such a dazzling moment in my life. Even shadow guards can have spring! A shadow guard took the wrong path to promotion.

Note : [1]A Chinese idiom, which describes dissatisfaction with the expected person who is not up to date and does not make progress, and eagerly hopes that he will get better.

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Ecirteab rated it
January 16, 2023
Status: c118
Well-written and enjoyable bl.

The novel starts with You Shu (MC) having already transmigrated years ago and has been trained and risen up the ranks of Xiao Weixin's (ML) shadow guards to become 'Shadow Three'. After years of being invisible to Xiao Weixin, You Shu is momentarily remembered and that starts their relationship.

It's not a very dramatic (mostly) story but follows Xiao Weixin's path for the throne while he falls in love with You Shu. There's intrigue here and there but not overtly tense.

You Shu - love him, a really enjoyable... more>> MC for me. Appears stoic and cold but is secretly upbeat guy who writes diaries about how he's more handsome by the day. "Gap moe". His pov is enjoyable to be in just because of his character. Even though he has endured suffering, he remains upbeat but also pragmatic. A bit machismo but not in a bad way. Even though he can be dense, I love how he doesn't waver and self-regulates really well. There are loads of moments where it's easy to fall into misunderstanding trope territory but he perseveres and believes in Xiao Weixin. Also I find his genuine devotion to Xiao Weixin really cute. He's also physically stronger than the ML lol and really competent as a shadow guard.

Xiao Weixin - 'weak' prince who has been biding his time for years for revenge. Starts off kinda cold and moody but really melts and works at winning over You Shu. I really like him and even though he's very smart and scheming, there are moments of vulnerability and learning.

Romance - is an equal romance possible when one party has so much power over the other by nature of his status?

I think Xiao Weixin tries his hardest to make that a yes. I don't want to spoil too much but Xiao Weixin is aware of their very disparate statuses and becomes more and more aware of what exactly You Shu being his shadow guard (highly trained but also, ultimately, disposable) means to both their relationship and how You Shu views himself. He tries to equalise and as their relationship progresses, he also moves his own goals for what equal means. I will say, he means all he promises You Shu.

That isn't to say You Shu doesn't put in as much! He's equally sincere in his own way and chooses to trust when he will always be at the disadvantage materially. You Shu is always sincere with Xiao Weixin and it's great.

Others- special mention to many female side characters who could easily have been one-note canon fodder in a worse novel but were interesting characters in their limited screentime. Women can be treated so badly in bl that it's a relief to get some who aren't shallow. <<less
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Just four chapters but it’s got potential

translations good too 👍

You Shu is earnest and cute so far. I appreciate that he reads as professional and well trained at his job while still being cute/enough of an individual to be memorable. (I hope the trend continues)
it’s also really interesting seeing the perspective of a death guard, in the way that they interact and intermingle with other staff and stuff, as well as seeing guards have an individual personality and outlook towards life. Very mundane presentation. it’s not something I’ve... more>> ever really seen in another novel. Though something tells me this is not quite how it would work in an actual irl equivalent lol.

don’t have an opinion on the ML really yet, they’ve barely directly interacted but I don’t immediately hate his guts or anything so yay? I guess... he seems nice enough and I could easily see them having a potentially really nice dynamic

so yeah. ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯ <<less
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