Fox Ears and a Different World Journey


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「This, What is this…?」

One early spring afternoon, Hinokasa Raita Discovered a mysterious cave at the foot of a mountain, Where a fox ear beauty was said to be present, With Susukino ship began an investigation into the cave together, As a different world hole (Assumed) came out and spread fast…

This, Is a person who’s story has ended already.

While worrying about the difference between ideals and reality. This is a story of a boy and girl who (For these people) have gotten their fill of power.

Kitsune, Ogre, The different world adventure account over a variety of worlds with unique comrades such as fairies… — *cant do any moar*

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Kitsune mimi to iku i sekai tsuāzu
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05/07/16 Leecher Vamparis... prequel
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