Fortunately, I Did Not


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Roar, she really hates him. Not only did he grab her first place in the class but also as if speaking to a beggar, says he will give her the scholarship.

No matter how poor she is, she will not accept such humiliating “kindness”! They obviously are classmates for a year, each keeping to themselves. His sudden interest in her rose. If not timid, but in addition worked to his advantage.

She didn’t think she had any place to attract him ah –

Well, perhaps it is because in the department that day, she secretly cursed him and was discovered only provoking his “play pig, eat tiger” personality. Always putting on that annoying smile, so that she cannot get angry. Also always appeared at her side, even her mother took notice!

Before she always hoped he would not come bothering her…

Now she began to fear, he would not cherish her…

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Fortunately It's not Me
Xing Hao Bu Shi Wo
愛情你我他之二 幸好不是我
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