Forest of Drizzling Rain


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Novelization of the game.

“The girl who had her memories erased and the boy who had his voice taken away. Ten years later, they meet at “the place of the promise.”

“A protagonist who was left completely alone after her parents died in an accident. One day, she discovers a single photo in her parents’ room, with ‘Azakawa Village’ written on the back. In the photo, her mother and father, she as a young child, and a grandfather she has no memory of at all.

‘Could this possibly be my parents’ hometown?’

With loneliness and anticipation in her heart, she travels to Azakawa Village.

However, that place was somewhere she should never set foot in – the place of the promise.”

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Kirisame ga Furu Mori
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
10/13/23 ikidomari c6 part1
09/22/23 ikidomari c5 part5
02/11/23 ikidomari c5 part4
08/16/20 ikidomari c5 part3
08/09/20 ikidomari c5 part2
07/30/20 ikidomari c5 part1
07/18/20 ikidomari c4 part4
07/11/20 ikidomari c4 part3
07/05/20 ikidomari c4 part2
07/04/20 ikidomari c4 part2
06/27/20 ikidomari c4 part1
06/20/20 ikidomari c3 part5
06/14/20 ikidomari c3 part4
06/07/20 ikidomari c3 part3
05/30/20 ikidomari c3 part2
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fairiaadelista rated it
May 18, 2022
Status: c2p3
FODR is one of my favourite games -- back when I was really into it in 2014, there wasn't much in the way of translations for the light novels (or manga, or even the game, honestly) so seeing such a well written translation of the light novel in 2022 made me SO happy! I love the characters and the world, and the bonds of all the characters. I think it outshines Angels of Death, the more popular work of the developer.

To the translator -- thank you so much! I hope... more>> you continue and translate the other two volumes some day, but if not, I still really appreciate you giving me the chance to read something I never got the chance to. :) <<less
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