From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS


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This book was also called “I’m Really An Upright Man”. I am Qin Shujian. I’ve achieved nothing in both the way of the book and the sword in these prosperous 30 years. This is the growth journey of an honorable, compassionate, and upright man!

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7starkiller99 rated it
December 3, 2020
Status: c97
The author writes in a way that the MC appears to be extremely cold blooded as well as extremely lacking in IQ.

First, he manages to take over the bandit camp easily. Chapters are extremely bland, and you never get a good sense of strength. Author using number ranks for 1-10 was also a bad idea.

As story picks up, MC just kills players and expands, but all it does is make the Chinese game players seem like idiots with small brains who can’t use a single inspect ability.

Keep in mind that... more>> all players can use a forum, go online/offline, and communicate.

MC is like an anti-player NPC instead of attempting to use the players. Moron doesn’t even attempt to issue quests or take advantage of any of the players.

No matter what way you look at this novel, it is extremely inferior to others such as Sword of Dawn or Transcendent Mechanic.

The MC never provides strategy, never attempts to organize his people to ambush players, never sets up plans or sneaks to assassinate important enemies.

His cheat is OP, yes, but he just sits around for quite a while since his people killing enemies gives him free upgrade life points.

Sigh. This novel adds the annoying Chinese webnovel trope of human players being mad without any IQ, lots of arrogant individuals, and quite literally no charisma for the MC.

97 chapters and there’s still no reason for MC doing anything other than living and expanding. At least he is growing his group but the little tidbits don’t rescue his group just being a mass of useless boring non-characters.

This doesn’t feel like a game world, more like a dumb sandbox where no player can ever bring MC any threats. As for NPC’s threatening the MC, the author never makes MC seem like he’s struggling.

Honestly a disappointing novel.


Here’s a basic breakdown: At CH10 MC became L Bandit leader and players arrive. CH15 MC tests Player Novice Village. CH31 MC easily takes Village. Lots of annoying cannon fodder nonsense inbetween. CH62 MC lets his tough guy die, wastes tons of troops, and conquered 3 bandit groups. CH74 MC easily took the second area’s village and beat some loser in the mortal lands. Chinese players all brain dead morons. CH97 MC working with a Cow guy in 3rd area to fight wimpy players. Extremely boring...

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