Frequenting the Brothels and Hunting Dragons


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Fujisaki Nobuhiko is an energetic 18-year-old guy. Other than masturbating to release the desires, he went out to buy the game “Dragon Hunter Cross” and ended up saving a mysterious old man from a yankee. That old man gave Nobuhiko the game he wanted to buy. But it was a mysterious game, that one can step into the game world. There was even a red light district in the game… Nobuhiko then save up money from hunting in the game to conquer the red-light district.

Associated Names
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Frequenting the Brothels and Hunting Dragons After Being Summoned in this Game-like World.
Game nai ni haitte Dragon o Hanto Shinagara Shokan ni Kayoi Tsumeru Hanashi.
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Date Group Release
06/26/16 Raising the Dead c28
06/16/16 Raising the Dead c27
06/14/16 Raising the Dead c26
06/14/16 Raising the Dead c25
06/02/16 Raising the Dead c24
05/23/16 Raising the Dead c23
05/21/16 Raising the Dead c22
05/13/16 Raising the Dead c21
05/10/16 Raising the Dead c20
05/08/16 Raising the Dead c19
05/03/16 Raising the Dead c18
04/30/16 Raising the Dead c17
04/28/16 Raising the Dead c16
04/23/16 Raising the Dead c15
04/21/16 Raising the Dead c14
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ejemss rated it
January 1, 2017
Status: --
I don't think there really is dragon hunting at all. This should be a fully adult ecchi mature novel where the MC is so stupidly timid at first then becomes a s*x maniac later on. I tried reading 10 chapters and I can't really go on for more. A little mature content is fine but this should be in adult s*x novel websites not here. No plot, no action, no change of pace, the characters almost have the same style of speaking and the MC is stupid. Good luck reading... more>> this buddies.

Edit: I jumped from 10 to the end of the novel and saw that there is a tiny bit of hunting. From a short chapter of this novel; there should be 1/3 of it in there. Well, at least I was proven wrong but that shouldn't change my rating. <<less
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Pling94 rated it
July 1, 2018
Status: c27
As this is a ero novel I will review it as so.

It's a little below average mainly because the h-scenes are average and he just sleeps with prostitutes where their first meeting is written. Later it's just described that he visited them. So there is no development at all in any characters. No relationship, just a story of a man who gets praised for his stamina.

In summary as a ero novel it's soul-less. No plot, no development and no satisfaction.

As for translation. It's good and done very well. (Talking about... more>> raising the dead translation.) <<less
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